Can God be Free?

May 26, 2016 at 2:55 pm (Christianity, philosophy, religion)

philosophers godWhat follows is a rebuttal to not only William Rowe’s work, “Can God be Free” (and Ill admit it is in need of polishing, but the point is there none the less), but also a rebuttal to the classical Theist arguements about omniscience, omni-benevolence and omnipotence.  Enjoy🙂

Introduction and Thesis
The Philosopher’s God is an projection of man’s desires for order and predictability much in the same way a child desires it’s parent to be just and loving. Implicit in that is a child not understanding that justice and love sometimes requires the parent to do things the child does not like or understand at the time.. The Philosopher’s God is an anthropocentric view, that place man’s importance as cheif among the other creatures of this planet, and whereas there may seem to be evidence to prove this, there actually is not. The logical inconsistencies abound in the imagining of God as being in essence exactly what we in our human arrogance want him to be, ie perfect, omniscient, omnibenevolent. I do not argue that God is not these things, I do however argue that he is in fact these things but man in his infantile quest for a universe that caters to his desires, has completely misinterpreted what those intrinsic properties really mean for Creation. In light of these logical inconsistencies, I will argue that God does indeed have free will, and that a more careful analysis and refutation of the premises most philosopher’s take for granted, will indeed back my thesis up.
To begin with there is Leibniz’s take on the matter. God’s nature is like a balance, and whereas Clarke says that takes out free will, in the sense that God is not the causal agent, rather just a receiver and bound to do whatever has the most weight, it does not mean he has to do something. Afterall it is only an analogy, phrases and ideas we come up with to articulate truths very often beyond language. Leibniz goes on to distinguish between moral vs. absolute necessity. Moral is the idea that one should do something, while absolute is that one has to do something. Again, I agree that whereas God’s nature makes it a moral necessity to create the best possible world, He does not have to. God is free, and he freely chose to create the best possible world.

The Balance
I agree with Leibniz, but not in the sense that God is the balance, but rather Creation is. There must be a cosmic balancing force, life vs. death. Death more often than not is what we percieve as evil, but we only percieve it this way without the knowledge of the necessity of this balance. Afterall a world with no death would very quickly become overpopulated, so many bodies that we are crammed in like the proverbial sardines, resulting in poor quality of life for all. Furthermore, all those people would have to be fed, resulting in not only a very rapid stripping of resources that would eventually lead to starvation when they ran out, but massive evil inflicted up the other creatures of this planet as we humans eat them to exinction. As to intervention in cases of gratiutous evil, God can tip the scales, but every action has repercussions, and I would argue that there is a principle of cosmic justice, and whereas we may not always see it, it may not occur in our desired timeframe it does eventually happen. Therefore the greater weight is the greater good. Creation is indeed like a balance and God’s decisions are weighed in that manner.
In the case of Creation, and moral necessity vs absolute necessity, again there is nothing to say that he has to create the best possible world, or a world at all for that matter. God can be less than absolutely perfect. I know, this flies in the face of the theist’s arguement, but just because we want hm to be perfect doesnt mean he is in fact perfect, or has to be, or even wants to be. More importantly, define perfection. Just because it serves our ends to have him be a certain way, does not mean he has to be that way, and in addition, as I would argue, he is perfect, but that doesnt mean he fits our definition of perfect, or that his perfection suits our needs. Like the parent, and being omniscient, I would argue that he knows exactly what he is doing, it is the right thing.
Furthermore, we do not know what perfectly benevolent would be, as its definition is relative to the person doing the defining. Are we talking in terms of good that is our own wishes and projections, or do we mean just actions(justice), or do we mean good in terms of the other creatures of this planet? We want there to be divine justice and perfection because to think otherwise is scary at best. But really what do we as humans deserve, we believe we are special a above the rest of creation but I would argue that is man’s anthropocentric fantasy, not the reality. I realize this doesnt fit in the Theist arguement, but are we interested in the Truth here, or just conjuring up a Being to help us sleep at night in a world that can appear chaotic and unjust all too often? Because if we are interested in Truth, he can, he does have the choice, and those choices do not necessarily have to serve our human ends, as we are not the only other species on this planet. Rowes conclusion that its either one or the other, God is not free because he has to create the best world, or he didnt and is not worthy of worship, blithely glosses over the subtle implications of certain points, and that they are not a priori given assumptions. God can still be all the things we want him to be in the Theist sense, but that does not mean it translates to a result we would wholly desire or recognize. Such a conclusion is arrogant as best, for it is saying somehow we are omniscient, and we know the mind of God, what he would do, and why he would do it. The idea is absolutely preposterous.
Rather, God can be omniscient, omnibenelovent etc, just as he could be the opposite or somewhere in between, it’s just that being less than perfect would deny him what he really wants, our love and devotion. He does have a choice, he just refuses to take the other option. God does not have to be perfect (or our definition of perfect that suits our mortal interests)to be creator only knowledgable in how to create. I do however argue he is perfect however for he does understand greater good and the balance between life and death that must occur.
I would however concede though that chosing good is limiting, but it is still a choice based on a desired outcome and a being’s priorities. In the human world, I could give the example of loving another but knowing consummation of said desired love would destroy your mate, whom you also love. It is an extremely tough choice, as one way or another you are going to lose the affections of someone you care about. It is personal sacrifice and loss of freedom, but it is still a choice, a person can choose to act selfishly, but it still means a loss. However integrity and goodness are indeed their own reward.
It’s a funny thing about power and responsibility, everyone think they can do a better job, but weighing the choices, choosing the better is not easy. God wants all to love hm, but some choices result in alienating another for the greater good. That being said creation is indeed a perfect machine. Sin is sin not only because it is an offense against God, but in the long run hurts others and eventually results in our own downfall. That is the glaring fault of egoism(selfishness) it eventually results in loss of power/love for the individual when people realize they are being used. There is always a choice. Furthermore, whereas being bound by choices would appear to limit Gods freedom and power, and as a result his praiseworthiness, I would argue no it doesnt. Saying that is like saying that because your boss has to make tough choices he is no longer superior to you. Try telling that to your boss and seeing what happens, and in addition, he is praiseworthy for having to make those tough choices and choosing the best for all involved. Authority is not easy, and usually involves everyone under you who have no idea what its really like, nor do they have a full understanding of the issues, thinking they can do a better job than you. I dont envy God, and dealing with the questioning of his authority, and the thankless job he does because in our arrogance we think we somehow know better.

