The social problems we face today are a result of the subjugation of the feminine

June 14, 2007 at 10:09 pm (philosophy)

There is a plethora of social woes facing us right now.  I have theory about this.  The Earth is our mother.  The feminine in our society, just as with the Earth, suffers from a total lack of respect. We humans are the most spoiled brats out there for what we do to our Mother.  Single mothers have to have one of the worst lots in life possible.  I should know, I’m one of them.  On a typical eight dollar an hour job, it is impossible to live unless you’re on state benefits.  I’ve spent the last two and a half years finding this out the hard way.  If you do go on state benefits, the government uses it as an excuse to go after the father, saddling him with child support payments that are diffucult to keep up with and looming threat of jailtime if they do fall behind. Forced responsibility never works, especially when the father is as poor as the mother, it only breeds resentment.  More and more I see the young strong males in our society in jail, not because they are innately bad, but because they are falling through cracks in our justice system. A man in our society has a right to be angry.  We should have been left a greater legacy than what we actually have.  They are doing what only comes natural (making love) and paying with their lives in essence for it.  There are some exceptions, but I think most men genuinely care for their babies and want to help them grow.  There’s a saying, the more laws the more corrupt the government.  Unless you have a college education it is impossible to live.  In order to survive on nothing, I grow my own food and I walk everywhere, I have to have a roommate because I cannot afford the rent on my own.On top of that, our society has a messed up attitude towards children. They are treated as if they are better than adults.  The social services system in our country is a complete failure.  Somewhere in the 9 months your baby is gestating your supposed to totally get your head straight and be this perfect mother.  But what if the mother herself was abused?  Is that not valid and does that not need to be addressed?  But families are being torn apart because of the fact people in our society can not stop judging each other long enough to see that we are all human and no one is flawless.  Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  We need to address the reason why people are beating their kids as opposed to relying on quick fixes that aren’t really fixes at all.  Cursed is the tree that bears fruit, especially when it bears alone.  This judgemental mindset shows a total lack of responsibility and imagination on the part of American adults.  We are raising a crop of spoiled ill-prepared children as well because you’re a monster if you would dare lay a hand on your bundle of perfection.  I love my little boy, but he can be an unholy terror when he wants to be.  Babies, just like adults, are a combination of both forces of creation and destruction, good and evil if you must label them as such.  They need to know boundaries, and they need to know them right away from the start, otherwise it results in confusion and personality problems later on.  It is better to express displeasure and anger immediately than let them build until people are so rageful at their children that they do cross the line.I swear some people look at kids like they are supposed to save us, that adult life is flawed and only this new life has the power to change anything.  It fits in totally with the throwaway attitude shown buy most people in this country that instead of working with what is already created, we simply throw away anything that requires any creative effort to fix and just make more cheap plastic crap, its true for household items, buildings, cars whatever, it is a very clear trend towards the whole yang constantly creating, always new mindset.   We have surrendered our own personal power and asked our babies to save us.  Does anybody else see a few problems with this?  We are the gods, and we have the power to change anything, we must only imagine it and believe in it strongly enough.  People need to start seeing this divinty within themselves, before it is too late.  With the abdication of power comes the total lack of responsibility in our society. With great power comes great responsibility.  People are afraid because of this, and we are afraid because we do not look within and most people have absolutely no clue as to what really makes them tick. The subconscious, the essence of a person is something to be subjugated and ignored in patriarchal/Christian thought, and because of this people do not know themselves, do not know what they are capable of and hence fear.The unconcious is the underworld that the Dark Goddesses of ancient mythology ruled over, the reflective yin side of our society that is practically nonexistent these days.  Women can be described in terms of the moon.  Just as the moon rules our menstral cycles we are kind of manifestations of it. There are the three “living” phases of women, maiden, mother and crone, corresponding with the visible 3 phases of the moon.  But then there is the fourth hidden face of women, the death crone.  This is something that scares the hell out of patriarchal conciousness, because this is cold, unfeeling merciless death. There is a darkness within all women that freaks most men out, and that women are taught to ignore or hide, but it is there for a reason.  Death is a passage to new life and just as a pregnant woman must consume to nurture the new life within her, so does the cosmic Great Mother consume to feed her children.  It must happen.  If you want you should read up on the Sumerian Goddeses Innana/ Isthar and Ereshkigal, or the Greek Goddesses Demeter and Persephone, or the Egyptian Osiris and Isis/Nephthys, or Lilith the first wife of Adam and the “Hand of Innana”, or Hekate, or the Japanese Izanami, I could go on, the point is there are startling similarties in the myths and a very relevant truth for our time to be found.  There is an underlying connection in women’s mythos and mysteries.  The man who can look this darkness of women full in the face without fear and come to terms with it, is the man who is king of the universe.  


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