The roots of the subjugation of the feminine

June 14, 2007 at 10:11 pm (environmental, magic, medicine, philosophy, shamanism)


If we’d just learn to share and not be afraid of each other this would all stop.  Looking within results in the inevitable conclusion that we are all one and so we all want pretty much the same things.  There is nothing to fear in your fellow man, if you would only look.  So many people live in the terminal state of loneliness and few ever figure out why.  So many people look to material wealth as a way of filling the hole, and the more they consume the less they truly live, dooming themselves to a downward spiral of greed and paranoia, because with all this material wealth comes the fear of it being taken away.  It is a story as old as society itself.  Why humans moved to agriculture instead of hunting and gathering had nothing to do with it being more efficient, or more healthy, it had to do with wealth, storing up reserves.  I have to point out that we moved in this direction after the last ice age, which I’m sure must have scared the pants off our ancestors.  Just as it is today, unresolved fear turns into anger and anger turns into greed and egotism hence the start of the selfish practice of agriculture.  I believe it was a direct reaction to the ice age and the introduction of fear into our world.  And when man started trying to control his mother the earth, he also started trying to control the mother of his children.  Humanity originally started out as egalitarian.  Fear and egotism was the birth of patriarchal society.  Trying to control those two factors in his life resulted in the inevitable domino effect of attempting to control his wealth and resultant paranoia that his neighbor was going to steal it, the start of fear of one’s fellow man.  Sadly humanity has not been able to step back and effectively see this and so it continues to make the same mistake.

Women need to take it upon themselve to educate themselves, acknowledge what power they do have and learn the unify with other women.  We can return to an egalitarian society if we as women band together and do not give men what they want until our demands have been met.  If every woman in the countyr banded together what would the abusive assholes that seem to be springing up by the thousands do?  Kill us all? No, they would be forced to behave themselves.  Women have phenominal power, they need to learn to use it though and they need to learn to stick together in communities.  In the long run everyone will benefit.


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