The power of belief

April 6, 2007 at 3:07 am (magic, philosophy, shamanism)


When people are growing up it is common for kids to have imaginary friends or stuff of the like.  What if they aren’t really imaginary?  What if what is brushed off as childhood fantasy is really reality?  You see, I be willing to wager that in just about every case of this, the child’s parents told them, when they felt the child should have grown out of it,  that it didn’t exist and told them to stop talking about it.  I think that what a person believes is what becomes a reality, and if a child is shamed or ridiculed enough, they will stop believing and therefore literally stop seeing.  What if Peter Pan was right to some extent?  Suppose there are such things as fairies angels and demons, they just manifest in ways that people don’t expect them too.  And that is really what children and their innocent eyes are seeing when they have an “imaginary” friend.  Food for thought.



  1. Steven wilson said,

    I am so glad I bumped into you.I believe at least 2 of tylers imaginary friends are something else. He uses the same facial expressions as one of them.
    Thank you

  2. lolaorlando said,

    wonderful! i like your blog.

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