Best Possible World & Principle of the Best
To this I would remark that I agree, and I agree because evil in the world is not divinely made. It is humanly made. Sin is wholly us turnng from God, it is our own fault, as outlined in the punishment theodicy. To blame God is ludicrous quite frankly, why should he intervene for such selfish beings that blame God for their own shortcomings? I would further argue that sin is refusng to accept our own perfect natures, how to use it wisely. I would argue that it is our nature to be good, there is no reason why we cant be. Humans (children) are innately self serving, which can result in great evil, but is not innately evil in and of itself. Jesus (yes i know, not necessarily God of the Philosophers) whole message was that we can and should strive to attain the same level of perfection that he as God incarnate did. But even the best choices can result in someone getting hurt, and we need to remember that as we judge ourselves. Even the best of intentions fail under certain circumstances.
This is where I really start to question the theist’s definition of perfection, for I feel it is blatantly biased and as a result untrue. How do we know god is above passion, “since God is a purely rational being”(rowe 15). We dont and there is plenty of evidence of his anger(passion) in the Bible alone to refute that. Negative aspects of both us and God exist for a reason, to protect that which is most valuable. How do we explain Gods righteous wrath if he is not passionate? Didn’t we figure out with Kant that reason/rationality/logic will only get a person so far? And even if it is solely right, how does one explain God creating us passionate intuitive beings? A priori knowledge, innate? If God is perfect, why did he create imperfect creatures? Rather than assuming there was a reason to create imperfection, we must entertain that perhaps God did create us perfectly, passions anger,intuition and all.
After all if God is bound to choose the best as Leibniz argues, and many have, that would mean his perfect goodness is flawed if he knowingly created imperfect beings. I would argue that it actually makes more sense that he did create us perfectly, and that according to the PSR, there was a reason to create us with our supposed failings, ie we just havent figured out the proper outlet for these things we’d rather shave off of ourselves. I would argue that it is because we suppress them and do not find contructive outlet for them that they become destructive. It’s us being idiots, not God. God created us in their image. As argued on page 20, Principle of the Best is a contigent truth and it is based on free will. God did not have to create existence, but he did, he has a choice, even in light of omnibenevolence, for how do we know existence is better than nonexistence? We dont.
The implication of all this is that we do not even fully understand or know creation or even ourselves as much as we think we do, as a result can we really understand the mind of God in doing what he does? He creates the best because it suits his ends of Love, not necessarily for our interest, and that is a subtle but important difference. The Principle of Sufficient Reason, all things have some rational justification. Life without death is death, ie over population from non-stop multiplying and hellish existence as a result, and, death without life is life, never being born means never having to die. Overcrowding, quality of life, there must be death to make room for the living. No matter which way you slice it, death is not pretty. And all of this negates arbitrary whims of God . Clarkes arguement that god acts on whims ( Rowe 11) would negate God as being praiseworthy for then he becomes irrational, fickle and as a result, not to be trusted. No there is a reason, and God did do the best, we just do not in general see it as we tend to be blinded by self-importance.
Aquinas spoke of the infinity of worlds, God’s goodness is diffusive leading to creation of the world, but God does not necessarily have to make things to manifest his goodness (Rowe 47). He also posed the rather peculiar idea, to me at least, that this is not the best world as there is distance from God.
The analogy of dissonance between different qualiies of lute strings doesnt hold water as why not just change all strings on the lute. Making something deliberately imperfect just so as not to be disharmonious is illogical for that reason, and defies God’ perfect goodness and the Priniciple of the Best. If that were the case, the implications of that are astounding, lets make it all mediocre so its not disharmonious but the individual parts languish as a result. This is noted, but I also take issue that there is infinate space between any creature and God. No God is everywhere and in all things, for he is pnuema, or the animating force, the breath of life. His very nature gives ourexistence, rendering him praiseworthy, and as a result of this close necessary proximity, we are agan back to Leibniz and that this is the best possible world.
Aquinas’ idea again violates Priniciple of the Best, how can God be all loving and good if he keeps creating better and better worlds, leaving the original worlds to languish in their inferiority through no fault of their own? Furthermore such a statement implies that God evolves, which apparently is completely unacceptable in the classical Theist sense. Furthermore how can God not be present in the world as to deny us his presence would violate his omnibenevolence. Rowe later tackles these counterarguements on page 51, but still doesnt quite seem to grasp the full implications. God is present in world, God is good, good of world is infinate even if there are other worlds, extraordinary happens all the time, we just fail to notice .
On page 42 there is a discussion of an idea of a world where eating food is infinately good. It is not infinately good as what about what’s being eaten? Its experiencing pain, which it would consider evil. Point is there cannot be a world without suffering for if we did not eat, we would then suffer. Maybe this is due to the Fall, supposedly there are yogis who can live off the sun, even a vegetarian diet is better, but science is finding even plants feel it when they are partially eaten. Why must we eat? I dont know, but it is the way that it is, and that must be accounted for in ascertaining the infinate goodness of everything, we cant just ignore the suffering we inflict on others.
As to one infinately good world being better than another, i think his “math” is a little off. Even higher order pleasures cause suffering, wood for violins etc. And yes I realize the implications are paralyzing, but they have to be taken into account. “Leibniz…thought that each kind of living thing has a right to exist”(p44) Rowe interprets that as the right to have existing members of that kind, and it is unclear whether that is Rowe’s take or Leibniz meant it that way, but either way, no it’s not just the right to not face exitinction, its the right of all creatures not to be slaughtered. Obviously this world violates that right as it has to, but again, how can we blindly and naively turn away from the obvious that life is a balance, and whereas the balance is beautiful, the counterweight to creation, destruction, is never beautiful, it is only beautiful in the context to the order it maintains. For such an all loving God, he kills every last one of us in the end, when he could have made us immortal, immune to the sting of death. But why create creatures so self-absorbed and arrogant, who turned from God long ago, immortal? They (us as a whole) do not deserve it. God is perfectly good in his judgement, but that does not mean he is without destructive/culling tendencies. ” as a whole tends to His greater glory…(Rowe, 45) To view it any other way is infantile at best.
In addition, how do we know the lower order things are devoid of reason and the capacity to worship God? Did someone become an ant and no one told me? Just because we dont see something as what we would recognize as same, does not mean it does not exist. What if we really are no better than any other creature? Afterall ants exist in well ordered colonies dutifully doing their job, while humans sit around arguing obtuse philosophy all day and sometimes get in wars about it. You tell me which is really better, the creature that knows its place and function and does it without question, or the animal that has never known its place and out of its anthropocentric arrogance tries to make all of the Earth serve its end, regardless of the destruction it causes? Tell me who really is rational and serves the greater glory of God? Us or the ant? Im going with the ant.
Goodness is not neccesarily diffusive of itself. That being said there is still no necessity of God creating the world . Is not justice good? for if we consider justice, all arguements as to the nature of the best possible world take on new meaning. Do we in all our iniquity and arrogance really deserve anything better? And in the case of innocents suffering that is a product of man-and the perpetrators do meet justice in the end, one way or another. God’s love of his own goodness implies a`desire to multiply it (Rowe 48) But even this eventually results in evil in the form of overpopulation. So God’s in love with himself? That implies selfabsorbtion rendering him imperfect, and sounds more human that divine. My point, is we are projecting ourselves onto God, instead of getting over ourselves and listening, and we wonder why the world is the way it is.
It is going to be dificult for me to analyze these arguements further as to me many of their baic premises seemed to be fatally flawed, and as a result, a moot point, not deserving further arguement. However, I will take on Kretzmann’s view that it in no way diminishes God’s goodness that he did not create the best world. Again this is on what I feel is the flawed view that this is not the best world, a flaw resulting from a broad definition of what constitutes the best and an failure to grasp that the best, and goodness, depend on perspective, and once viewed from that relativst vantage point, become moot undefinable points, a null set. God would have to do the best from his vantage point, and considering we are not God, we cannot ever really know what that would be.
But Kretzmann argues that if there is no such thing as the best possible world, that does not diminish Gods perfect goodness. From the relitivist’s perspective, this makes sense. By having no clear uncontestable idea of what constitutes good, or the best, technically there is no such thing as a best possible world as it is undefinable. Obviously this leads us down a very slippery slope, of what is good vs bad, morality and is there a point to any of this or trying to be ethical, but as Kretzmann argues, if there is no such thing as a best possible world, even a perfect omnibenevolent God, cannot create that which is logically impossible. It is an interesting caveat as it points out, although Im sure he did not mean to in the sense I am taking it, that our definition of the best might not exist, at least not in a way we would understand it.
I think it is fairly obvious that I could go on pointing out one logical inconsistency or assumption after another. And even though they may seem like tangents they are not, because to knock out the premises that make up the arguement, the inferences gleaned, is to knock out the arguement as a whole. Rowe pits two bad conclusions against one another, giving the reader an illusion of choice, when the truth is there are many conclusions one could come to once the blinders are off. In short, God has to have free will as otherwise he would not be omnipotent, and even if he is not omnipotent, he is still praiseworthy as he is our creator.

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Is the Rise of Wicca in Response to Environmental Pollution

May 18, 2016 at 10:07 pm (Christianity, Climate Change, economic justice, environmental, Goddess, herbalism, magic, metaphysics, paganism, philosophy, prophecy, religion, shamanism, social justice, Wicca)

Triple Moon Pentagram

Triple Moon Pentagram

Is the Rise of Wicca in response to environmental pollution?

Introduction and Thesis

We live in a world marked by social and financial inequality. Furthermore, we live in a time rife with environmental degradation and pollution. The roots of the exploitation go deep. It began with a foreign religion taking hold of Western Europe by force that largely viewed Nature and women as evil (Ellerbe 1995), a source of temptation and as a result spiritual ruin (Berry 2015). In addition, it also put humans as center of the Universe, and gave man divine sanction as the undisputed lord of creation. All other species were subordinated to him, as the Bible puts it, he was granted dominion over all the Earth and her creatures (Gen 1:26).

This society languished under the yoke of theocracy, rise giving rise to the Dark Ages (Ellerbe 1995). Learning was set back hundreds of years, and if it were not for the Arab peoples, we would have lost even more of the great works of antiquity. During this period followers of the Old Ways, or the indigenous religions of Western Europe(Norse, Druidic, pagan in general) were branded as evil, forcibly converted, and if they refused, tortured and murdered, in the most horrific ways possible. Their knowledge and healing arts were regarded as heretical (Ellerbe 1995), and their wisdom, a wisdom in harmony with nature, was almost completely lost as they were forced underground (Conway 1997).

Yet somehow, someway, the stranglehold of faith lessened, and with it came the Renaissance, with great thinkers who not only challenged the Churches anthropocentric view of man and the Earth in relation to the cosmos, but also produced great works of philosophy that revolutionized everything politically to metaphysically. In spite of these changes, there still were intellectual limitations, in part from the Church still retaining enormous power both politically and spiritually, in part from the arrogance it bred to be placed at the center of creation for so long. Descartes, father of the principle of Sufficient reason was known to cut open animals while still living to demonstrate these “lesser” beasts felt no pain. Man still relied on reason solely, continuing to deny the intuitive. Even after Kant published his Critique of Pure Reason, elegantly pointing out that rationalization will only get a person so far; that there must be something else, as truth is one can rationalize anything, cold reason still prevailed. This continued reliance on reason only allowed for all sorts of atrocities to continue, as much as it allowed for great scientific advances (Ellerbe 1995). Whether it be from feeding man’s arrogance in thinking that he is better than all other creatures on the planet, or in the case of the East India company, allowing the concept of Imperialism to take hold, reason, and only reason, still didn’t solve the problem. In many ways it gave more power to it.

Imperialism is of great import to the discussion that will unfold in this work, as Imperialism is largely responsible for the social, financial and environmental mess we are in. One could argue that it no longer exists, but I would argue, that yes it does, the powers that be just changed the name to Globalism. The practices remain the same however, whether its forcing the Chinese to smoke Opium leading to the Boxer rebellion, or using them to manufacture goods cheaply with pittance wages and no environmental standards so that China is a disaster area in terms of pollution, or wars waged on foreign soil for Oil (Iraq) or Uranium (Afghanistan), the story remains the same. We (as a former colony of England I would include the United States) force others to do what we want, we take their resources, human or natural, and we exploit them. Underneath it all, it cannot be argued that Western society is responsible for environmental pollution & exploitation globally as others adopt our methods, or are forced to source and support our way of life whether they want to or not.

