Centered Perception

March 12, 2008 at 7:46 pm (magic, medicine, metaphysics, philosophy, religion, shamanism, Uncategorized)


Okay so you start out by knowing yourself as I outlined in the stability and foundation section.   The next step as I see it is to really understand what is going on in the world.  I think far too many of us live in this isolated world, where the only real input is the TV or a person’s circle of friends that they’ve had their entire life and who all think alike.  You need to step out into the world that you don’t know, you need to step out into the unknown.  I’m not saying leave your friends behind.  Your friends will anchor you, and they are true treasures, never burn those bridges.  If you never associate with new people however, you’ll be stuck in the same rut of perception you’re whole life.  Do something out of the ordinary, go someplace you would never go.  Face your fears, and walk in the front door of your own worst hell.  Think about what would be your exact opposite and go there, meet those people.  For me my opposite was becoming a stripper, and I did it for 9 years off and on.  It was the craziest, weirdest most depraved thing I have ever seen, but I would not trade in the experience it gave me for all the world.  I also willingly became a single mother, twice.  I stayed in abusive relationships where I had a gun held to my head, I was punched into a wall and I was raped just to see if I was cheating on the individual.  I did things that no sane person would want to do, but I did it because I wanted to truly know.  A person from my background can easily become isolated, and fall into the trap of elitism.  It’s standard in the world I came from to go to school, go to graduate school, get married, buy a nice little house in the suburbs, have a nice little career, live and die without ever knowing a day of discomfort, but it is also a life of never knowing anything truly real.   I guess my point is you need to see the poles of our world.  All the world is an interplay between yin and yang, creation vs. control, and if you never see another’s perception your world will forever be a mind-numbing gray area.  You need to know the dark to truly know the light.

With a centered perception you will also start to see other things, things you would never guess, other-worldly things.  I see ghosts, and “demons” and “angels”.  Sometimes you will see them as actual entities, orbs of lights, concious shadows, spirits that are green in color, sometimes you will see them manifest in the people you’re interacting with, such as unreasonable anger, attachment, pyschic abilities in person that doesn’t usually have it.  There is a whole other world that people fail to see because they are so sped up and so off balance that they are literally blind.  It is a regular occurance for me to see these things, and even though I’ve been seeing these things since I was four, I still haven’t gotten used to it.  When you look at the world through tranquil eyes, you will see these supernatural things have a direct relationship with our “reality”.  It’s like a fish in a pond in a rainstorm.  The raindrops (spirits) cause ripples in the water (our world).  The fish (us) have no concept of rain (unless your a catfish, i’d consider the shamans and witches of the world to be the catfish), and so are left to wonder at the causes of this phenomena.   I’m sure all sorts of theories would be posed in this world to explain this unseen force, but the truth is that it is something “otherworldly” that’s doing it.  It’s the same thing with supernatural.  Children naturally have the ability to see these things, but most of us by the time we reach adulthood have turned away, either because we were told to by our parents or we didn’t have the stomach to keep looking.  But even if we do not see things, does not mean it’s not there.  Talking the ostrich approach is only hurting you, and your development as an enlightened human being.  Make no mistake there is some freaky disturbing stuff out there, but if you ever want to find heaven (heaven is within you I might add, as is hell) you must look, you must understand. 

Believe me you may emerge from such a venture as I am proposing half crazy or even dead if you’re not careful, but you must know these things, you have to understand how the world truly works, to be able to tinker with it.  It is the price any adept pays, you will emerge so changed that few will understand you, and it can be a very lonely path.   You’re free to walk away at any time, but know that even a short jog down the path will change you, even if you do not follow it through to the end.  For those who can handle it, there is the ability to change anything, to have everything you’ve ever truly desired.  Notice I say truly, not everything we think we desire is actually what we truly want.  Sometimes what we want is unconcious, and we do things without knowing it to bring about this hidden desire.   Make sure you really know yourself, I cannot stress it enough.


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