Taking back the wand of double power, oh yeah

June 14, 2007 at 10:12 pm (magic, medicine, philosophy, religion, shamanism)



Chrisitian thought teaches that the unconscious, the realm of dreams and of the dark goddesses, is evil. There is a whole gambit of woes and ills that arise from this condemnation of our “lower” self. In my studies the subconscious arises from the sacral chakra or the kidneys and it is associated with element of water. It is the root of fear, of sexuality, of security, of intuition, of prophecy and psychic power and of one’s sense of others. It is very the basis of our being. It is also the font of immortality, the Tree of Life of Genesis, cleverly hid inside of us, where few dare to look. This condemnation of natural law and function was the reason Christianity was reviled in the first three centuries of it’s existence. It was not until Constantine in the 300’s adopted it as the official religion of the Roman empire did it become popular, and Constantine did it as a way of uniting people (just as with the mythical King Arthur), and thus controlling them better. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jesus was a prophet. However, I also think he was an adept and one of the most powerful ones the world has ever seen. I have heard theories that he was familiar with Egyptian magic and that quite possibly Mary Magdalene might have been his wife, and that she was a Priestess of Isis. I think everyone is familiar with the symbol for the American Medical Association, the two serpents curling around a staff. That symbol’s name is the Caduceus Wand, and it is the wand of Thoth or Tehuti, the ibis headed Egyptian god of wisdom, magic and of utterance. He is the scribe, patron god of Egyptian physicians and keeper of secret knowledge. The symbology of the wand is directly related to the cult of Isis. The one serpent is the solar serpent, the essence of light, the other is the lunar serpent, the essence of void. In the sexual magic of Isis, and in Tantra (although they only have one serpent, the Kundalini) if one knows how to do the visualizations, at the moment of orgasm you can charge up the bodies of the two participants with these serpents and resultant subtle magnetics, regenerating the couple past their original form until they shine like the stars and are the gods themselves. All they have to do is think of something and it will manifest. Sounds vaguely similar to the miracles performed by Jesus if I might be so bold. It is a means to immortality and it according to legend is how Isis brought her consort Osiris back to life. I find it horribly ironic that the AMA, who in my opinions only seems to make people more sick, adopted this most holy symbol as theirs. If I ever have my own practice, I will have a gigantic picture of Tehuti with his wand of double power (the Caduceus Wand) on the front door where everybody who drives by will see it. It is also no coincidence that Tehuti is sometimes pictured as a baboon with an enormous phallus, and that phallic worship was common in Ancient Egypt. The wand of double power can be a euphamism for a man’s penis, and it speaks directly to the regenerative power of love-making. I have to say it, regardless of how it may make me sound, if more people busied themselves with love and pleasure, the world would be healed. It is the reset button on a person. No matter how crappy a day you may be having, the bliss found in the arms of your lover can fix anything. It is a harmless release of emotion and negativity


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