There is no such thing as coincidence

October 31, 2007 at 1:16 am (environmental, political)


So I moved to madison, kind of a bizarre twist on things at the last second, but it seems there is a fate behind it.  All the things I have written about in the last year, I am now witnessing first hand the root of it all.  I do not know what I am going to to do yet, but you better believe I will not sit idly by as my beloved land gets pieced up and destroyed.   I have two things for you to ponder that sum up what is going on down here the best.  The first is Piason’s.  Those of you that know anything about Madison will know what I am talking about but for those of you that don’t it is a very old restuarant near state street, near the UW.  My father went to it when he went to school here in 1952.  It had an amazing atmosphere, very queit very cozy and intimate, with latticework booths and hardwoods floors.  The university tore it down two years ago.  They now opened an ultra ritzy Piason’s a few blocks away.  A large chunk of the UW’s soul was detroyed with that building, because Piason’s wasn’t known for it’s food, but for it’s history and atmosphere.  The other thing for you to reflect on is Freakfest/State street.  The place was shut down with cops for freakfest this weekend.  A few years ago a riot broke out and things turned nasty.  Well the place went on complete lockdown this year. There were cops and private security guys everywhere.  State street, on of the last bastions of free, progressive, dare I say hippy thought, shut down and swarming with cops.  What was the real reason that riot broke out?  Wisconsin has one of the best and respected university systems in the country, and state government has been selling it out, forcing it to cut back on itself.  Madison is losing it’s soul.  So that’s why I was brought down here.  I guess it is time to start kicking some corporate lobby ass.


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