Solutions to the problems

June 14, 2007 at 10:16 pm (Climate Change, environmental, global warming, philosophy, political)


So I have been grousing this whole time about all the problems of this world and now it is time to offer some solutions.  Before I say anything else though I have to stress, because it is of the utmost importance, that what we believe is what will happen.  We are the Gods here folks, stop abdicating your personal power and realize that you have the power to change everything, you must only believe.  It is an incredibly simple concept, but with profound power.  Stop asking for someone else to save you, do it yourself.   Wake up, start paying attention and join the momentum in the right direction.  Every person counts, and together, we can do miraculous things.

   Now beyond that I have a few ideas, some more practical than others, that I see as being the most powerful ways of solving the problems we face today.  The first is stay the hell away from anything that even vaguely smells like corporate america.  Corporate greed is destroying the environment faster than anything.  Buy local wherever you can.  Start your own business.  If you find that you still have to go to Walmart every once and a while, well don’t beat yourself up, but don’t give up either,  eventually we’ll turn the tide.  Eventually we’ll bleed them of their money even out the wages in this country and we won’t be so poor that we have to shop there anymore.   
  The next solution I have is stop buying on grid electricity, simplify life and use off grid solar energy for what you absolutely cannot do with out.  You’ll find the less you are around electrical equipment, the more peaceful you’ll feel.  Use candles for lighting (it creates a much nicer ambiance than bulbs), get a wood stove (harvest deadfall wood around you and use your burnable garbage as fuel), start a garden and grow most of your food(compost everything!), hunt if you must eat meat, read instead of sitting in front of the boob tube all the time (you’ll be much more educated and intelligent), walk everywhere(you’ll lose weight).  Don’t use paper towels and tissues, use reusable washable barmops and hankerchiefs(but use TP!!!, TP is your friend).   Buy clothes from second hand shops.  Wash all you laundry on cold with environmentally friendly detergent, don’t use fabric softener and line or rack dry it.  Use everything to the point of it falling apart.  Save little things like the plastic containers that your sour cream and yogurt come in and reuse them as tupperware.  Plant trees wherever you can (Arbor day sells them really cheap to members).  Do not be afraid of speaking out.  If you choose your words and battles carefully there is nothing the powers that be can do to stop you.   Start cooperating with your neighbors.  Why not try to start a community garden?  The more we learn to work together independent of the government, the more we will be strengthened as individuals and the less they will have an opportunity to oppress us.  Violent revolution is not the best solution as far as i see it, the best way is to simply turn away.  They can’t profit and destroy the environment if there is no one to sell it to.  

 Now if you are at all like me there are a few technologies that I feel are indespensable.  The internet is something that I do not feel should be abolished(hell who’d listen to me if it didn’t exist?), I feel it should be powered by off grid means, whether it be solar, wind, whatever.  However I think you will find though as you reduce the  electrical devices from your life, you won’t really want to spend that much time around technology.  The question here is not totally eliminating technology, because that would be impossible, but simplifying and streamlining things.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend a lot of time at an off-grid community close to where I live, and it is so peaceful, so regenerating it is amazing.  They do most things low tech out there but they have small solar panels to recharge their cell phones and laptop computer, and they also use car inverters as a source of power.  But there is most definately a balance and they do not plunder the land.  Why we as a race have cashed in our natural world for a bunch of gadgets is so utterly beyond me it makes me cry.
   Now my next point is a local one, and it is a transitional one, I do not mean this as a permanent fix.  25% of the energy from Weston 4 will be lost as heat in the cooling water for the generator which will be simply pumped back into the Wisconsin River.  The amount of heat lost is enough to heat all of Wausau.  We have the sewer systems to run the piping through and the subterranean tunnels that snake through Wausau from the days of prohibition.  Using Radiant floor heating or even an old boiler system we could refit Wausau so that everybody’s house would be heated in the wintertime, for free, and we would not be wasting energy.

So there are just few ideas, I am by no means an expert so I’m sure there are plenty more ideas that I have not thought of.  If you truly want to help you’ll find a way, run google searches, try to find like-minded individuals, don’t be afraid of radical change and people looking at you funny.  Focus on local issues, don’t get lost in the big picture.  You will find that the local little stuff tends to have an impact on the big picture, and it strikes with more power and inertia than any top down approach could ever have.  The best thing you can do is change yourself, because when you do, the serenity and strength you find will shine forth like a star, and the people around you will see it and be inspired.  It will be like a ripple effect to those who are in direct contact with you.  You cannot hide Truth, and it will spread like wildfire once it is known.


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