Out of this tragic din of human and environmental suffering has arisen what some scholars would classify as a new religion, but in reality is the reconstruction of a very old religion, older that Christianity, older than Judaism. It is as old as Taoism and Hinduism if not older than them (Buckland 1995). Today, this resurgence is known as Wicca. But throughout the centuries, the term “Witch” has been one to stir up a potent mix of fear and respect on the part of the hearer. Works such as the Malleus Malefic arum were written to identify possible witches during the Inquisition, and it has remained a constant theme throughout the West’s recorded history, that there existed certain people capable of supernatural things. There is no real way to know how accurate the reconstruction of this Art really is, we are left with only a few scraps of paper in essence, a few leafs from books largely burned by the Church, or stolen. But some spell books did survive some pre-Christian religious texts as well. Wicca is the only “nature centered” religion wholly generated by western culture; it is based off of indigenous European traditions that are varied and multifaceted. In this paper I will argue, that yes Wicca is a nature centered religion, it is a response to environmental pollution and it is the natural immune response of a threatened planet targeted at the very society responsible for the threat. It goes to the root of the problem, and is destroying the beast, from the inside out.


The primary purpose of this paper is to illustrate the correlation between the rise of the religion known as Wicca and the progression and then abatement of environmental pollution. It is to elucidate not only the connection between the two from a sociological/historical standpoint, but also from a more profound purposeful perspective. Furthermore it is to fill the gaping void of scholarly works on Wicca as a legitimate religion, especially credible philosophical works on the religion’s practices and beliefs. However it is also intended to be accessible to the “lay” readership, non-scholar adults interested in religions, and environmental issues, whether they be Wiccan or not. That being said, the arguments and to whom are those arguments directed are a myriad group of people. Scholars, environmentalists, ecologists, sociologists, politicians, theologians and others, will find informative value in the subject I am covering.
To do this I considered multiple sources of data, they are:
• Demographic data
• Political data (legislation primarily)
• Historical data (history of witchcraft and the modern Wiccan movement, as well as EPA pollution data)
• Personal perspective (statements from Wiccan authors as to the purpose and philosophy of the religion)

I am taking a scholarly approach to analyzing this data, as a glaring weakness of the Wiccan movement is a lack of scholarly works, weakening valid claims of legitimacy as many writers within the religion are simply not writing in this manner, for what reasons I could only speculate. Furthermore as a Wiccan myself, I want to give a perspective on the religion to outsiders, scholars specifically, that simply is impossible to give unless intimately involved with the religion, as I have been for over 15 years.

As this is a paper largely dealing with religious and ecological subjects, it helps to define exactly what I mean in the usage of the various terms associated with both subjects. I speak of ecology, both in environmental sense, as in a biome of interrelated creatures; but in the sense of religious ecology, a grouping of interdependent ideas, practices etc. that make up a religion, as well as the indigenous understanding of “religious ecology” where there is no separation between Humanity and Nature, and separation is an artificial construct (Grim & Tucker 2014). I primarily focus on the definition of religion attributed to Paul Tillich, “Religion is the state of being grasped by an ultimate concern” and I define spiritual as being concerned with not only religious matters but again in the indigenous sense, spirits as in entities possessing humans, flora, fauna and the elements themselves.

As to understandings present about the connections of “religion”, “ecology”, and “environmental degradation”, a Wiccan would almost intuitively grasp, much as a native would, that the separation of religion from the environment/natural world is the source of environmental degradation and as it pertains to my thesis, pollution. As Wiccans invoke the elements of Nature in all rites, there is no separation between one and the other, religion is in no way separate from the ecology of the natural world, nor is there any separation between the individual and the perceived world. This separation quite plainly is an artificial illusion Wiccans in no way subscribe to.
Wicca’s earth centered spirituality, and religious ecology is indeed useful and hopeful for the issue at hand, not only from the standpoint of environmental stewardship, but also in the concept of Magic (belief), one person does have the power to change the world for the better. This idea that the individual, or a group of individuals can effect change, change that is seemingly miraculous and/or supernatural, is essential to Wicca as an antidote to the systems that have brought us to the place we are now. However, the converse of this is that Witchcraft can also be used for self-serving ends if the philosophy and ethics behind it are not understood, or disregarded. As is the case presently with the lack of concrete philosophical works on the subject it is all too easy to abuse the Power. As King Solomon puts in the Greater Key of Solomon, to do such a thing is taking the name of the Lord in vain (MATHERS 1888). Too many are attracted for self-serving power, when selfishness, separateness and anthropocentricism are what got us in this mess in the first place.
Finally I borrow from Grim and Tucker’s “Ecology and Religion” their elucidation of the process by which to analyze the data and put it in perspective. They laid out retrieval, reevaluation and reconstruction. As it applies to Wicca, I will use this method to retrieve what was Wicca, or as it is referred to historically, Witchcraft, to reevaluate it, as where it went wrong, and what it had right, and reconstruct witchcraft as a system of beliefs, a religious ecology that has reconstructed itself to form the religion we now call Wicca.


Part 1 Modern resurgence of Witchcraft-Wicca

To begin with, there must be an understanding of where “Wicca” came from. Etymologically speaking, Wicca is an Old English term for Wise Man or Sorcerer, whereas Wicce is the feminine form of this term meaning Wise Woman. It should be noted that Wicca is part of a greater Neo-Pagan revival, and so it is important to understand what practices it borrows from. Within the context of the greater Pagan community, Wicca at present mixes elements of Asatru, the revival of the old Norse religions, that look to the Icelandic Sagas and Prose Eddas as their “sacred” texts; it borrows mostly from the reconstructed Celtic Druidic traditions, and it also uses elements from what would today be classified as Hermetic or Ceremonialist Texts, a tradition almost inextricably linked with Masonry, Thelemics and the Works of King Solomon, who acknowledges a legendary figure, Hermes Trismegustus, as their founder.

A thorough analysis of the various historical teachings and practices of these paths would be impossible in the context of this paper, so instead I will focus specifically on the works that the founder of the modern Wiccan movement, Gerald Gardner, used to formulate his system. It is important to understand historical witchcraft from the perspective of the meanings of different label used in association with the practitioners of the Occult. A witch may be understood to be a practitioner of magic, proficient in spell craft, he/she may be considered benevolent (white witch or right hand path), or malevolent (black or left hand path) or some combination thereof, typically referred to as a grey witch. A sorcerer should be defined as a conjurer of the black, left-hand arts, and usually practicing a Craft closely associated with hermetics or Thelema. An adept simply is someone who has mastered the magical arts, no matter the ethical bent, white, black or gray.

Part of what scares people when you tell them you are a witch, is the history of that word. Whereas some within the community would insist it is undeserved, I would say such a statement is disingenuous and naive. It is well known that Roman historians documented practices of human sacrifice among the Druids in Britain, and whereas we can argue as to whether that was simply a form of political slander to justify conquest, or actually the truth, the perception of it being factual is there, and that is what matters for the eventual success of this “new religious movement”, the proverbial court of public opinion. Furthermore, there are plenty of instances of the practice of blood magic and necromancy, rumored or factual again being irrelevant, and let us not forget that the ancient religious ancestors of Wiccans, the pagans, took great delight sacrificing Christians to the lions in Rome for their refusal to take the vow of state allegiance to Jupiter. There is a reason there are Biblical injunctions again sorcery (Lev 19:31) and that allegations of witchcraft were enough to make the entire town of Salem Massachusetts lose their collective marbles.

But there are the elements of the old pagan paths, parts of witchcraft that should be revived. The old wise men and women were known for their healing arts, their knowledge of natural medicines in the form of medicinal plants and herbs. Wise women were midwives, as well as the angel of death with a brew of Deadly Nightshade to ease the suffering and transition into death for the terminally ill. The acknowledgement of Feminine divinity alongside the masculine, as well as an understanding of elemental power (Ellerbe 1995). By that I mean understanding that we, like the Earth are a balance and combination of the four natural elements, and through this mystical understanding, seemingly magical change could be effected. Druids on either side of battles in ancient Britain lended aid to their king’s troops, by calling up fogs, or blighting the opposing force’s crops or kings (Cowan 1993). Some might say these are only stories, but to many these stories are fact.

It is important to note that the sociological ground was fertile for something like Wicca to arise, even though when looked at specifically it would seem to have come out of nowhere. Evan Barry in his book “Devoted to Nature”, not only documents the religious framework of the Middle Ages and earlier that lead to Nature in essence being demonized, but he also chronicles the shift from those attitudes beginning in the Enlightenment with Rousseau and others. Nature slowly evolved from a spiritually dangerous thing, to something that could not only offer redemption, but salvation as well. Specifically towards the last half of the 19th century, and gaining steam in the 20th, great ecological thinkers, such as Thoreau, Muir and Leopold gave this transition steam, viewing the land in radically different contexts than their medieval forebears. I would note that this shift occurred, and gained steam the most, at the same time the Industrial Revolution, and all that came with it, occurred. There is a correlation.

Not surprisingly then, the precursors to the founding of Wicca as a religion occurred at this same time. During the Victorian era there was an interest in Orientalist philosophy and the occult, in the form of mediumship and séances. This is also the time of the Theosophical society, Madame Blatavasky’s “Isis Unveiled” and in general an uncharacteristic interest in subject material that only a century or so earlier would have been branded heretical and quite possibly punished by death. One could argue it is precisely because the stranglehold of the Church had been broken, allowing such things to resurface, but I would argue the stranglehold had been broken a good century before, negating the idea that this was a product of that.

