Here goes nothing

March 27, 2007 at 4:45 am (magic, medicine, philosophy, religion, shamanism)


So I don’t know how this happened but I have my own blog.  That’s cool, I feel like I’m important or something.  So, if I’m going to go by electional astrology, the first post I make, will rule the subsequent posts I make.  So I guess I better make this good.  My mission in life is to spread peace and love until despair and lonliness are all but non-existent on this planet.  I wish for harmony amongst all forms of life be they man animal or tree.  Frankly I think all humans should practice tantra.  That would be the best way to realize this happy hippy dream of mine.  Tantra is the foundation upon all other theologies and philosophies are built.  Yes tantra deals with sex but that’s not it.  That’s like going to a forest to look at one tree.  Tantra is about learning to cultivate the 90% of our personal power and divinity that lies dormant in us.  It’s about union and manifestation with the divine and using orgasm as the quickest easiest vehicle to that end.  Let go of all that you think you are and become one with something greater.  If more people were getting busy, there would be a lot less violence and at the very least a lot less anti-depressant prescriptions being written.  In the book of revelations (mind you this is an avowed Taoist Shamaness quoting the Bible) it talks about the tree of life being hidden.  It is hidden within us, and tantra (or any other form of spiritual alchemy) is the way to find it.  Think about it, most people are afraid to look within themselves, what better place to hide the font of immortality?  Anyway my pizzas done.  Behold!, I have laid the foundation of my blog on the foundation of humanity itself, not bad for a thursday afternoon:)kundalini.jpg


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