June 14, 2007 at 10:05 pm (environmental)


On the subject of the military, the Navy and water, the water of the Chequamegon faces another threat, a very old threat that unfortunately has left a lot of damage already, mining.  Two companies, Kennecott Minerals and Nicolet Minerals, part of the multi-national corporate conglomerate, the Rio Tinto Group, have been doing some mining in the Northwoods, near the Flambeau Indian Reservation, and in Crandon (which by the way is the whole reason the Arrowhead-Weston line was first conceived, to feed the Crandon Mine)..  They put a moratorium on the mine in Crandon, which was originally proposed by Exxon who in turn sold their rights to Nicolet Minerals.  The Flambeau mine has been closed now for 8 years and there is water contaimination already.  There during the run of this mine was talk of exploratory drilling for uranium and possible storage of nuclear waste.  Kennecott Minerals is currently trying to push through a certificate of completion on the restoration and reclaimation of this mine, a certificate of completetion that they will probably use to make themselves look better to their next unsuspecting victim. 

Personally I have several major problems with mining.  For one it’s dirty, not only physically but what is does to the general feel of any place.  I used to live in a town in Pennsylvania called West Pittston right on the Susquehanna River.  It was a mining town (actually the whole Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area was old coal mines) and I swear the sun never shined.  It had this bleak oppressive suffocating feel all the time.  Hurley has the exact same feel.  Second of all mining leaves gigantic holes in the ground.  Take Rib Mountain in Wausau for example.  On the west side of the mountain there was a quarry run by 3M.  From the highway or the town it looks like some giant took a bite out of the mountain.  The management company that bought the ski hill renamed it Granite Peak, which as far as I am concerned was pretty much a gigantic billboard saying “hey this mountain is made of granite, wanna come scoop some out?” not to mention the arrogance of changing a name that has been in place since the founding of the town.  Mountains are places of power, they are holy.  They are places where us landlubbers can come a little closer to heaven.  Anyone who has been trapped in a storm on a mountain knows what I mean.  I do magickal work on Rib Mountain and the force I project is multipied by a 100.  We should not be taking away our mountains piece by piece.  As to under ground mining, it is dangerous, people die regularly, there is water contaimination as I mentioned before and it destabilizes the ground, causing sink holes, earthquakes and Tsunamis (again caused by undersea earthquakes).  I am reminded of the Balroch from Lord of the Rings, and the comment about there are older and fouler things (than orcs) in the deep places of the world.  Whereas I am pretty sure some gigantic fire/shadow demon is not going to crawl out of some abandoned mine and wreak havoc on humanity, demons are euphamisms for destructive forces.  What are we releasing into the world with things like uranium and oil?  Things that nature intended stay in the ground?  Think about just the effects of those two things, the greed, the bloodshed, the pollution that each of those two thing have caused (don’t forget about plastics, they are oil based) and see if you can’t see my point about demons.  The Balroch is the least of our concerns.


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