May 14, 2008 at 2:45 am (magic, medicine, metaphysics, philosophy, shamanism)

The Ancient Egyptians believed that a person was created of several different “bodies”, such as the ba, the ka, the ib, the sheut etc.  They believed that one of these bodies, the ba left a person during their sleep and came back when a person woke up.  The way I look at things is not much different.  I do not know where it is that I go in my sleep, but I most certainly go somewhere, because I have some fantastic dreams.  I dream the future, quite regularly, prophecy was the gift I asked for when I dedicated myself as a priestess.  They come veiled in their own imagery, but for those who are willing to pay attention, dreams are priceless messages being conveyed.  Let me give you a few cases.

One of the most recent dreams I had consisted of three separate dreams.  The first was I drove back to a town from my recent past I wanted to talk to my ex Jason that lived there.  I did and then I went back to wherever it was my current boyfriend Josh was and found jason’s mother cutting his hair, at which point I informed him I was going to sleep with Jason.  Jason’s mother made a comment to Josh at that point sarcastically that he knew how to pick them.  The next dream was of me trying to find Josh at work.  I needed to pick up my son and Josh was uncaring at best, I had to nag him into coming with me to get my son.  The third was me being at this shopping center that is actually a reoccuring setting in my dreams, and I went and hid in the bushes because I was naked, my parents found me and I was angry at them because I was still getting dressed, at which point I was back in the shopping center and my mother was like a demon trying to gore me.  Those were the three dreams that I had in the same night.  This was about two weeks ago.  Now let me tell you what has happened since then.

I went up to a pagan retreat I go to in the area where I used to live.  I went up there for Beltane.  I came back early and had a wonderful two days with Josh.  Monday rolled around and I needed to go to an appointment for energy assistance.  I forgot the get the info i needed from Josh so i had to call him at work.  He was uncaring at best.  When he came home that night we got in a fight that ended the relationship.  He’s been gone for over a week now.  I did not tell my mother right away because I was still too hurting to face her, but she could tell something was wrong and so i told her at which point she started going throught the reality of things in my life, in a way that only mothers do, and it was quite painful.  I since have called my ex Jason and we have started talking again.  I don’t think it takes to much thought to see that I saw that coming.

Another dream I had a few months ago, was that I was looking for this lecture on ancient egypt at the UW.  I was walking through these parking garages and finally I stopped and asked this lady in what looked like a ticket booth and she told me where the lecture was.  I finally found it and I caught the tail end of a lecture on something biology related.  When the lecture ended the professor, whom I had never seen before in all my life, and who I distinctly remembered how he looked, started talking about how it was really stupid that marijuana was illegal.  That was pretty much the dream.

About a month after I had that dream I was driving in madison on my way back from a meeting, when I had to stop at a red light.  It was a few blocks away from the campus, and as I sat there a man walked right in front of my car ( I was a few cars back in the line), and guess what, he was the man from my dream.  He was dressed like an intellectual so I’m pretty sure he was a professor, he was too old to be a student.  I just sat there with my mouth agape.  In addition the dream was trying to explain to me the role MArijuana plays in being able to access the Askashic records.  For those of you who do not know what I am talking about the Askashic records are a record, stored in the collective unconcious of all that ever was, is and will be.  Marijuana forcibly induces a meditative state which allows the practitioner to access the collective unconcious and therefore the Askashic Records.  My searching for the lecture and finding  a discussion about weed was my unconcious trying to inform me of this role this blessed and sacred herb plays.  It was holy to the Egyptian Tehuti or Thoth, and the Hindu Shiva.  It shouldn’t be illegal, but I digress.

Another dream I had was one where I was in this hotel with a person from my past who slept with a 16 year old when he was 18 and because of it is a sex offender.  The hotel was somewhere in Indiana, and I distinctly remember it because it was very stately, it had low recessed ceilings with large square columns supporting it.  Again I had never seen the hotel before in all of my life.  I was watching public television a month or two ago and a story came on about a change in sex offender laws, and they were interviewing a woman and guess where she was standing, in that hotel, in Indiana.  I swear I have never seen the place before my dream.

I could go on and on with examples, but the point is pay attention to your dreams.  I have a  dream journal that I keep next to my bed, in which I write down dreams as I wake up, along with two different dream dictionaries.  As you meditate more and get more and more used to conciously experiencing the unconcious, you will find that you can start to control what you do in your dreams.  Like I dream alot that my mother or my sister is chasing me and invariably I run off into the bushes and I never totally evade them.  Well last night I had the same dream but instead I conciously chose to fly off instead, and guess what, I did, and I finally evaded them.  I dreamed the other night that I found the ark of the covenant (or that it found me) and that the cherubim on top were turning and looking at me, a which point I was  afraid because they have the power to zap people.  I predicted getting pregnant with my second son in my dreams, I’ve come up with solutions to problems in my dreams, I’ve even predicted plane crashes.  Dreams are also pyschological tools, they can tell you things you need to work on, things that you are conciously stifling in your waking life that need to be paid attention to, fears that you are trying to cover up ( I already told you a few of mine, for those who can read between the lines:) ).  Dreams are invaluable.  For anyone seriously interested in exploring this side of themselves, I have these recommendations. 

-Go to bed clean and showered

-Make sure your bed is comfortable as possible and clean

-Remove or shut off all electrical devices lights what have you that are in your bedroom, these will interfere, that and you’ll sleep better

-Don’t eat within three hours of bedtime, eating late tends to give you nightmares, in addition to making you fat

-Sleep with moonstone, this stone enhances dreams and therefore how well you retain them when you wake.  It may make you dream too vividly though and if it does, sleep with out the moonstone

-Have a dream journal (and a pen) right next to your bed, and write down your dreams as soon as you wake, even if it’s at 3 in the morning

-Invest in a few dream dictionaries, these will help you interpret your dreams

Sweet dreams:)



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