It is in the context of this renewed interest in alternative philosophies and occult ideas that Wicca arose. Wicca attempts to be the modern incarnation of these ancient paths pieced together, quite the challenge when the corpus of texts was by in large destroyed or stolen. There is a legend surrounding Gerald Gardner in the early days of World War Two. When faced with the very real threat of Nazi (who also were deeply interested in the Occult and specifically the resurrection of the Old Norse religion) occupation, he and his coven got together on the chalk cliffs of Britain, and performed a ritual. This ritual, or spells intent was to prevent said feared Nazi occupation. As history proves, whereas the Nazis did bomb Britain repeatedly, they never made landfall. By all appearances Gerald’s spell worked. So much so that not only did it help to repeal Britain’s antiwitchcraft laws, but made Gardner famous, meeting with Winston Churchill among other things.

Gerald Gardner’s Craft was a mix of various practices (Gardner 1949). He had apparently read the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon, a work attributed to the Hebrew King himself. A lot of his ritual formulations come from there, most importantly the concept of a circle and sacred space in which to do magic. Solomon also deals with the raising of spirits to do ones bidding, commanding them in the name of God. This is not to be confused with necromancy, or the raising of the dead, it’s a hairsbreadth worth of difference, but a difference none the less. Being English, he borrowed heavily from the traditions handed down ancestrally in his homeland, specifically referred to as British traditionalism. This in turn comes from the Craft of the Druids, and their greatest contribution was the concept of elemental Magic, invoking the power of the forces of nature to achieve a desired end. I cannot emphasize this enough as it is the main crux of my argument that Wicca is nature centered. In every rite and ritual, the four elements are called and invoked, incense made of plants and resins is burned, each element is represented on the altar, salt for earth, incense smoke for air, candles for fire, and water for water (Buckland 1995). Rituals are mostly (although not always and they do not have to be) conducted outdoors. Characteristic of Gardner’s brand of Magic however, was an almost folksy romanticizing of Nature, his notion of redemption through nature only echoes the voices of Rousseau and Thoreau, Gardner just takes it a step further and puts a magical/supernatural bent on it.

What he did however spawned a movement whose true reach and size cannot be fully accounted for. His ideas gave rise to a philosophy completely unique in the West. Goddess worship is usually something we think of in regards to Hinduism, but Wicca acknowledges feminine divinity as an equal partner to masculine divinity (Moura 2003). Whereas some Christian theologians may balk at this, it cannot be argued that Yahweh, the Canaanite precursor to the God of the Bible, had a wife, the Goddess Asherah. From my perspective, this is already restoring a major component of our image of the sacred that should have never been lost, as the Goddess, no matter if She is called Asherah or Isis, serves as a counter balance to male power. If God is rational, the Goddess is intuitive, if God is the Conqueror, the Goddess is the Nurturer. This balance between opposing forces can be best understood from the Taoist perspective and the concept of Yin and Yang. All of Creation and Destruction is a balance and interplay between two forces, and either at the extreme, without the other, becomes evil.

It should come as no surprise then to any Wiccan that the reason we have the wars, the financial exploitation and environmental destruction is because the Feminine was stripped of her rightful place. Symbols have power, and just as the symbol was stripped, so was the physical manifestation, the Earth has been raped, as have the women who are her earthly incarnations, as well as been blamed for man’s fall and shortcomings, both forced to bear, to the point of death.

In addition to the unique facet of Wicca that is Goddess worship, is also the four elementals. Technically there are five, as spirit (aether) is considered one, but for the sake of brevity I will focus only on the four physical. They are Earth, Air, Fire and Water and they are to be understood as not only in the physical sense, but as living conscious entities and active in the psycho-spiritual sense (Wolfe 1996). Interestingly enough, Grim and Tucker without being Wiccan to my knowledge honed in on this in their work. “The elements of earth, air, fire and water are important in religious ecologies as biocultural realities that literally and symbolically weave humans into the vibrant processes of earth and the cosmos. However as biocultural symbols, air, earth, water, and fire can be seen as corresponding to religious ecological processes of orienting, grounding, nurturing, and transforming humans” (Grim & Tucker 2014). They speak of the elementals, without even knowing it.

Part 2 Coincidence with Modern Environmental Movement

As an American, I am the most familiar with events in American history, and so I will study the rise of Wicca from the American perspective. In modern times the first “Wiccan” in the United States was Raymond Buckland. Known affectionately as Uncle Bucky, he was born in London, his mother English, and his father Romani, or as we would better recognize, Gypsy. He was influenced and later initiated into Gerald Gardner’s coven. Not soon after, Gerald Gardner died and the two never met again. Buckland arrived in the U.S. in 1962, bringing Gardnerian Wicca with him. He established a coven, known as the Long Island Coven, and every Garderian Wicca in the United States pretty much can trace their magical lineage back to this coven. There are some exceptions, but by in large, they all come from him.

The 60’s are known as a turning point in American social history, Haight-Ashbury and the Summer of Love, the civil rights movement. While the hippies were better known for free love, drugs and rock and roll, the social revolution of the 60’s also included the Occult. It is in this atmosphere, that Gardner’s/Buckland’s new religion found fertile ground. Whereas demographic data can be very hard to find as the census does not require people to self-identify their religious affiliation, independent sources show a very clear trend of increasing membership. In short, Wicca caught on like wildfire.

It should first be noted that I could not find any data for the number of Wiccans in the United States before 1970. However after that, a sampling of the data I was able find is as such:
• 1972, “John Godwin estimated in “Occult America” that “there were at least 20,000 organized members in this country.”
• 1980: J. Gordon Melton of the Institute for the Study of American Religion estimated 30,000 to 40,000 adherents to some form of Craft doctrine. The estimate was based on data collected at the 1979 Pan Pagan Festival.
• 1990: The US Army published a book for the guidance of its chaplains when dealing with a soldier of a non-traditional faith: “Religious Requirements and Practices of Certain Selected Groups: A Handbook for Chaplains.” 3 In the 1990 edition, the author comments: “MEMBERSHIP: Because of the complete autonomy of covens, this cannot be determined. There are an estimated 50,000 Wiccans in the United States.”
• 2000: The Covenant of the Goddess conducted a year-long poll of Witches and Pagans, starting 1999-JUL. They estimate that the total number of Witches and Pagans in the United States is about 768,400.
• 2001: On MAY-13, Stats Canada reported on the religious identification of Canadians, as determined by the 2001 census. Unlike the U.S., the government of Canada asks religious questions during their census data collection. They found that Wiccans and other Neopagans showed the greatest percentage growth of any religion in the country. They totaled 21,080 members in 2001, an increase of 281% from 1991. “If we assume that Canada and the U.S. have similar cultures and thus have a similar percentage of Wiccans, then there would be on the order of 197,429 Wiccans among the estimated 277.60 million Americans, compared to the 29.64 million Canadians. ” ((

These numbers are expected to continue to grow, and some estimate that not only is it the fastest growing religion in the United States, but it stands to be the third largest religion in the U.S. by 2020.

In the same year as Raymond Buckland arrived in the United States, the modern environmental movement was born with the publishing of Racheal Carson’s “Silent Spring”, 1962. This work cannot be overstated in its importance and effect. It was the impetus for The Clean Air and Water acts, which in turn lead to the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Those two pieces of legislation in turned spawned many other acts, the Safe Drinking water act as well as the Superfund Act among others. Conservation already was part of the national agenda, but no one exposed the endemic issue of chemical and industrial pollution quite the way Carson did.

Part 3 Rise of Wicca as a natural “immune” response to pollution threats to nature.

I am not a believer in mere coincidence. Formation of the modern environmentalist movement occurred at exact same time as rise of Wicca in United States; just as Silent Spring signaled a major shift in resource policy for the nation, so did Wicca signal a major socio-religious shift.

There are two ways in which one could look at this. The first is from a directly causal correlation/relationship. Most Wiccans would self-identify as environmentalist, and so one could argue that people already concerned with the environment saw what I saw in it, that is a religion that grasps the sacredness of incarnation, and the Earth better than any other commonly available in the West. Or one could look at it from the other perspective that as Berry argued religious attitudes were already shifting in a more ecologically friendly manner and Wicca just somehow sprung up in the midst of all this. Certainly the data backs up the claim that there is a correlation between the two. Whether one caused the other or vice versa is up for debate, but the connection definitely seems to be there in some way.

But I think there is something deeper going on here, and far more profound. For centuries we have regarded the Earth as inert, a lifeless hunk of rock with a molten core that just so happened to generate a magnetic fields that keeps us all from frying to death in the solar rays, and just so happened to have all the conditions to create and support life and did so, in all of its myriad forms for millions of years. It seems so odd to me to conclude that something that seems to heave forth life from every orifice and cranny, would itself be lifeless, especially when one looks at that magnetic field as very similar to the aura surrounding humans and every other living thing.

James Lovelock along with Lynn Margulis developed what is known as the Gaia Theory in the 1970’s, again extremely close to the time frame when Wicca and environmentalism (as defined by natural resource managers as someone whose primary concern is pollution) also appeared. In it they state that the biosphere is a self-regulating entity, able to maintain and adjust the balance within the environment to sustain life. It goes on to say that not only is the biosphere self-regulating, but both organisms and environment affect each other and co-evolve.

Consider systems theory in general. The earth a biological, geological and chemical system, whose parts are so numerous and complex that quite frankly the odds of it all working right for a day, let alone billions of years, are astronomically against life continuing. In fact if looked at from that perspective it does actually become impossible that it has worked, and the fact that it has, is nothing short of a daily miracle. But perhaps it isn’t all random, perhaps there is a consciousness guiding it all. Then the odds change from being stacked against life, to wholly in favor of life.
What if this inert lifeless hunk of rock hurtling through space isn’t lifeless at all, what if the Earth is not only alive, but conscious as well? And what if coevolution is exactly the way of things, and by what we are doing with massive industrial and chemical pollution, an entity that moves slowly by the laws of physics (greater inertia to overcome, dimensional scaling), cannot keep up with the rapid changes created in the 20th century? What if we truly are killing our mother and all other life on this planet? What is a being with complex agency supposed to do when one group of her children seem hell-bent on killing her?

