Misleading the sheeple, once again

December 5, 2007 at 1:11 am (environmental, political)


So something else I have noticed lately.  The powers that be I guess are trying to discourage any more people from liberating themselves from the herd.  I was talking to my father about the fact that I really don’t see any hippys down here in Madison any more.  The place used to be lousy with them a few years ago (I can say that because I consider myself to be one).  My dad said that he just read an article saying the “neo-hippy” movement was dead.   I don’t know what publication it was but it apparently said that everybody decided to get real and get jobs or whatever.  My take on that considering in Wausau I know plenty of “hippies” is that it’s some sort of media blitz to discredit us and discourage people from joining the ranks if you will.  Then the other day I was reading my latest issue of Smithsonian and it was talking about the fact that biofuels may be all fluff because of the fact that people haven’t taken into account that the corn that is used to make ethanol, used to be feeding people and it’s making the price of corn rise which will ripple throught the economy.  I have never been on board with ethanol for the reason that it is one more load on already overloaded and mismanaged farm land (see my post “Wisdom in food choices”.  But they neglected to mention much if anything at all about biodiesel which is made from waste fryer oil, leaving the reader with the impression that the whole idea of biofuels is a bad idea.  Again misleading people.  Finally as I write this I am reminded of something I saw in the Wausau City Pages probably about a year ago now.  It was a front page headline saying “Is renewable energy really a solution” or something like that.  But when you turned the page that it was listed as being on, no article.  Nowhere in the paper was that article.  So people as they walk by had that thought put in their head.  I am deeply angry at this trend I am seeing and it shows to me just how deeply imbedded in our media big oil and energy are.  Doubt unfortunately is a powerful thing, and they are using it to undermine the visionaries and ideas that are going to solve the problems of our age.  Make no mistake renewable energy and biofuels are a solution, maybe not the entire one, but a piece of the puzzle none the less.  The rest of the solution is burning these greedy corporate executives at the stake, in a fire fueled by their beloved oil.


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