Strategy and Wisdom

June 14, 2007 at 10:18 pm (environmental, magic, medicine, philosophy, shamanism)


This issue, the destruction of the northwoods entails many things, not just the fight at hand. Change needs to come on a deeper level.  We live in a gigantic web so to speak and movement in one area of that web results in sympathetic affects in another.  The point has to be made that these forests would not be endangered if the need for the products they are used for declined or was redirected, or if people cut down on their on grid electrical consumption(kill your TV!!!).  The forest goes to either paper or pulp industries.  Everyday I see the trains(trains always reminded me of dragons) coming from Lignotech/Weyerhauser (paper manufacturers in the Wausau area, where I live) from the Northwoods with absolutely appaling amounts of trees in tow.  See the greater issue here is of balance, knowledge tempered with wisdom, and it is the foundation of all the issues we face today.

As far as I see it there is really only one thing to do, destroy these corporations at the root.  If they lose business they lose money and if they lose money they lose investors and eventually they will wither and die.    As to changing the logging of the forest I am doing further research on who is doing the buying and will plan action accordingly.  I fear I am over my head somewhat with the mining right now.  I am putting my clean legal record on the chopping block for this.  I do not agree with the policies and actions of my government and the corporations that run it and if I am a criminal for it that so be it.  If people do not stand up there will be no world to save, and it will come sooner than you think.  I am not going to be one of the doomsday ranks who believe the world is going to end anyway so why should I care.  We stand on the brink of either global enlightenment or global annihilation, and it is entirely up to us which it is.  .  It is a choice that is as old as the universe itself, has been presented to every generation before us and will be presented to every generation after us.  What you believe is what will happen.  It is the small local battles that are going to decide this and the result depends on whether we can ground ourselves and focus on what we can do and not get overwhelmed by what we can’t.  If everybody who reads this, focuses on the local environmental polluters and destroyers in their area, we’ll stop this madness very quickly.  Be the change you wish to see in the world and be not afraidJ


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