Deeply Rooted Lecture Outline

June 24, 2008 at 3:33 am (magic, Mathematics, metaphysics, philosophy, Science)

So I just gave a “lecture” this weekend at the Pagan retreat I go to in Athens WI.  I figured I’d post it for posterities sake (insert sarcastic smile here).

Chaos vs. Order-A mathematical and physical approach to Magick


As witches/shamans we tread on ground that few even know exist.  Magic is something that no matter how real it may be, is forever relegated to the status of make believe by the establishment.  Einstein was quoted to have said that Imagination is more important than Knowledge and I think it was to the fundamental nature of our world that he spoke, for in truth the world is fluid, and imagination/belief is what pulls any semblance of order from the primal abyss. The purpose of this workshop is to provide some scientific basis (and ammo for the next time someone starts grilling you) for what we pagans already know to be truth, and to give you a different perspective on the Craft, reinforcing belief in it.


Chaos vs. Order

-to the uninitiated, most life is pretty ordered, pretty predictable.

-Initiation occurs usually around teenage years when some traumatic/chaotic experience shatters that illusion of stability and order, leading to an inward journey that many do not make it back form (schizophrenia), but the few that do emerge forever changed and wiser.

-This Order masquerading as chaos masquerading as order is the shamanistic rite of initiation and part of a greater pattern of interplay between chaos and order

-Modern Physics has begun exploring these “random coincidences” and “chance occurances” and the result is chaos theory.

-Chaos theory describes behavior of certain dynamical systems (systems whose state evolves with time) that may exhibit dynamics that are highly sensitive to initial conditions (butterfly effect-a butterfly flapping it’s wings causes a hurricane half a world away).  As a result of this sensitivity, which manifests itself as an exponential growth of perturbations in the initial conditions, the behavior of chaotic systems appear to be random.  This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future dynamics are fully defined by their initial conditions, with no random elements involved.   In essence it is likely they will stick to a certain pattern, but it will play out differently every time and in a way that is wholly unpredictable.

-One example is the weather.  Why the weatherman can not predict weather beyond a week because even though he knows all the variables and equations that affect the system, there is always an unknown chaotic element, there’s always room for chance.

-Another example are computers.  They run off of very set defined calculations but yet even after the millionth time of performing an operation, gliches do show up.  The ghost in the machine.

-As an adept this is where we have a chance to change things with spellwork.  The undefined, that exists in every system is where the imagination has a chance to work it’s magic.  Our world in truth operates on belief.  Belief that the sky is blue, the grass is green and if you let go of the object in your hand it will fall to the ground.  But if there is an unknown involved than anything is possible, and whatever you believe is what will happen and you can pull anything you want out of that chaotic element.  Learn to use this unknown to your advantage.  Nothing is fixed anything is possible.

-Chaos Magick-Chaos farms and manipulating lotteries.-

-Divination and oracles-chaos in action

Heterotic Universe

-Universe is constant interplay between the forces of creation(nuclear fusion of stars, pulsars) and destructive force(gravity, black holes)

-Directly parallel to Taoist Yin vs. Yang, Chaos vs. Order.

-These two forces translate to the cosmic dance of Shiva and the Divine Intercourse of the Lord and Lady, which we are all children of


Bohm’s Implicate and Explicate Order

-further backing up the fact that we as adepts can use the unknowns that exist in our world to our advantage is Implicate and Explicate Order

-Most science is reductionist as opposed to wholistic but this theory emerged in the 80’s in stark contrast to this trend.

-States there is an underlying unity among all phenomena, particles etc.  Nothing is entirely separate, this includes influences that stabilize and those that involve metamorphosis.  Whole is in continuous flux.

-The motivating force for the development of this theory is incompatability of quantum theory and relativity theory, relativity works on large predictable bodies, not quantum particles which tend to be random (react to expectations of observers)

-Explicate is the separated phenomena, Implicate is the implied totality

-Quantum entanglements-large separated bodies linked on the quantum level

-TV station example-Signal and station, implicate; image on tv is explicate

-Cells and body, cells explicate, body implicate

-Elaborates eastern concept of division is sign of sickness and that there is an underlying unity amongst all things. (Taoist and Tantra)

-If we are all fundamentally linked than it is possible for a single entity to affect the whole collective. Collective Unconcious. Therefore the profound psychological change that accompanies magick and spellwork very much has the possibility to affect the outer world, because the reality is that we are all linked, all made of energy and the same subatomic particles

-This ties into chaos theory in the sense that unfoldment which is part of imp/exp order, where the explicate become relevant, is the vehicle of chaos to play out.


Statistics and Probability


Always part of one in the other (the YinYang) Extreme Yang becomes extreme yin, and vice versa, there is no polar yang or yin that exists in this world, only the gray area that exists in between. 

-This concept correlates with calculus and the concepts of limits.  With a given function there is a domain (the x coordinates) and the range (the y coordinates).  Y= 3×2 + 8x + 9.

In certain cases when you plug in an x value you get a y value that approaches a limit.  Where you can get  closer and closer to that value, but when you put in the x value that should yield the y limit, you get a null set.  This is the mathematical illustration of the concept of extreme yang and extreme yin, you can get infinitly close, but you cannot totally ever get there.

