Magick Outline

March 6, 2008 at 6:01 am (magic, metaphysics, philosophy, religion, shamanism)


I’m in the process of trying to get myself organized for my next opus, and I am realizing I have a lot of stuff stored up in the proverbial drawer in the back of my head when it comes to Magick, so I have begun an outline, for my own use, but I figured maybe you all would like to have an overview as well.  So here you go, this is what you can look forward to, and by no means is this outline static, it may be changed, rearranged, edited, whatever.  Basically this is what you can expect in the coming months.

I. Introduction-Stability and Foundation 

II. Basic Magick

   a. Centered perception-shut off your TV, get out there, throw yourself into life headlong, both the good and the bad and figure what is really going on in our world

   b. Commune with Nature-the matrix of life, patterns, Augery, becoming one with the Earth

   c. Herbology (both mundane and magickal), Aromatherapy and ritual use of oils and scents, Crystals and Metals

   d. Animals-familiars, totems and spirit allies

   e. What is Magickal Energy/Force?-life essence, transmuting negative to positive

   f. Dreamwork and Dream Interpretation

   g. Divination-talking to the Divine-I Ching, Runes, Tarot etc.

   h. the Triple Goddess-women’s mythos/life stages/rites of passage

   i. Basic Spellwork-Watchtowers and Elements, purification, space clearing, the Lord and Lady, the Sabbats and the Wheel of the Year

III. Intermediate Magick

   a. Chakras-Hindu/Vedic thought

   b. 5 Element theory-Taost thought

   c. Egyptian Bodies

   d. Correlation of the three afore mentioned disciplines

   e. Auras

   f. Implicate and Subimplicate Order-the World tree and the illusion of reality

   g. Chaos vs. Order-Chaos theory and the concept of order masquerading as chaos, the Tao and the concept of patterns in Chaos are the Will of the Divine

   h. Contact with Spirits-ghosts, angels and demons

   i. Myth and interpretation

   j. Mythical creatures and beings

   k. Correlation in Dieties, constellations etc.-a discussion of Liber 777 and the concept of all the Gods are one God and the Truth behind all the religions

   l. Symbolism-the pentacle/pentagram, the hexagram, the rose and the lily etc.

   m. Intermediate Spellwork-dedication, true names, personal link with the Lord and Lady, spellwriting theory and manifestation

IV. Magickal Theory

   a. Light vs. Dark-pros and cons of paths, concept of balance, Taoist perspective of yin/yang, creation/control

   b. Heterotic Universe-Divine intercourse of God and Goddess

   c. Radiance vs. Magnetism

   d. Energy Vampirism-constructive and destructive uses

   e. Chaos Magick-upping the probability-a mathematical perspective

   f. Psychology of Spellwork-human conciousness a universe unto itself, theory of baby universes

   g. Ancestral Substrata-Ancestor Veneration and the concept of roots and identity

   h. The Afterlife-a shamaness’ view of heaven and hell

   i. Spellwriting Patterns

   j. Sound-The Voice of God

V. Advanced Magick

   a. Breakdown of Reality and Stability-Magickal Relativism

   b. Sexual Alchemy-Mass of the Holy Ghost, Tantra and the Sex Magick of Isis

   c. Intoxicant Uses during Rites-pros vs. cons, sacred herbs

   d. God and Goddess Invocations

   e. Shapeshifting-Plasticity and casting glamours

   f. Sacred Geometry and Numerology-the universal language of mathematics

   g. Advanced Spellwork-Invoking the Gods and serving Truth

VI. Selections from my Grimoire

   a. A Pagan Wedding Blessing

   b. Earth Mindfulness Spell

   c. Invocation of Ma’at

   d. Protection Spell

   e. Wisdom Spell

   f. Destruction of the Greedy-a sacrifice spell

   g. miscelaneous spells and energy work and their outcomes


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