Magickal Force

April 11, 2008 at 7:58 pm (magic, metaphysics, philosophy, religion, shamanism)

There is no set definition out there, but I believe Magickal force comes from your life energy, and from the life energy of everything on this planet and in the universe itself.  Everyday galaxies and stars are born, and die, and crash together, all releasing ridiculous amounts of energy.  We are all made of stardust and we are all connected, everything.  As an adept you learn to recognize the gateway to the beyond in yourself, the Tree of Life of Genesis, guarded by the angel with the flaming sword.   The Lumen of Truth that is so bright it blinds the unprepared, and conceals what lay beyond it.   You learn to feel instead of see, and travel inside yourself into the Collective Unconcious (or as I like to say, God) to invoke this Force.  Despite anything the Christian Church would like to say, what you are doing is holy and sacred.  It is to be treated with the utmost respect and reverence.  You may be a part of this Mystery, and It a part of you, but you do not own it, and it is by the Grace of the Divine alone that you walk on this Earth.  Now you are spending life energy everytime you cast a spell, and the greater the spell, the greater it taxes you.  I’ve actually gotten sick several times after casting spells, because the amount of energy required temporarily broke down my immune system.  Which makes the case that you should not do spellwork capriciously.   What you put into Work is exactly what you’ll get out of it and if you just fire them off with not a lot of thought or preparation, you’re going to get some crappy results. 

You can also draw off of emotional energy, which the case could be made is life energy, but you must also be careful with that.  When you start being ruled by your emotions and you start doing things as a result of them, you can get yourself in a few binds, and that’s if you’re lucky.  Beware of anger, for it leads to the darkside:)  Even well meaning emotions can serve you for ill.  I once tried to save my mother from the throes of several age related illnesses and well it backfired, my father started paying the price.  But you can take emotional energy and transmute it.  There’s something I do, where I breathe negative energy off of people and places(watch out for factories, they’re really bad), and conciously negate it, by grounding it in the Earth or by using it for beneficial energy work.  You can do that, in fact it is a very positive way to release energy.  Think about it.   Whatever it is, meditate on what would counteract it, like anger is negated by patience, fear by courage and doing the right thing, grief by vigor, worry and anxiety by giving.  Hell if you want an example, I took several betrayals and the “loss” of my second son(I offered him for adoption) that all occured within the span of six months, by choosing to wake up and start doing the right thing, and I began writing about things I thought were wrong, and well what you are looking at the progeny of it.  Now that isn’t necessarily a Magickal example, but it still illustrates a point.  Energy is energy, and you can shape it and meld it to serve whatever end you want. 

 Think about we are all beings of light and energy, electromagnetics to be specific.  Everything is made of energy, and everything as a result is malleable and plastic.  The only thing that holds our world together in truth is belief.  Belief that the sky is blue, and that if you let go of something it will fall to the ground, and that life will continue on in the same way as it did the day before.  But what if that belief were not there?  In our modern nihilistic age we have devised all sorts of theories to prove these immutable physical laws, but even science in it’s rationalistic separatist approach is starting to find that the very building blocks of our world, subatomic particles, react to the expectations of the observer, belief.  I must also point out that since the fall of Christianity which I would roughly place at about the time of Vatican II, our world and country really started to fall apart,  and to me it is obvious that it was because there was no longer any unifying belief system.  Magick changes belief, and what you expect is what you are going to get.  Magick is whatever you want to make it, for good or for ill. 

I Isis am all that has been,

that is or shall be;

no mortal Man hath ever me unveiled.

Inscription from the Temple of Neith (Isis) in Sais, Egypt

(Isis is the Goddess of Magick)


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