Communing With Nature

March 25, 2008 at 2:18 am (environmental, magic, metaphysics, philosophy, shamanism)


The next step I would have to outline for learning the path of Magick is literally, becoming one with Nature.  First of all it is naturally rejuvenating; the green color is healing, the sounds and sights are stress relieving.  There is a lot of peace to be found in just quietly sitting in the woods someplace, or up on a rock outcropping where you see for miles, or sitting on large flat rocks in the middle of a stream soaking up the sunshine.  In our absurdly fast paced world, it’s nice to slow down.  But that is not all of it.  Nature has a voice all it’s own.  There are patterns to be found, and messages to be recieved for those patient and centered enough to listen.  In ancient times this reading of the patterns was called Augery, and Julius Caesar among others studied this venerated art. 

When I say patterns, I mean that you will see there is a pretty set likelihood you’ll see a squirrel, or a sparrow, and then there are the likelihoods you’ll see something more rare, like a deer or a heron.  If you see something that is outside of that normal range of experience or frequency, usually it’s a message.  Everything you see in Nature carries with it some sort of unconcious meaning.  There are books that you can buy that have lists of things you could see and interpretations of them.  Animal Speak and Green Witchcraft are two books that I know of that have these lists, but you can also look to dream interpretation books as well.  A good example I can think of is when I started falling in love with certain individual from my past named Jeff.  I walked out my front door to go to school, and there was this spectacular red flower growing on the front path that I swear to the Lord and Lady, was not there the day before.  I looked up the meaning and sure enough it had to do with love and passion.  Another example was right before I started trying to move “off-grid”, out in the woods, pretty much by myself.  I saw within the span of a few days, several herons, it’s like I couldn’t get away from them, and I don’t usually see so many.  So I looked up their meaning and generally they are associated with rugged self-determinism.  As I see it the whole environment is directly reactive to our unconcious.  It is plastic and ever changing, and every species has archetypes associated with it.  I was out walking yesterday I started seeing these strange red bushes down by the Rock river.  Now one of the first things that was impressed upon me as I began my little sojourn yesterday was the big-ass powerline spanning the river, but I also noticed the amount of birds there were.  That’s a good sign as to the health of the river, that means there are lots of bugs to feed on.  But then I started noticing these curious flame red shrubs.  They were identical to the normal brown ones, except in color and then it dawned on me, I think the shrubs were adapting to the increase in electromagnetics in the area, and given the color, red, I think the plants are ticked.  These are my musings and observations.  For all I know those shrubs could be there for any number of reasons, but my point is the patterns.  Pay attention to the trees and shrubs and flowers and wildlife, they will tell you alot.  They manifest according to Divine will and for those who are listening, there are lessons to be learned.



  1. Environmental Diary said,


    Are you kiddin’?

  2. etheria888 said,

    In response to environmental diary, no I’m not:)

  3. Drench said,

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Drench.

  4. etheria888 said,

    The point is that you should pay more attention to the natural world. It speaks to those who listen. Thanks for the comment:)

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