As crazy as such a theory sounds, we are just now discovering that trees communicate with each other in ways never realized before, that the network of mycorrhizal fungi under the soil surface acts as a neural network. We are discovered that plants are far more complex than we ever thought. Even soil itself is teeming with life. If the trees are speaking to each other, is it so farfetched that the entity they grow from might be alive and capable of communicating in some way? And how would such a being communicate and what would it say to us? I admit I am in the realm of pure speculation at this point, but in the face of the myriad threats facing us I’m pretty sure that that being would try to communicate to us to stop, and in some way to show us she’s alive. There have been messages over the years, the dust bowl in response to over plowing the Midwest, increase in earthquakes around fracking injection sites, mine collapses, storms of increasing intensity, the signs are all there, if one ceases to look at it as all random. And if this being were very wise, She would understand the most potent symbolism known to man are the unconscious symbols of religion. And considering She has born witness to everything that has gone, on more than likely she would see the toll an anthropocentric unbalanced religion devoid of feminine influence has caused the predicament we are in and somehow, someway she would find a way to make us remember what was lost, that should not have been forgotten. And I imagine such a being would not speak in words, for the Earth does not have a mouth, but rather in unconscious thoughts and feelings. Quite simply, the Earth speaks to us in the language of dreams. Every indigenous shaman on the planet would agree. We in the west just had it beaten out of us for 2000 years. In the words of Merlin, “For it is the doom of men that they forget”


All that being said, yes, Wicca is a nature centered religion, it is a response to environmental pollution and it is the natural immune response of a threatened planet targeted at the very society responsible for the threat.

If I’m right, I must also impart to you the reader why you should care, of what import is this theory? Quite frankly if I must explain to you the profoundness of the Earth being alive in terms of the shift in consciousness and ethics it would entail, I would seriously question your intellectual and ethical capacities in general. We are using, and abusing and in danger of destroying the being who gives us life, with everything from climate change, to geoengineering and seismic weaponry, among other things. We suck the blood of the earth, oil, out like vampires. We chop down Gaia’s lungs, which are our lungs. We genetically tamper with creatures with no real respect for the virulent potency of life, and what happens when it is profoundly changed without millennia of evolution to stabilize it in the context of the environment. Such a revelation, changes quite simply, everything.

In terms of what it means for the legitimacy of Wicca, a religion that is quite possibly the voice of the earth, it means it becomes more legitimate than the Judeo-Christian traditions in terms of the mouthpiece of the profound. No longer is it the angsty fringe, for losers and weirdoes who couldn’t fit in, but rather the haven of prophets in a society that thinks God is dead. It means that magic isn’t delusion, and that we were meant to live a life far more meaningful, miraculous and frankly mind-blowingly blissful, then what the powers that be have prescribed for us. In short it would revolutionize society. Do I think the religion is ready for it? By majority, no. I think far too many lose sight of God, and project themselves in It’s place. They emphasize formula and hierarchy over truth and what works. Their egos and quest for power make them lousy servants of the Divine. But there are a few that truly get it, and more than likely for that very reason, lack of ego, you don’t know their names, although there are the rare few like Buckland who were forced into the limelight when they didn’t want it, divine providence in action, for if he wasn’t, would we in the United States know about this? Wicca is a nature centered religion, it is a response to environmental pollution and it is the natural immune response of a threatened planet targeted at the very society responsible for the threat. Let’s hope we have the sense to keep listening and get over ourselves.
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The Magic is Real

November 8, 2015 at 2:08 pm (Christianity, economic justice, environmental, love, magic, marriage, metaphysics, paganism, parenting, philosophy, religion, sex, shamanism, social justice, spirituality, vegetarianism)

white hart


Belief is everything

Theoretical physics tells us by the very act of observing we shape the world, subatomic particles react to the expectations of the observer…the foundational particles that make up our entire world, including ourselves, are altered by our belief

That being said, belief is everything.

I’ve been a card-carrying shaman, witch, druid, wise woman of the woods, whatever you want to call it, for over a decade now. I was born this way, why, I could speculate, but suffice to say I am what I am and I cannot help it, only embrace it.  I’ve seen some amazing things in my time, things I am truly privileged to have witnessed.  I’ve seen my spells take effect, the positive change they have caused, as well as the negative unintended consequences.  I’ve seen one woman (myself) take on some pretty powerful interests, and largely win.  I’ve dreamed prophetic dreams, and watched as they take effect in reality to my never ending amazement.  I’ve seen balls of light, not floaters in my eyes, but actual spirits or fairies.  I see them quite regularly, except when I’m angry, then I tend to scare them off, but they come back, and light up when there is something I need to pay attention to.  I hear messages in songs, in the natural world, I even get feathers dropped in my path when something noteworthy is about to occur.  The very heavens and weather at times have been sympathetic to my emotional state, and the very wrath of the storm accompanies my upset if deep enough.  It truly has been a charmed extraordinary life.

But there is a down side to the charmed life few will ever discuss.  For one, the alienation.  Even if I do tell people what I see and they believe me, they still didn’t see what I saw and cannot understand the terrible burden it can be.  Worse yet if I do tell them, they think me crazy, because surely, if it’s not something they’ve ever experienced it must not exist.  Furthermore, when you are a shining one, another term for a shaman, the negative entities of the spiritual world will also see that light, and they will try to snuff it out.  Not everyone plays fair, there are somethings out there that feed on suffering, and the more intense the person, the more intense the pain, and its a veritable demonic buffet I guess.

Whats even worse is that many people are not in their right minds.  They think they are but they aren’t.  Even the do good christian kind are so full of abominable meat and integrity withering prescription & illicit drugs that they too can be a tool of the evil ones, they’re minds and wills taken over, and they don’t even know it.  To see the world as I see it is both a blessing and a curse, for I see how painfully beautiful it could be, and how horribly awful it is.  This world is in the clutches of satan, but all too often it’s those who think by their faith they are righteous, that are doing the greatest works of evil.  Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson can’t hold a candle to the Native American Holocaust, the Jewish Holocaust, Slavery and the Crusades.  All of those things were done either with the supposed sanctioning of God through the “church” or by those who thought they were making the world a better place.  Hence the quote, “a surplus of virtue is more dangerous than a surplus of vice”

The religious wars continue, neither side grasping that the teachings of their religion actually expressly forbid killing.  There are no addendums to that, only a pretty plainly written thou shalt not kill.  I don’t understand what is so hard to understand about that.  Everybody has an opinion, everybody has an interpretation and it is no wonder why this world more than likely will never be what I see.  After all, mine is just one perspective among seven billion.  I can insist I’m right, and I’ve tried, but at the end of the day, the next guy is going to insist his way is just as right, just as the next guy will, and the next guy, on down the line.

But what is universal, with the exception of a few atheists, is that we do all believe in a God, we do believe there can be a better world, and it is the reward for a life lived in harmony with God.  Focus on what unites us rather than divides us right?  What if I told I had seen God, and I had seen that better world as a reward for true spiritual purity?  Would you believe me?

Last summer, for a brief moment in time, I saw that world manifest.  I will never forget it as long as I live, and it will be a curse to carry, for now, I can’t just write it off as a dream, no I’ve seen it in the flesh.  It’s what happens when two people who are both spiritually pure and gifted, who both earnestly believe, get together.  Two individuals, who are powerful enough in their own right, are brought together, and the amount of energy produced is enough to relight the fire of humanity itself.  Speaking in tongues, putting ones hand in the fire and not getting burned, the heavens opening up with lightning and tornadoes, even raising a poor hapless kitten from the dead.  Biblical stuff, not just oh I noticed a few coincidences and now I see a pattern, no the very power of God manifest right in front of me, and it was both of us, neither of us are capable of these things on that level separately.

What follows is probably one of the greatest tragedies a person could ever write about.  The “real” world sets in, and as it is customarily so, it destroys the miraculous with its mundane crap.  But it cannot destroy what I have seen, I will carry the memory so long as I live, even if the other person is too terrified to ever look again.  Feelings get involved, there’s that pain again for the evil ones to feed off of, especially now, we came damn close to raising the vibrational level of the entire planet, if you’re a demon, gotta nip that in the bud right quick as if there is no more suffering, there is no more buffet.  So back to mundane life, lies, gossip, manipulation, children, jobs, fighting to survive in a world that was meant to be Eden.  And the muggles just laugh cause they’re too dumb to know better, and even some of the non muggles laugh, because they’re too arrogant to accept that maybe someone really did see Heaven, maybe they aren’t as perfect as they think they are, by the fact they think they’re perfect, they’re not, and are just a tool of evil, all the while thinking they’re right.

Jesus said, if you want to enter the kingdom of heaven you must be like a child, but try being like a child in this world, people either think your crazy, naive or a fool.  Try going through your day being brutally honest, and wanting to do nothing except play, whether it be with toys animals or basking in the warmth and beauty of Mother Nature.  People will indeed think there is something wrong with you, or you’ll offend the living daylights out of them when you say whatever it is you really think of them.  But is that not being as a child?  Honest, pure, loving?

Indeed my life is a unique one.  I don’t have to work like the rest of my American counterparts, and it’s not because I’m a freeloader, it’s because I found a way to circumvent the system, the curse of Eve.  I don’t need a big house, or a fancy car, I grow most of my own food.  I can quite literally spend 20 hours a week working out in Nature, where I love to be, and be free the rest of my life, and its wonderful, but it’s also very lonely.  You see the rest of you are too busy working, keeping up with the Joneses, consuming all the crap they hold up before you and tell you you need, when you really don’t.  I get looked at like I’m crazy when I say I live in a camper in the woods, but I look at all of you as crazy, and in many cases evil.

