Protest reconissance

April 4, 2007 at 5:22 am (environmental)


So today I went driving all over northern wisconsin to get a lay of the land and a general feel for the climate/situation.  The actual Arrowhead-Weston line is not quite as bad as I thought it was going to be.    The worst spots were as you got closer to Superior and the actual Weston 4 powerplant construction where I live.  There it is pretty bad. I also found out that after Weston 4 in online, ATC plans on building a Weston 5 and a Weston 6.  So in the end there are going to be three more of these unholy abominations blighting the countryside.  Which kinda further reinforced my thoughts as I was following the line up from wausau today.  Such things never come in one large easily recognizable blow, they come slowly and gradually, gaining inertia as they go.  They do come though and it’s better to face a smaller weaker enemy than a large strong one.  With the amount of radical upheaval that has come to Wausau in the last 2 years, I don’t think anybody who lives here has any problem seeing the point I’m making.  It’s easier to stop a train when it’s going slower than when it’s gotten up to full speed.  The lines have to be drawn somewhere.  I got lots of pictures that I’ll probably upload tomorrow.  The recon on the ELF station was a bit of a let down though as we couldn’t find the joint and we got caught in a nasty snowstorm with no heat in the car we were driving.  I got severe frostbite on my feet.  I’ll tell you though, that area is perfect for hiding something like that.  The woods are so deep that you can only really see in maybe 5o feet from the road, and the access roads back there twist and turn so much it’s easy to lose your bearings.  that and Clam lake is smack dab in the center of the largest parcel of the CNNF.  Another trip is being planned to be exclusively for the ELF/paranormal/Hurley side of this story, and I think we will be going to both ELF sites.  There was one small glimmer of success on that front though.  As we were leaving the area in which the ELF was supposed to be, an ATC worktruck passed us.  As I said in the article, I have seen to much to believe in coincidence anymore.


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