-The point is that this illustrates again the fluidity of the world we live in and the cyclical nature of the magickal experience.

-Odds are for the uninititiated.  Probabilities do exist in our world, but they are just as much in a state of flux as everything else.  You can have 99.99% certainty that an event will happen, but there is always that .01% chance that the opposite will happen.  If looked at from the perspective of chaos magick, you can use those statistics to up the probability of a certain event happening and loosening up your powers of belief, which are what makes anything happen.

-Tying into this is baby universe theory which states that we quite possibly may be only one universe amongst billions, all connected by wormholes.  We as adepts exist with one foot in this world and one in the beyond.  We alter reality, and with the introduction of the idea that there may be billions of similar universes, the possibility exists to shift from one to another, and it even further loosens up the probability that a desired event may happen, because maybe it won’t happen in this world, but who says you can’t travel to a parallel universe where such a thing is possible, or that we are not already doing so, but it is in an imperceptible manner.  It loosens up the possibilities to what is possible, and using magic to create the world you want to live in.


Magickal Relevatism


-Implications of both general relativity and special relativity;

-Free fall is natural state according to relativity

-Time dilation-moving clocks are measured to tick more slowly than an observers stationary clock

-Relativity of simultaneity-two events that appear to be simultaneous to an observer A will not be simultaneouos to an observer B if B is moving with respect to A.

-Mass energy equivalence-E=mc2, energy and mass are equivalent and transmutable

-Gravitational time dilation-Time goes more slowly at lower gravitational potentials

-Even rays of light(which have zero mass) bend in the presence of a gravitational field.

-Frame dragging-in which a rotating mass “drags along” the space time around it.

-Magical implications

-All things are relative.  There is no such thing as stability or a zero point in which is fixed and removed from the rest of the observable universe, if natural state is free fall than that is reinforced.  There will come a point if you haven’t come to it already that you will realize everything’s in a state of flux and there really is no stable ground to cling to.  This fluidity whereas it may seem scary is actually the basis of magic, everything can change.

-The energy fields of a human being.  In truth we are beings of energy (proton neutrons and electrons).  In the model of the chakras the highest chakra, the crown is referred to as having the thousand petaled lotus.  Can be likened to the phenomena of the propellers of an airplane that after they reach a certain speed they blur and are indescernable.  Gives a false sense of slowness when in reality they are moving so fast they’ll chop your hand off correlates to time moving more slowly when moving or in a lower gravitational field. Adepts are open to the voice of the universe (less gravity/less ego, less sense of self except during spellwork, in which case more gravity/more ego to will change in cosmos) and so in most cases have reached the state that their crown chakra has opened, so their energies are so fast that time for us slows down. (time dilation) we can stop things for a minute and slip in and out of this world at a speed that the average person is not going to notice.  Same with the relativity of simultaneity.  Time loses some of its meaning to an adept and we see things from a different perspective, we are cycling throught the various layers of this reality faster than the average Joe and so we see things differently.  Mass and energy are equivalent and transmutable, again universe is malleable.  Are conscious of the subtle processes of our world and can manipulate both radiant energy and gravitational energy to our advantage.  And frame dragging speaks to the profound effect we have on the world around us because of our increased energy potential.


Mythological references


-Eris principle-Chaos theory-(Murphy’s law) threw apple of discord in that started Trojan war.

-Creation myths-pulling the world (order) out of the primal abyss (chaos)-read genesis?

-Egyptian Geb and Nut.  World was said to have been created when RA separated them from their passionate embrace.

-Cosmic egg of asian tradtion, egg being a associated with intercourse and creating new life.

Cosmic Dance of Shiva-dances the world into creation and destroys it.  Is said to have already destroyed the world many times, but he restores it so quickly that we humans do not notice



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  1. Geoffrey Thomas said,

    I find the compromises on the laws of physics in the Doctor who series and any science fiction program a bit too much of a compromise on the laws of physics to justify time travel.

    Why do we have to compromise the laws of physics to justify it?

    I’ve created a blog spot called the
    Dedicated to the adventures of four people visiting parallel worlds called the Sliders

    It’s interesting to note the portal to these worlds’ was created by a antigravity experiment. I’ve been investigating for a while how Quinn Mallory’s antigravity machine manages to create the holly grail of cosmology a singularity (or a stable wormhole) in his basement

    I’m currently investigating the effect of Einstein’s theory of relativity if we accelerate from zero to 160Km (100 miles) in one second flat and the effect of clock arms as we speed up and slow down in time.

    It’s interesting how the hour and minute hands appear to be frozen in time at any given moment compared the hand counting the seconds.

    Mathematicians will agree if we speed up 60 times faster than our normal environment time observing the second hand of a wall clock will come to a stop equalling we’d normally observe the minute hand moving round the clock face.

    This has far reaching implications to the hour hand and observing the whole 24 hour stretched 60 times longer respectively let a lone all the days, weeks, month’s, year’s centuries and untold millennia pilling up.

    Contact me at

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