How much suffering did each item you bought cause someone or something else?  The clothes you wear, so concerned about whether they are fashionable or not, that some poor child in  sweatshop made overseas; the diamond, the symbol of your love, how many african children were forced into slavery over?  The phone that is made in a factory where people regularly jump to their death.  The cheap disposable crap that is turning China into a irreversible environmental wasteland over; the oil to fuel your car, to transport your goods, how many children inhaled the fumes from the refinery and got cancer, how many spills, how many wars???   How many animals lived in their own shit their entire lives never seeing the light of day so you could have your steak?  How many vegetables are you eating covered in those animal’s shit cause there’s so much of it they don’t know what else to do with it (e coli and salmonella outbreaks anyone)  How many ways are you being screwed for your indifference and your laziness?  What evil has it wrought?  Look at it, LOOK AT IT.  Turning a blind eye wont save you, it’ll only condemn you even more.

You all think your innocent, but you’re not.  You don’t like the evils of the world stop supporting them.  You don’t need all these things, you really don’t, and fuck what everyone else might think of you.  Do you judge yourself by demons?  Because if they’re gonna act that way they might as well be just that.  How many hours do you work for a house you’re rarely in, a car you rarely drive.  For as condemning as I am, I am also sympathetic.  I know you were born into it, but so was I.   I know you are afraid of what you don’t know or understand, but instead of looking you’ll condemn and ridicule?  Thoreau was right when he said most men live lives of quiet desperation.  Maybe you wont admit it to me, I’m sure you don’t even want to admit it to yourself, but you do.  I see it in your cruelty, your condescension.  The fact many of you are workaholics, don’t look left, don’t look right, just keep working yourself to an early grave, ridiculing those who see it differently all the way to your inevitable demise.  Even the most basic joy in your life inevitably turns into a pain, sex.  For sex makes babies, and babies are responsibilities, even more so in a society that thinks you’re a bad parent if you don’t have them wrapped up and padded like a linebacker your endangering them, and if you don’t buy all the latest crap your, depriving them.  Many end up marrying because they got someone, or they themselves became, pregnant.  Yes, some get the joy of marrying out of love, but just as many, if not more get married out of duty, thereby denying that route of happiness into their lives.

This world indeed is pretty messed up, but what really was the curse of Eve?  Knowledge, and the punishment by God to work all the rest of our days and bear our children in pain as a result.  Knowledge indeed.  Not the knowledge of books, but the knowledge of Good and Evil.  Why would that be such a bad thing?  Perhaps because of the very things that surplus of virtue quote talked about, thinking one person is better because they are more “righteous”, knowledge of one thing being “better” than another.  It made us all finicky judgemental pricks.  Cain and Abel?  Farming instead of living off the land as God intended.  We do it to ourselves folks, because we believe it, and we believe it can never change.

But it can, I’m living proof of it.  I love my life except for the loneliness, except for the fact no one else sees what I see.  How many of you have seen the mists rolling in at dusk, heard the sound of a wolf howl in the dead of night, seen the green lights of the Northern Lights, or better yet, the otherworldly light you can only see if you get far enough from “civilization”.  How many of you have wandered so deep in the woods you didn’t know where you were anymore, how many of you have seen a wild hart, the spirit of the forest, or tree spirits?  How many of you have seen will o wisps, and heard a tree speak?  You’d cash in that for cheap plastic crap?  See most of you I don’t think know what your indifference and belief destroys, I hope you don’t, for if you do, your more evil than I thought.  While your all driving to your nearest park with your loud bratty family dumping wrappers in the woods, there are other things there hiding from you, that if you would just shut up and be still for a minute you would see.  Humans are not the greatest species on this planet, we are actually one of the worst.

But there is that whole belief thing I started this post with…how powerful it really is.  We are the Gods, whether we acknowledge our divinity and sacred roles as caretakers of this planet or not.  If it’s all about what you believe, why believe in such an evil society?  Why limit yourself and cause great evil in the process?  Why not believe in the miraculous and the magical?  Its right there, hiding in that grove of trees, watching you, waiting for you to wake up.

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Solar powered hot tub and greenhouse

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So, I haven’t posted in a really long time.  Went back to school, started an organic farm, got sick of people’s apathy.  Some wise person once said be the change you seek in the world, and whereas I have always for the most part lived as I thought was right, I decided to take on a few projects to show that even with not a lot of money, one can have life’s luxuries, without further messing up the environment.  So enter the hot tub and greenhouse.

First of let me state this entire project cost me a $1000 bucks, the value of it finished is roughly $5000, not a bad return if I do say so myself.  To start with there is the greenhouse.  Minus the $300 for the 55 watt pv kit, it cost about $500.  Most of the wood we recycled from an old porch someone was tearing off their house up the road.  We did have to buy wood for the actual frame, and that cost about $100.  The glass we managed to score from a house about four blocks away, that had solar hot water heaters from the 70’s, they were taking down to install a new roof.  Tempered pv coated glass, 7 4×8′ panes, for a total of $100.  The seventh pane we used on a coldframe.  The corner pieces of glass had to be custom cut, they were about $75.  The doors were made out of the old porch, as were all the trim pieces holding all the glass in place.  The stones in the floor were stones from when we ripped up part of the patio a few years ago.  The cinder blocks that form the walls of the bed we bought, as well as the black stain for the solar hydronic in the floor, and the stain for the wood.  The copper piping in the floor was about $150, the joints took forever to solder.  The roof was old shingles we cut up.  Shelves are convertible, and can hold 36 trays.  IMG_20150725_151655



The greenhouse has a dual heat hydronic system in the floor.  It is either heater by the sun warming the stones, the water passes through the pipes by a small pump run by solar panels and into the hot tub in a continuous loop.  In the winter, there is a rocket mass hot water heater that runs on pines cones, paper and small bits of wood. There are valves to switch it from the rocket to the stones.  The exhaust from the rocket is completely combusted, so there really is no emissions or smell.










The hot tub itself was a old one we picked up for $100.  We restained it, and completely gutted the innards except for the hoses.  We hooked it up to the greenhouse to act as a heatsink and heat the tub.  The water has different chemicals than the standard pool.  First off it has Epsom salts in it, MgSO4, the water can go down to 18 degrees Fahrenheit without freezing, and it does not react with copper piping, it also holds heat better.  Secondly we mimicked natural hot springs, zinc, iron and sulfur.  We also make tea of comfrey, marshmallow root, and flax to create a healing waters tub.  It does wonders for the skin.  We got a 1 horsepower pump for the jets, it is the only part of the system that doesn’t run on solar or scraps.



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The New City

May 21, 2013 at 4:18 pm (Central Wisconsin, Christianity, Climate Change, economic justice, education, environmental, herbalism, love, magic, mass die-offs, medicine, natural medicine, Nuclear Energy, paganism, philosophy, political, prophecy, psychology, religion, social justice, spirituality, Wausau, Wisconsin)

throne5 “And I saw a new heaven and new Earth.  For the first Earth passed away, and the sea is no more.  And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.  And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying “Behold the dwelling of God with men, and he will dwell with them.  And they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.  And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.  And death shall be no more; neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” -Revelation 21:1-4

For the six years I have been writing, regardless of my justified wrath at corruption and desecration of the Earth, I have never advocated violent revolution, and I never will.  It’s tempting, dont get me wrong, but I can never in good faith condone such a thing.  Not because certain folks dont deserve to be dragged out in the street and strung up by their toes like Mussolini, but because history has shown revolutions are very often replaced by a worse order than the ones they overthrew (China in the 20th century, the French Revolution, the sack of Rome, etc).  The point at which we are now, so yoked to tyrranny, oppression and fear, is only reached by a sickness of spirit, and no amount of revolution will solve that crisis, if anything it will only make it worse.

It is too bad more people do not take it upon themselves to understand what the Mayans were talking about with 2o12, for it echoes the very same themes I have spoken about for years.  It is not an apocalypse, rather the end of an old order, an order than very much needs to die, and the rise of a new order.  In fact the carvings specifically mention that adversarial conflict will not bring about this new order, it will only perpetuate the old.  Lord knows I have fallen into that trap over the years, as it is very easy to let all that is wrong will the world take root as anger in the heart, but that anger is a poison, a poison that will slowly take you over, and in the end you will become the very thing you are fighting against.  In the end you wont even recognize yourself anymore.

Anyone who has paid attention to my writings knows that the last 2 years have been doseys for me.   Almost exactly a year ago I was in a tractor accident that should have killed me, and in the instant that I saw the front end of it come up and over on top of me, I felt two things.  One I heard a demon in my head say “gotcha”, and as I went limp, as I truly thought I was a goner and let go as a result, I felt two hands on my arms.  Two hands that guided me in such a manner so that when the tractor came down on me, it took out my arm, and my ribs on my left side, but missed my heart and my head by an inch.  If I had fallen any other way I would have been decapitated or it would have stopped my heart. I bring this up, because the events of the last two years, in addition to a long history of unbelievable stuff, put me in a deep crisis of faith.

I was broken, shattered to pieces, both literally and figuratively, and it has taken a long time to put myself back together, to make sense of it all.  I know all things happen for a reason, and that the Divine is always there, as are the Spirits, and so for all this to happen, both the injustices and the miracles, the agony and the ecstacy, was alot for my little mind to assimilate and understand.  But I think I have. For too long I have led a double life, nay triple life.

