Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and other fun things

June 14, 2007 at 10:04 pm (environmental, magic, medicine, philosophy, political, shamanism)



Another member of Forward Wisconsin is Xcel energy.  Xcel energy bought the Lake Superior District Power Company, which used to be the power company in northwest Wisconsin where ATC’s Arrowhead-Weston line passes through.  That power company use to feed to the Navy’s Clam Lake ELF transmitter, which is right smack dab in the middle of the biggest part of the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest.  Project Sanguine and, as it was later called in it’s scaled down version, Project Seafarer were undertaken by the Navy to develop submarine communications from land.  Due to the conductively and salinity of seawater, higher frequencies cannot penetrate.  ELF however or extremely low frequency uses radio waves in the extremely low frequencies of three to thirty megahertz.  It literally uses the earth as an attenna and it’s signals can be heard all over the globe. ELF has a very very slow data transmission rate.   The U.S. is not the only one to have developed this technology, Russia calls them Zevs and other countries have them too. http://www.vlf.it/zevs/zevs.htm   The Clam Lake site and the other site in Republic MI (in the upper peninsula of michigan and also part of the Upper Great Lakes Keystone Forest) were chosen because of the low conductivy bedrock in the area.  Thing is that area also sits on a gigantic plate of iron (hence mining issues in the area).  During the operation of the Clam Lake site until 2004 when it was supposedly shut down, there were reports of people getting shocked in their bath tubs, fences becoming electrified when they weren’t supposed to be and shocks coming from bathroom fixtures.  You can magnetize something by exposing it to electricity if I’m not mistaken, and for the last 30 years the government has been sending low frequency electricity through the ground which is a gigantic iron magnet on which the Upper Great Lakes Keystone Forest sits.  I have several problems with this. The first is that ELF is the frequencies between 3 to 30 Mhz.  I already said that, but here’s the deal.  The human brain operates at the frequencies of 13-14Mhz during concious states, 8 Mhz during meditation and 4 Mhz while sleeping.  There is such a thing as sympathetic vibrations that occur when frequencies match and the brain is no different.  Brain waves are ELF waves.  There is a possibility for mind control that exists with this.  Anyone skeptical or interested in the subject should pick up a copy of the 1971 book “Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society” by Jose M. Delgado.  My next problem with this is it is part of the nuclear program of our defence department.  It is a weapon of war.  If the proverbial shit ever hits the fan, this is a legitimate military target sitting right in my backyard.  Finally, there are metaphysical ramifications of this.  The town of Hurley sits almost directly in between Clam Lake and Republic in the middle of the forest on top of the deposit of iron. A fellow clairvoyant friend of mine and I have dubbed the last 10 miles of highway going north to Hurley “the Highway to Hell”, because of the amount paranormal stuff we see there.  I think every building on Silver Street is haunted in addition to the old hotel up there. The Famous Balding light is only a few miles from Hurley.  Those of you familiar with paranormal research will note that electromagnetics figure prominently with paranormal activity. 
  The ancient Greeks held a belief that the North held special power.  The land around here is swamp, in one way shape or form.  Northern Wisconsin has a history of sightings of Will-O-Wisps, balls of  green swamp energy that float above swamps , they are related to St Elmo’s fire which forms on the mast of ships during electrical storms, that’s in addition to the northern lights in the earths magnetosphere, that shine mostly green up here in the winter.  Swamp energy has to do with the concept of death being a transition to new life, it is the alpha and omega on the wheel of life.  It is a gateway to whatever lies beyond this life, it something to respect and it has been fundamentally corrupted by the research undergone in Clam Lake and Republic for almost a third of a century in this forest.  If all the world can be divided into the divine interplay of the forces of creation and destruction(heterotic universe), and you relize that radiance corresponds with Creation(yang) and magnetism corresponds with destruction (yin), the north is a concentration of magnetic destructive power (this makes sense considering it is closer to one of the Earth’s magnetic poles).  Magnetic, “new life from death” swamp energy correlates with black hole energy, energy that I think is in the same frequency as ELF (X-rays, emitted by blackholes are the lowest frequency so I’m pretty sure they correlate).  Remember what I posed earlier about the conciousness of the forest being transmuted?  The results on a metaphysical level are not good to say the least.  I fear some sort of interdimensional rift has been torn in the Northwoods and that it is the explanation for all the creepy stuff going on.  That literally a portal to death has been opened.  For years I have seen things with my “other eyes” that would make most people run screaming, and when I found out about ELF, it all made perfect sense.  Xcel energy now owns at the very least the powerlines that fed the station if not the station itself.  There is some form of construction going on at the actual Navy site now, what it is I do not know yet.   

