Triple Moon Goddess

June 30, 2008 at 3:19 pm (magic, medicine, metaphysics, philosophy, religion, shamanism, Uncategorized)

This post is geared towards women, I would do a post on men’s mysteries except for the fact that I don’t have the right equipment, and to speak like I had any idea about what it was like to be a man, would be arrogant at best.  So with that being said, in various cultures, the sun and moon are interchangebly associated with male or female dieties.  Most of the time it’s a Sun God and a Moon Goddess, but sometimes it’s vice-versa, in Japan there is a Sun Goddess and The Ancient Egyptian Tehuti or Thoth was a Moon God.  For my purposes though, we’re going to go with majority and discuss the correlation between the moon and the archtypal feminine.

There is a concept in paganism of the Triple Goddess.  Her symbol is pictured above.  Women are naturally aligned to the moon because of their mestrual cycles.  A woman who spends enough time outdoors will naturally synch with the moon so that she is fertile during the full moon and bleeds during the new.  The Triple Moon symbol speaks to the 4 phases of a woman’s life, maiden, mother, crone and then death.  The waxing moon correlates with the Maiden, the young virginal woman, untouched by man, unfettered by children.  The full Moon correlates with the Mother, a woman at the height of her strength, with the primal power to nourish and give things form.  The Crone is associated then with the waning moon, and it symbolizing that yes her strength is waning, but her wisdom grows with each passing year.  Finally there is the inevitable death, symbolized by the new moon and archetypally by the death crone, the hideous half rotted hag like the Norse Hel or  Izanami of Japan, the Lady of Death who offers priceless wisdom to those who have the courage to look and face her, that priceless wisdom being that death is regeneration, rotting results in the fertile ground for the new.  The cycle never ends, the cycle never breaks, death is the passage to the new.  If one can learn to face this, death loses it’s sting, and that is priceless indeed.

In our culture, a woman’s period very often is viewed as an inconvience at best.  This is especially disconcerting to me.  You can hear it in the misogynist idiots who talk about not trusting something that bleeds for seven days and doesn’t die.  In ancient times a woman’s “dark moon time” was viewed as the height of her power.  The menstrual blood is viewed as regenerating in Sexual Alchemy traditions such as Tantra and across the board it is during this time that a woman’s powers of prophecy were considered to be at their greatest strength.  Part of this is due to at the new moon, during a woman’s period she is closest to her “underworld” dark aspect, and dreams and oracular visions come from the under world.   Bleeding every month is also a woman’s way of renewing herself, flushing out the month before so that at the end of her cycle she can emerge stronger.  Woman need to stop trying to keep up with men during this time, and take the time to rest and sit in introspection.  To hell with people who tell you you need to be able to keep on during your period, they are ignorant to say the least.  You can actually damage yourself if you exert yourself too much during your moon time.  You’re not a man, stop trying to be one. 

Which brings me to my final point.  Meditate on these mysteries as there is much more wisdom to be found than what is written on this page.  Stop playing things on men’s terms.  The greatest strength of a woman is her magnetism, implicit in this is gravity and magnetism at it’s extreme, black holes, which can crush anything that enters into them, not even solar masculine light can escape, stick that in you’re pipe and smoke it for awhile:)  Our strength is also our ability to get along with other woman.  Bond together, and bring men to us on our terms, instead of chasing after them, because no matter how good you are, you’re playing their game on their terms, you’re gonna lose.  I said it in my previous post about “the roots of the subjugation of the feminine”, if we women would learn to band together and not give into men until our demands are met, demands like decent compensation for “woman’s” work, like being treated with dignity and respect, men would have now choice but to listen.  Don’t try to go to them, make them come to you, use you’re receptive strength to it’s greatest potential.  I realize this might make me sound like a ball-busting feminist.  The truth is if a man comes to me with honor and respect, I will return it threefold, but if my love and affection are taken for granted and I am ridiculed, I know my power and I have no compunctions about using it.  I believe in the equality of the sexes, one is not better than the other.  We both need each other, but we need to learn to truly understand and respect the fact that we are different, and not be afraid of that fact.  We were created that way for a reason.  A woman’s moody seeming bipolarness, is the way she supposed to be, because we are equipped to dip down into that frightening underworld of death, of emotion, to regenerate ourselves, and those that have the courage to unite with us during that time.  I think the truth is in those matriarchal prehistoric cultures men were treated as inferior, and that paved the way for the pendulum to swing back the other way so that woman are now treated as inferior.  What goes around comes around, and unfortunately among the Goddess/Pagan circles I hang out in, there is definately the notion of male inferiority, which truly saddens me.  We are equal, and we are different.  We were created as such so we might feel the ecstacy of reuniting with each other.


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