On one hand I am extremely domestic, I loathe leaving the house and prefer the company of children plants and animals, to most humans.  I do not hate people, rather I have found most people do not understand my kind, and rather be relegated to the role of scapegoat in the pack, when truth be told I am smarter than just about anyone,  I prefer to be a lone wolf, and enjoy the company of innocents, than be crucified by those who let the fire and purity die in their hearts long ago.  My second life is that of a public servant.  I love my furry, feathery, leafy and little friends so much, that long ago I decided I would rather die than watch them be systematically destroyed.  I almost did destroy myself from the unbearable pain, but long ago, as I stood down a 6’2″ white supremacist with a knife by only my words, I realized two things.  One my words had power, and two that I did not fear death anymore and it began a chain reaction of thought that left me with something that can best be summed up in a quote I once heard, “a fool wants to die for a cause, a wise man lives for it”  This peculiar mix of life experience and wisdom makes me a formidable defender of the Earth and those who cannot fight for themselves.  But as I said before, you spent a long enough time fighting something, eventually you become it.

Which brings me to my third life, that being a druid priestess. There is much tittering and throat clearing that goes on in this town over my controversial spiritual path.  Its too bad, for as people decide to pull the wool from their eyes and actually ask me what being a druid priestess all entails, they find that it is not the devil worship and debauchery that they have been told it is (ok, there is a little Bacchanalia, but not the kind that is hurting anyone, and man is it fun😀 ), rather it is a path that is peaceful and encourages harmony between man and nature.  I have always known it is key to the spiritual poverty plaguing our world.  It is the gravest of sins that the church fathers deliberately concealed the true message of Jesus to consolidate their power.  That we are created in Gods image, that we all have the power of God within us, and it is our spiritual duty to cultivate this divine nature.  The power of God as in, with the proper discipline and spiritual seeking, one need only think something and truly believe it and it becomes a reality.  I tell people, I wish I could let them see through my eyes, for only a day, for they would understand that there is no more need for pain, for suffering, even for death, the world is a brilliant and awe inspiring testament to the power of Love, Life and yes, Magic.

They say a house divided, falls, and for many years, I have been that house divided.  I hide my spiritual path for the most part with my public environmental work, my domestic side very often languished as my work, both environmental and spiritual consumed much of my time and energy, and all three, my domestic life, my public persona and my spirituality have suffered as the stress and fear of retribution for tackling pollution in this town slowly whittled away my peace of mind, my very sanity.  It is no surprise that what has happened in the last two years has happened, it needed to.  Glory be to the Divine, whatever name you may call It by, for although It may be ruthless sometimes, it is always with a purpose, always with wisdom, its just whether or not the pea-brained human decides to get over herself and listen to what is being taught.

This will be the first post I publish on all three of my websites, unashamed, and unabashedly.  A new leaf of unity and of peace.  Ghandhi said “be the change you seek”, and for the most part my lifestyle at least on the surface has been that change, but my headspace has not.  I shouldnt have to compartmentalize, I know I am only one among many in that department, many hide who they really are, for fear of being judged or retribution, but you wear a mask long enough, you forget who you are underneath, and so I lay the first brick, in the building of the new city.  No more fear, no more stress, no more fighting, no more hiding, only being.  That is the antidote to the spiritual sickness of our society, but it is only the beginning.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a pyschological theory that orders the needs of a human in terms of priorities and requirements for a fufilled and happy life, if things at the bottom of the pyramid are not tended to, the higher order needs will never be realized.   Below is the pyramid of needs: Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs     This model can be extrapolated to society at large, and it becomes even more apparent the ills and shortcomings of the world.  Many do not have clean air to breath, healthy food to eat, if any food at all, many survive without clean water, many people find it difficult to sleep in our age of anxiety and stress.  And that is only the base of the pyramid….

In the years I have been fighting for the environment, I have focused primarily on the tearing down of the old order, the old city.  Fighting pollution, corruption etc, whereas I have touched on solutions to these problems, truth be told the focus has been primarily negative.  I have shut down polluters in this town or at the very least severely hampered them, and seen the results of a people with no jobs, losing their very identity as a result, and those people’s anger and backlash have been a daily part of my life.  I sought to free people from sickness, but in doing so created a whole new set of problems.  As I said it is not that I didnt pose solutions, but they never came to the forefront of my work.  It was a mistake, and considering to some extent I created the lack of jobs (not completely, but I did have a hand in it), it is my responsibility to fix it.  And so I present to the people a vision for the future, the New City, the New Jerusalem.  May all hear and heed my words, and may the New City last forever.

To begin with, with Maslow as a guide, basic physiological needs must be attended to. I work for these things actively, so do not think I am just writing, as God as my witness I will use all of my power within the city and as a priestess to make what follows a reality, and I challenge all who read this, to likewise use their power and influence (everyone has both, whether they realize it or not) to realize this vision.  First off, the water and air,  are polluted here, with some superfund sites.  Many do not have access to wholesome food.  Many live in homes that are moldy and drafty, if they have a home at all (I know Maslow doesnt list shelter as a basic physiological need, that must be an oversight as it is as necessary and breathing and eating).  I could tackle pollution head on, but it would drive away the few jobs left, and Im pretty sure I would have a lynch mob on my doorstep in relatively short order.  So instead, new ways of earning a living must be found.

One way to employ people is to put people back to work, tending the land.  We have too many factory farms, both for veggies and animals, that are tended by nothing but machines and chemicals, either pesticides on GMO crops, or antibiotics used in CAFO’s as no creature can survive in such deplorable amoral conditions.  I have already worked for years to foment urban agriculture, and I will continue to teach biointensive sustainable organic agriculture, free of GMOs.  Put people back on the land working it in small plots, without machinery, pesticides, petroleum, and right there that is a huge amount of jobs provided.  The USDA helps first time farmers with loans, they practically will bend over backwards to help someone interested.  But rather than buying the standard 40 acres, unless you have a small army to help you tend it, we need to think smaller, much smaller.  5 acres is more than enough to pull in $100,000 in organic vegetable sales, and that can conceivably be tended by a family, free of dangerous and polluting machinery, free of the overuse of synthetic fertilizers, the main reason the water here is toxic with algae blooms that are killing the fish.  I highly recommend if not insist anyone who is a farmer/gardener read the book “How to grow more vegetables*” by John Jeavons.  It is a primer on the biointensive method, it will teach you how to really farm, and that method is the true solution to world food shortages, NOT GMO.  In addition conservation tillage, would reduce global CO2 emissions by 20%.  What many people do not know is that all the dust that is kicked up from plowing is 20% of the climate change problem.  Not to mention tractors create plowpans, an area of compacted soil 9-12″ below the tilled layer that actually reduces yields as a plant’s roots cannot penetrate it.  In addition we raise livestock and crops not only for food, but for textiles as well.  Central Wisconsin is perfect for sheep and their wool, just as flax and hemp can be grown here and spun into textiles, just as the natural dyes can be cultivated as well.

Water/Air pollution is twofold, there is industrial and agricultural.  I have already given the solution to the agricultural, as to industrial, we need to embrace the green technological revolution, as not only does it solve mercury and radioactive contamination(40% of world freshwater usage is actually in cooling thermoelectric generators, and that water is NOT usuable afterwards), but it generates jobs, lots of them.  The green energy sector is the faster growing portion of the economy by a country mile.  But simply providing the jobs is not enough.  We need a new method of doing business, and new basis of economic theory, steady state economics and cooperatives.  Steady state does not accept the Malthusian premise that boom and bust cycles are inevitable, it does not put growth of capital and profit as the primary driver.  Rather steady state economics finds a happy middle ground between boom and bust and stays there, indefinately.  No more crashes and people losing everything.  No more ridiculous profits either, but I am pretty sure all but the greediest and morally bankrupt of our society would agree that stability is sorely needed.  Furthermore, cooperative business models do exist in the form of profit sharing, I would only add that salaries should be within a sane range, those at the bottom should make a livable wage (15/hr minimum) and those at the top should be rewarded for their leadership, however there is a limit to how much that really is.  Greed should not be rewarded or institutionalized, many have more money than any man could need or want, and if they truly are the uppercrust and the better part of society as they arrogantly think themselves to be, they would have the moral decency to know that they do indeed have an obligation to give back to the system and people they profited so handsomely from.  What did Jesus say, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven?

These few things that I have listed, would transform society, but it is only the foundation.  Once people no longer have to pay for their food, or if they do it is by choice, once clothing is a local industry, once pottery is a local industry as well as the already established breweries, once herbal medicine, the true medicine is available, and not jacked up by pharmaceutical companies ruthlessly pursuing the bottom line and patenting it, once people are not driving themselves to injury and death either in their cars, their tractors, their lawn equipment or in the dangerous factory they work in exposed to hazardous chemicals and unsafe machinery, once the mortgage is paid with a decent job, once we all have free energy because the solar system they worked at the solar plant (that had all the environmental controls so that it didnt become the very problem is sought to ameliorate) to earn is paid for and the house in properly insulated and peoples homes are heated for free with biogas from waste, once local economy is established so that people no longer need to drive all over God’s green Earth to earn a living, and cars are no longer necessary, and if they are they are produced at cost rather than for profit (pnuematic cars cost roughly $4000), tell me what then are peoples expenses?

