June 14, 2007 at 10:02 pm (environmental, philosophy)


   The most immediate threat to the forest is the encroachment of powerlines.  American Transmission Company wants to build a 345,000 volt powerline from Duluth to Chicago. That is in addition to several other projects they have planned in the Northwoods, one of which is suspiciously close in my opinion to the ELF transmitters (see the next section).  They have built 75% of the portion running between Arrowhead MN and Weston WI and it is 50% operational in the same section. I traveled the length of this thing and I have to ask why is the Northwoods being further destroyed to feed further industry, further destruction in places like Chicago. It was from Chicago that the mobsters came and the mine workers came to Hurley with all their problems. ATC is now petitioning Dane County/Madison area to build another high voltage powerline.  When does this stop?  ATC and WPS are investor owned, for profit corporations trying to use the abundant resources of this area to feed urban areas that have already mismanaged and overconsumed their resources.  They are subject to no government regulation. In fact the Bush administration has loosened up the uses for Eminent Domain, where the government can in essence take your land for the greater good. Using larger government against smaller, ATC used Madison to force Douglas county(a county right on the edge of the CNNF halfway in between Arrowhead and Weston as you follow the path of the line) to talk because they initially refused, and used eminent domain to take these people’s land, not paying the by law 150% of their properties worth, but 50% of it. There are well documented effects of exposure to electromagnetics, whether it be powerlines, ELF, in home electricity or the computer moniter I’m staring at while I write this.Those interested should follow this link to the WHO study on this. http://www.inchem.org/documents/ehc/ehc/ehc35.htm  Just a brief overview of the evidence lists intereference in neural activity ( increased error rate in stimulus response tests), rise in serum-triglyceride levels a tell-tale sign of stress, alteration of calcium exchange in the brain, lowered melatonin and interference with the pineal gland resulting in disruption of sleep cycles and in the case of one study 28% increase in nocturnal activity. This can be linked with skyrocketing rates of depression and insomnia. There was also severe stunting of rabbits reared outdoors near powerlines, leukaemeia, and a very definite link with suicide. Thereis also ionization that goes on around powerlines. The electrical charge breaks up O2 and turns it into O3, ozone. Until we address this smog and people’s lung problems will continue to get worse.
  I have been studying ancient religions in one shape or another since I was six. In the last 6 years I have been getting aquainted with Taoist thought.  Taoism, the concept off following the Way, the Way being the path of balance between the two cosmic forces of yin and yang, creation vs. destruction.  It is the basis for acupuncture, Chinese medicine and the oracle book, the I Ching.  I have studied Feng Shui, which is based off of Taoist thought as well and every single book I have read on the subject lists electrical equipment of any kind as a generator of chi, life energy.  They caution against putting any kind of chi generators (plants, animals or electrical equipment) in areas of rest. In the framework of Taoist thought that means this stuff is alive, your TV is looking back at you.  Electricity and occurs naturally, not just in the lightning, but in every living organism.  Anybody who can read auras can tell you that every living thing gives off a halo of energy that you can read.  It is the same for a pristine forest.  I have seen the before and after of a pristine area destroyed.  The place I am directly referring to was a meadow in NW Wausau that I swear to the Lord and Lady was a gateway to another world.  It radiated with the warmest most wonderful energy.  Well a few years ago they built a housing development there.  Whatever the energy was, it thoroughly vanished.
  The first law of thermodynamics according to Newton states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.  That means that the energy of the forest has to go somewhere, and considering the trees and coal from the earth go to feed such things as the electrical generators that feed our lights, microwaves, TV’s and computers, is it so far a stretch to think the conciousness of the forest passes through the various transformations it is forced through and it’s resentment seeps through?  Whether you believe it or not, everyone is in tune with with the collective unconscious, and as the general feelings of malaise rise in our world, I bet it isn’t too far fetched to state that on some level we all know what we are doing and how wrong it is. American Transmission Company and Wisconsin Public Service gave money to governor Doyle’s campaign so as far as I am concerned they bought him. They are both members of Forward Wisconsin which Doyle is the chairman of.


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  1. A. Woz said,

    It is painful to realize that common sense is trumped by the almighty dollar. Yet, it continues. I wrote this blog and editorial, at the conclusion of the (WI) Middleton to Rockdale 345kv line when construction was approved by the PSC. Putting the line by my house or by someone else’s house was not the argument. It is a matter of principle. The lines will go in, landowerners will not be paid fairly and there isn’t much that anyone can do about it except promote conservation and common sense.


    Powerlines and people are being forced to mix. It isn’t pretty. but as you said, it isn’t about looks, or they would not try to disguise their poles as large trees by using the metal weatherization “look” . instead, it is about safety, prudent avoidance, and the lack of a federal, state, local commitment to energy efficiency and conservation. I see you have some posts from SOUL on the early pages of your site- a wonderful organization btw. I agree this is about truth in campaign finance reform, and much truth that there is a difference between working together and working for the other (i.e. The WiPublic Service Commission and the ATC).

    I enjoy your posts, past and present,


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