Repent and ye shall be saved!!!

March 1, 2008 at 4:48 pm (philosophy, political)


Okay, so I have thought about the post I wrote last year about “solutions to the problems” a lot.  When I wrote it I thought I had made it clear enough that I had meant tribal kings  with a place for anarchy and that I was not talking about revisting the old outdated monarchies of Europe.  Apparently I have not clarified that enough and it saddens me because I feel it has overshadowed the entire post about other solutions that are indisputably good ones.  I have gotten more feedback about that post than any other and it has been negative.  I realize that such an idea could be considered unpatriotic at best, but you are talking to a person who not only was born on the fourth of July, but also has an Uncle Sam (I’m not kidding).  Patriotism is something that has been imbued in every fiber of my being since birth and fundamentally that is why I started writing this.   Because I love my country, I started writing about the things I have seen threatening it.  As to my thoughts on government I do not agree with the system we have in place.  But that does not make me a traitor.  Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.  I would die to defend my neighbors and fellow countrymen, and it is hurtful to know that people think less of me and my ideas because they are so different.  Therefore, I am separating the post in question.  I am omitting any mention of government and will be creating a separate post devoted to that subject after I finish the magical series I am working on, because it does tie into it.  It has over shadowed the entire blog, things that definately should not be missed.  You will also note that I finally finished the mining section.   Anyway I made a mistake putting a revolutionary idea like that in the way that I did.  I am not talking about really anything that has even been seen before and it was stupid of me to slip it in like that to let people’s preconcieved notions run rampant.  So it back to the drawing board for me:)


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