Explanation of what happened in Hayward

April 11, 2007 at 1:40 am (environmental)


I altered this post from it’s original form.  It was a simple post announcing the Step it up 2007 rally I held on the 400 block, but I did that rally as a means of gaining support for the Hayward protest I had been planning.  I got up all this inertia for it and then I just seemingly dropped it.  Well I cancelled the protest due to several factors, for one thing even though I was supposed to be part of a group, Pagan Sanctuary of Wausau, I was doing most of the work on this issue and just about every other one the group had been working on.  The other thing is that when I consulted the oracle I follow, the I Ching, it came back with some funny omens about the protest.  Well even though I cancelled the protest, I went to Hayward for the hearing.  Well, turns out I had come two years too late.  The website I had gotten the date off of, the WISPIRG website before it split into WISPIRG and Wisconsin Environment, listed the dates May 16-18, but with no year.  With the amount of work I had on my plate I did not sufficiently do the double checking needed to prevent such an oversight.  I deeply embarrassed myself, and PSW.  I feel to some extent it was not my fault because I was being asked to do too much, but when it comes down to it, it was my responsibilty and it was my fault.  Since then I have begun working on my own.  I have found so many of these groups (pagan and environmental) are not as advertised and fall into the same trap of bureaucracy that have caused the problems in this country I’m trying to fight.  They leave the work to someone else and you cant get anything done because there are 15 different commitees and votes you have to go through so just about everything gets shot down no matter how good it is because someone always has a problem with it.  So that is what happened.  I feel I should have at least some public record of what happened.  For those of you who came to the Step it Up rally I really apprieciate it, and if I let you down I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.  I have continued to write and continued to try, not only to redeem myself but to fufill the implicit promise I made you all that day, hopefully I have, but that is for you to judge, not me.


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