Then we get into the higher order needs Maslow spoke about.  Dare to dream folks.  Imagine a world where we no longer have to work 40 hours a week unless we choose to, where our budgets are no longer eaten up just trying to survive.  Where our basic needs are provided for, we have security we have food water and shelter.  What a world that would be.  A world where you can spend time with your families, your mate.  Where resources are no longer consumed at unsustainable rates and society turns away from oligarchies and plutocrats and industries that pollute and impoverish.  What then?  Then we find ourselves again, then culture reaches new heights, technology reaches new heights and we have a world where the common man may spend his time in leisure, educating himself, in spiritual contemplation, whatever he so chooses.  Then we hit the top of the pyramid, self-actualization.  We become the race we were born to be.  Divine and free. What are we waiting for?  Look inside yourself and around you and begin building the  new city, the New Jerusalem today.

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A warning for those who would overthrow corruption

October 7, 2012 at 9:53 pm (Climate Change, environmental, global warming, Nuclear Energy, political, social justice)

Just another quick message folks. I am obviously as disgusted with heavy handed over reaching government as the next guy, however before you want to hack government sites or a revolution, know this. There are hundreds of nuclear reactors in the country and worldwide, all of them dependent on the electrical grid. Furthermore, the spent rods that are stored either on site, or in repositories such as Yucca Mountain, likewise have to be refrigerated to stave off meltdown. That being said, any radical destabilization of the governing bodies could result in our annihilation. The time has gone to be able to overthrow problem oligarchies with the glory of rebellion, we must come up with more creative solutions to oppression, and perhaps the best way is to take back our government, not overthrow it. It is to shut down these reactors first, and find a way to either neutralize spent fuel, or store it in the cold wastes of space for use as fuel in ion drive spacecraft. There are so many things going on that the average joe has no clue even exist, things like weather modification weaponry, seismic weaponry. I dont know if climate change is a result of CO2 or rising radiation levels and the afore mentioned weapons, or a combination of both. This is not to say do nothing, dear Lord you must do something, we all must do something to stop this. Wherever you find yourself you can effect change, and you can do it the right way, with righteous truth. Justice still exists, and most people do serve good, and you can have faith in that just as you should trust that God and the spirits help those who helps themselves and serve what is right. There is a Way, a Way of peace. It takes courage, it takes unrelenting vigilance, and if every single one of us keeps to this path we can bring about a new and glorious age. But we must stop hiding our heads in the sand, we must take responsibility for our own existence, and we must think and fully research everything we do before we do it. No simple angry solution will do it. We must change our spirits, for that is the true sickness of society, a weakness of spirit. Everything is just a symptom of that problem.

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Smartphones role in Economic and Social Inequality

October 6, 2012 at 12:05 pm (economic justice, environmental, social justice)

Just a quick thought, as I have about had it with the technophiles buying a new smart phone every 6 months. In our quest for the latest gadget, we are furthering the very social and economic wrongs we use them to speakout against. For the record I am writing you on a computer from 2003, so lest anyone think me a hypocrite, think again, I don’t even own a cell phone either. But it was a commonplace sight to have people in the Occupy movement tweeting updates from their smartphones while in a rally. Look up Vanguard TV online, and look at the documentary on electronics recycling in China. China that has little to no environmental standards, whose workers dismantle your “recycled” 1 year old phone in the front gravel patch of their little hovel. For mile and miles there is a ghetto of these folk, who get 12/day, and in the end get cancer. You better believe the cell phone manufacturers and recyclers know the conditions in China, but because it is cheaper, they dont care. So not only is it the environmental devastation, and the social devastation as entire villages develop cancer to save some executive a few bucks, it is the economic devastation of all our jobs being shipped overseas the last 20 years. So congratulations, the smart phone you wear as a badge of your self worth, is doing its large part to make the world a worse place. Cripes people, THINK!

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Ok Daily Herald, Let’s talk about Jobs and Mining in the Upper Peninsula

July 19, 2012 at 1:05 am (Central Wisconsin, environmental, mining, political, upper peninsula, Wausau, Wisconsin)

A few days ago, the Wausau Daily Herald took it upon themselves to try to revive the discussion over the mining bill that was shot down earlier this year. I wonder, who paid who, to start that one up again. It’s so nice to see independent critical journalism at it’s finest. (*cough) The company, Goegebic Taconite, is no longer interested, seems they got a little sand in their shorts when they realized the state of Wisconsin does not look kindly on some corporation thinking they can rewrite our laws. All I have to say is good riddance, but it would appear that there are still a few that believe that not only is mining good for the economy (see this AB426 hearing letter for a more detailed shredding of the argument), it is the only way to save the ailing economy of the Upper Peninsula. No, they had another way, and they shot it down.
What certain folks convieniently forget is that several years ago, Ski-Doo, wanted to open a plant up there. But Ironwood said no. I assure you it’s true, and you want to know why?  Ironwood Plastics.
The illustrious folks who ran that gigantic OSHA violation, paid their workers just above minimum wage. these folks also sat either on the Ironwood Common Council, or the Ironwood Chamber of Commerce (my source is unsure which). When Skidoo came to town, they were willing to start employees at 15/hr. Stevens, the then owner of Ironwood Plastics, along with other business owners in town declined Skidoo, because then they would have to pay their workers more, so as not to lose them.
So that blows a rather large hole in the theory that Ironwood/Hurley can not get any other jobs than a mine. Stevens is no longer active as far as I can tell, which is probably why this mine was not stonewalled because of better wages, that and Goegebic Taconite went straight for the state government, thereby bypassing any possible local interference. The root problem, has nothing to do with jobs, but rather the same old story of greed and corruption. The article in the Daily Herald, was ludicrously billed as an investigative report, well here’s some real investigation for you, not some thinly veiled propaganda piece paid for by corporate corruption.

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Wisconsin Standardized Test Scores

July 17, 2012 at 3:47 pm (Central Wisconsin, education, medication, parenting, psychiatry, psychology, Wausau, Wisconsin)

It came out this week that Wisconsin has been fudging it’s K-12 proficiency test scores for many years now. Whereas, no child left behind left our schools in even worse shape than what they already were, this is a disturbing, yet vindicating piece of news.
If you have been paying attention to my blog for more than a year, you would know that my sons school tried to make a demon out of me, for A, refusing medication, and B for having the gumption to stand up to teachers at the Title 1 committee and ask them to challenge, not only my child, but all other children as well. I was told they didnt want to leave anyone behind, leaving me with the obvious conclusion that they would rather hold my son back, leading to his boredom induced deviancy, than actually strive for greater heights.
I swore that what they tried to do to me last year stemmed out of my refusal to drug my child for ADHD. My child is brilliant, but again rather than provide him with the educational challenges he needed to keep him focused and interested, they would rather sedate him with drugs, causing permanent brain damage. The thought of putting a 6 year old on amphetamines is appalling, even more so when you realize we have a bigger problem with prescription drug abuse in this country, than so called street drugs, those prescriptions being pain killers and stimulants (ie, ADHD drugs), and is doubling appalling that they would take the bright little light that is my son and deliberately snuff it so as to not have to work too hard?
According to the articles I have read on the subject, it is looking like these scores were tweaked to keep Wisconsin from losing any more school funding, as under no child left behind, schools lose money if their children don’t pass the tests, and they are given more money if their kids are above average. So our illustrious schools were lying through their teeth to not only keep what they had, but get more.
What do they need all this extra money for? I learned my three R’s no problem without the benefit of smartboards and computers. Maybe children need to be taught technology to be better suited for the workforce, but my kid’s elementary school had this stuff. This isnt helping children learn, this is giving the illusion of same, for stupid people who cant see through the fact that money does not guarantee success.
But there is more to this than just fibbing test scores to get cash. I said it before and I will say it again. It is a little known fact that schools get extra money for every child in their care that has a diagnosed and medicated disorder. You see it wasnt just laziness that prompted my sons teacher to try to force me to medicate my son, it was horrible twisted greed. These schools pray upon low income famillies, because they think they are too stupid and or overburdened to fight such a recommendation.
I sent my son to school with a sack lunch everyday, may not have been great, but it usually consisted of a salami sandwich on whole wheat, an apple and some whole grain chips. Yet somehow my child, without my request or consent was signed up for school lunch, like they judged his meal choice to be inadequate. The school lunch they signed him up for also consisted of breakfast, and my child, despite repeated warnings and requests that he not be fed sugar or food additives, began to be fed utter sugary pink slime crap.  That fare, eventually led to my son’s teacher approaching me about medication, and when I refused and politely told her where to stick it, led to her flat out lying to social services, so that they would intervene and hand him off to someone who would medicate him, and in the long run they would be paid for it.
They deliberately sabatoged me, just as they are deliberately sabatoging many low income parents. They know exactly what they are doing to kids and they dont care. Why? Because they get paid more, they get more uneccessary gadgets which apparently dont work to teach kids anyway as the new revelations about kids proficiency in this state would lead one to believe. This story is saddening, but it is the wake up call to parents everywhere that maybe the teachers they have placed their trust in are more than undeserving of it.

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Fukishima Melted Fuel Update, Mar 28, 2012

April 14, 2012 at 1:17 pm (Uncategorized)

This is reposted from, 

“The water level in the containment vessel of the No. 2 reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant is only about 60 centimeters deep, far shallower than previously assumed levels of about four meters, according to Tokyo Electric Power Co. The lower-than-expected water level was discovered for the first time when the power utility used an industrial endoscope to check the crippled reactor’s interior on Monday, TEPCO said. According to some experts, it is possible that nuclear fuel that melted through the reactor’s pressure vessel and accumulated on the bottom of the containment vessel in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami may not be completely covered in the water. TEPCO said the water temperature in the vessel remained relatively low within a range of 48.5 C to 50 C. The discovery of the unexpectedly shallow water level will not affect TEPCO’s judgment that the reactor is in a state of “cold shutdown.”

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