Stability and foundation

February 24, 2008 at 8:03 pm (magic, medicine, philosophy, religion, shamanism)


To begin with, to be able Will any kind of change, or up the the probability something will happen, Magick, requires that you have a firm foundation to step out from, your integrity.    There will come a point in your work when it will be all you have to cling to, and you have to be able to believe in yourself otherwise you will be ineffective at best.  At worst you will be locked in a living hell of doubt and fear that will drive you insane.  I have seen it with my own two eyes the effect of an ill prepared person invoking the power of the Gods.  It will ravage you from the inside out until you are an absolute void.  You see Magick works the fundamental tenant that is common in a lot of Eastern thought, by our thoughts we create the world.  That statement is not a euphamism for something else, a different intepretation or a hidden meaning, take that at face value, it is a direct relationship.  If your inner world is full of self defeating, self doubting voices, they will only grow louder if you add Magick into the equation and they will begin to manifest externally.  Make no mistake, Magick and the Divine, is nothing to be trifled with.  There are many testaments through out history of the fact that contact with God, is the most fundamentally disturbing and therefore frightening experiences a person can have.  If you have not learned yourself and your motives and have not sufficiently reeled your emotions in, it will destroy you.  I cannot emphasize this enough.

So that being said I start this treastise with the preparation a person must go throw to be able to handle such revelations.  The two biggest things as far as I see it are diet and meditation.  Most aestetic traditions exspouse a strictly vegetarian diet.  The reasons for this when you boil it down is that it clouds your mind.  Conciousness is imbued in every fiber of your being, and it is no different with an animal.  They are concious sentient beings, that have thoughts hopes and fears just like we do and you eat that when you eat an animal.  This has nothing to do with meat is murder or any other ecological or moral statement I have or could make, it just interferes with your own conciousness.  Next is to remove any intoxicant in your diet, and I’m not just talking about drugs or alchohol, I am talking about sugar, refined grains, coffee, cigarettes and artificial chemicals or any kind including prescription drugs, pesticides, preservatives and the like.  If it didn’t grow out of the ground, don’t eat it, if speeds you up or slows you down, dont eat it.  As I have expounded throughout my entire blog a whole foods diet is imperative.

Once you have a handle on that, and it will take a awhile (don’t push yourself to hard, any abrupt change in diet will be a harmful shock to the system, do this gradually) , you should start concentrating on meditation.  I find the model of the seven chakras as a good place to strike out from if you feel more comfortable with and established map of conciousness, but I started out by just sitting quietly and calming my mind.  You will eventually drop into a dreamlike state where you are concious of all that is going on around you but deeply in tune with your emotions.  When I first started I was under the impression that extenal sensory input was supposed to cease, but usually it is the exact opposite, you are super sensitive and super concious, disturbances must be eliminated when meditating because when you’re interupted by your phone ringing in the middle of sorting out painful childhood traumas it hits like a hammer to the head and leaves you with not really a headache but kind of a strange feeling of suffocation, either way it is definately not fun and it is not healthy.  When you reach this dreamlike state, you are in tune with the True Self, your very own God within.  Each and every one of us has this within, this is the eternal flame if you will, the light of hope that never goes out in a person no matter how exploited or depraved they may become.  This is the voice of truth within a person and it is to this one must always hold.  You may have spontaneous thoughts in this state, or you may have to ask the questions instead, either way this is the key to knowing oneself, and it is this inner voice that you must pacify and reckon with, nobody else’s opinion matters.  This is the man in the mirror you must satisfy.  I do not know the exact mind of everybody who will read this but go where it hurts, explore those feelings and do not be afraid of them.  You have more to fear from not looking.  Try to understand you fundamental nature and why you do things, expose all shadows.  Beware of getting lost though, I have spontaneously bawled my eyes out during meditation, and the pain can be enough to be overwhelming.  The point is acknowledging things and resolving them, not getting lost in a eternal revisitation of the pain that caused it.  Release is good, blowing open the doors of the crypt if you will, but set a limit.  You are looking into the eyes of both life and death when you look into the eyes of the divine, and death has a way of entrancing its victims, do not stare into the eyes of shadow to long, for you may find your very life blood being sucked out.  Do not try to do it all at once either, it takes time, I don’t care who you are nobody has the ability to sort through a lifetime of trauma in one sitting.

I should also mention a tool that has been very helpful for me, Divination.  I regularly consult the Taoist Oracle book, the I Ching, something I will get into more later, but you can find copies of it in any bookstore.  There are other forms of divination such as Tarot or Runes, but I have found the most success with the I Ching.  Such things work by consulting that God within that you consult during meditation, and they are a direct reflection of the unconcious.  If you hit a roadblock or are stumped by something, this can get you back on your way once more.  I do readings almost everyday, on just about everything.  A word of caution though, do not consult Oracles when you are emotional upset.  Because they work with the unconcious and as a result with your emotions, consulting them when one is angry, hurt or emotionally disturbed, will throw off the readings, and you will end up driving yourself nuts trying to sort it out.

This process will take years, a lifetime actually, learning never stops.  The point is in the journey not the destination.  But for deep psychological healing a time frame is hard to gauge, for some it make take months for others it may take years.  For me it took about 5 years of introspection and purification to get to a point where I had near unshakable confidence in myself, I say near because doubt is always there, it’s just a question of limits just like in calculus, you can approach the limit of absolute self confidence, but you cannot never entirely get there and if you do I think it is indicative of a weakness if you think your infallible.   You must believe that you are good, and when you reach that point, you are ready.


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