March 31, 2007 at 10:22 pm (environmental)


So I spend a lot of time surfing around the internet these days and i stumbled upon the White House’s website.  On it they have a link titled pandemic flu.  I would encourage anybody who reads this, to also look at that.  The government is expecting an epidemic and they don’t have a very nice plan for containment.  I figure i should also volunteer this, Oregano oil, if nebulized and inhaled is the premier alternative treatment for pnuemonia.  That is because it is a broad spectrum anti-biotic and anti-viral.  It also kills lung parasites, that tax an immune system.  People think that you only get intestinal parasites, but you don’t you can get parasites in every other major system of the body.  I mention this because in my opinion (and isn’t blogging all about opinion?:) ) the mass amounts of sickness we are experiencing this days are from already overloaded immune systems;  from environmental toxins, artificial hormones, residual antibiotics in meat, refined sugar, unbalanced eating habits etc.  If we do not stop eating the way we do, and I do not mean to criticize just one’s proclivities while eating but also, the way our food is grown and harvested, the plagues will continue and worsen.  As far as I’m concerned it is all part of a greater issue of people’s lack of respect for the environment and the creatures who share it with us, and lack of personal accountability and responsibility for the food they eat.  The food industry and government are doing some really not nice things to the food we eat.  I’m not sure if it is deliberate, or just ignorant minded individuals writing policy who are blinded by greed and power.  Either way, the system is killing us and it prays upon people’s ignorance and lack of responsibility.  Just my two cents worth for the day


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