The ELF station in Clam Lake is very real proof of the experiments in electromagnetism done by the navy in the last century, amongst which the most notable is the controversial Philadelphia Experiment.  In that instance they used incredibly powerful magnets to bend light around the USS Eldrige, a desroyer escort in WWII, in order to render it invisible.  The short version of the story is that it actually teleported and when it returned to the Naval Yard in Philadelphia, crew members were either dead, insane, severely nauseous or fused with the metal ship. The layout was supposedly magnetic coils placed on either end of the ship.  I have to point out that if one were to look at the map of the Upper Great Lakes Keystone Forest, the two ELF transmitters would sit on the land, just as the coils sat on the USS Eldrige.  That work was supposedly based off of work done by Nicoli Tesla.  Tesla was a brilliant man.  He was revolutionary.  In addition to his work with magnetics, he worked with power transport through no conductor, wireless electricity.  This involved ionization techniques and vacuum tubes, just like the cathode ray tube in older tvs.  The ionization is something the Navy is currently working on in Alaska. In their High frequency Active Auroral Research project, or HAARP, they are currently experimenting with superheating the ionosphere and among other things using it as a means to control weather.  I highly suggest you follow this link to watch the documentary on the subject.  It is most enlightening http://www.holyhealthy.com/HAARP%20Project%20Documentary%20-%20Holes%20in%20Heaven..wmv  HAARP might also be used for mind control as it also generates ELF frequencies.
On the subject of mind control I must digress to television.  I hate TV’s, for years I swore up and down that they were mind control devices and now, I have the proof.  Both black and white TV’s and color TV’s emit signals in the ELF range, in the range of human brainwaves.  It’s the whole sympathetic vibration thing again.  But hey don’t take my word for it follow the link and look and the sections of video frequencies and you will see that TV operates on the same frequencies of the unconcious mind, approx 4 Mhz http://www.sencore.com/newsletter/Jan02/JanNews/Understanding%20and%20Measuring%20Part%20I.htm 
On a different and related vein, in the 1950’s the government undertook project Pandora, to investgate mysterious sicknesses at the US embassy in Moscow. It turns out the Russians had figured out a way to aim electromagnetic rays at people and literally slowly nuke them.    The government knows the effects of electromagnetic radiation on people because they have developed “confusion” weaponry based on that research.  Weapons that we are just now beginning to see as declassified prototypes on shows like the History Channel.  Remember the neural disruptions I mentioned, slower response time and stress? This deliberately exploits those effects.   People can’t think and it makes them mindless dummies in essence, microwaving their brain in the process (makes the guy in the tin foil hat not look so crazy anymore eh?).
  People, stress is a response by the brain to leave something alone.  If the brain doesn’t know what to do with a given stimulus, something it deems dangerous, anxiety and stress are the response.  With the number of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety prescriptions being written going through the roof, and stress so bad that people are killing each other, the fact that electrical equipment causes stress needs to be paid attention to. Look around us, electricity is everywhere. We are immersed in a bath of electricity everywhere we go, from lights, phones, Tvs, microwaves, radio, satellite you name it. Unconciously our brains are telling us to to get the hell away from all this crap, too bad our concious mind doesn’t have the sense to listen. 
The point remains that all this technology which people are so fond of (myself included to some extent) have arisen out of research done by the military, whether it be ours or another, research that is still ongoing and aimed at the end of dominance through force, not peace and harmony.  There is a concept in electional astrology, that pretty much states that the circumstances governing an event or person or thing at it’s inception, is what will rule it during its entire lifetime.  These technologies’ birth was for and during bloodshed and destruction, and that is exactly what they are now doing.  I have seen far too much in my life to believe in coincidence anymore.  With the increasing rates of depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, schizophrenia, suicide and the like in this country is it really so crazy to think there may be people actually trying to control people’s minds or make people go nuts to keep their hold on power?
Here’s a few more links to peruse:http://stinet.dtic.mil/oai/oai?&verb=getRecord&metadataPrefix=html&identifier=AD0717409http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/abstract/189/4197/143




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    I’m working on a website of my own and I really like this artical.I’m currently using the free ftp that comes with charters service but will be building my own server.Im making a link to your clam lake stuff because it has something to do with what I’m looking for.I’ld really like to talk to you about the paranormal stuff if you know how to contact the dead.

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