Global Death Wish

February 23, 2008 at 12:00 am (environmental, magic, medicine, shamanism)


So time for more of my random observations.  I am flabbergasted at the amount of pessimistic people that I encounter on a daily basis.  Not only are they pessimistic, but they feel threatened by a person who has hopes and ideas to make the world better.  Day in a day out I deal with people who are willing to stauchly defend outmoded ideas even though they have very little experience or knowledge of the subject.  I guess it stems from that fact that to change one aspect of their perception would result in a domino effect that eventually would threaten their entire world view and I suppose I can sympathize with that, lord knows I wish I had more stability to cling to, it certainly would help my emotional health.  Anyway I digress.  The pessimism I encounter is indicative a very deep and serious problem.  Belief.  People don’t believe their world can get any better and so it doesn’t.  For whatever reason be it too complicated, painful, scary or whatever they don’t look within themselves and realize they have the power to change everything.   This lack of hope is translating into as I see it a global death wish.  The armageddon type mentality that says things cannot be fixed so lets just throw in the towel.  My friends we are going to get our wish if we continue on this path and I don’t know about anybody else but I was raised with the idea that you take care of the gifts you’re given and you don’t give up.  Which brings me to my next point, spell work.  To often it is passed off as something some vengeful wart ridden social outcast does in her spare time, but whereas that does exist, that is quite far from all it is and magic has the potential to create heaven on earth.  In the upcoming weeks I am going to do a thing unheard of for a witch (good thing I’m not truly a witch:) ), I’m going to publish parts of my grimoire.  I also am going to start discussing magical theory and practice, including diet and the concept of a person being a universe onto themselves, a universe that directly affects the outside world.  The intended effect of this is to start educating the hordes of viewers I have (can you smell the sarcasm?) of an alternative way to foment positive change in the world.  It is very disturbing what is happening these days and even more disturbing is the fact that nobody thinks anything can change, but each and every one of us has a small spark of the divine within us and if we do not choose to use our power for ourselves someone or something else will come in and use it.  So be it misguided or not that will now be the focus of my writing.  I hope you find it enlightening:)


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