Chaos farms

April 5, 2007 at 3:46 am (magic, shamanism)


So I’m shooting for a blog a day, and to make this successful, I should make them short.  So I have about 3 minutes until my ramen noodles are done so here it goes.  I have a little metaphysical theory I thought I’d share today.  Take an enclosed area, whether it be a closet, a trunk, a drawer whatever.  Put stuff in it of the nature you want to materialize, say for simplicity’s sake money.  Do not know how much it in there, that is key.  Leave it for awhile.  The longer you leave it, the better this works, you can add stuff to it, or take a way, but you NEVER find out exactly how much is in there.  you will find, and this is tricky to master, it requires visualization abilities and the ability to direct chi (life energy) towards an end, that you can create an inexaustable source of whatever it is you put in your “chaos farm”.  I call it that because it to an extent operates on chaos theory and limits (as in calculus).  Try it, its quite fun.  Ramen’s done:)


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