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So I figured considering the next installment in my series has to do with ritual writing, and considering I said i would explain the sabbats as they came up, I would publish the ritual I just led this Lammas (Aug 1).  I think the ritual will explain what Lammas is and it will give you a real example of spellwork.  Enjoy:)


Lammas Lugnassadh-2008

Saturday Ritual



Guardian of the Circle


Standing at entrance to circle with sword raised to participants, “It would be better to thrust yourself upon this sword, than enter the circle with fear in your heart”


Anointing as entering circle

Frankincense in circle with cross pattern on forehead, “May you be filled with Love, with Purity and Bliss”




-Call Watchtowers

            1.Hail to the Watchtower of the North, Earth, I call you to this rite and ask you for your blessing.  Pillar of stone, guardian to the mysteries of rebirth, lend your energies to this working on this most holy day.

            2. Hail to the Watchtower of the East, Air, I call you to this rite and ask you for your blessing.  Pillar of Wind, guardian to the mysteries of the beginning of all things, lend your energies to this working on this most holy day.

            3. Hail to the Watchtower of the South, Fire, I call you to this rite and ask your blessing.  Pillar of Flame, guardian to the mysteries of the zenith, lend your energies to this working on this most holy day.

            4. Hail to the Watchtower of the West, Water, I call you to this rite and ask your blessing.  Pillar of sacred springs, guardian to the mysteries of the wane of all things, lend your energies to this working on this most holy day.

-“With that the circle is open”


Purification of Circle

-Purify circle by Earth(?) (herb mixture), while sprinkling circle in clockwise direction (starting at north), “I purify this circle by Earth, only love may enter, only love may leave”

-Purify circle by Air (?)(incense), While waving incense in air in clockwise direction around circle (starting at north), “I purify this circle by Air, only love may enter, only love may leave”

-Purify circle by Fire (?)(anthame), Pointing anthame at participants in clockwise direction (starting at north), “I purify this circle by fire, only love may enter, only love may leave”

-Purify circle by Water (?)(springwater), Using fingers to sprinkle water in clockwise direction around circle (starting at north), “ I purify this circle by water, only love may enter only love may leave”

-Purfy circle by Ether (intent) “As I will it so mote it be”


Welcome Primal Lord and Lady(me)

            O Truth behind all the religions, the Eternal Unamable Duality of all things, the Two that become One, creators of all things, Eternal Lord, Eternal Lady, locked in the passionate embrace of forever, be here with us now.  Master and Mistress of the cosmic dance of life and death, grace us with your presence.  Preside over the workings of this most holy day. We come to you with open hearts and open minds.  The great Wheel turns once again, towards the darkness, towards the wane of all things, towards rebirth.  We come to honor this mystery today.  Hail and Welcome.


Lammas commentary

            Lammas is the first harvest holiday. It is the first sabbat of the dark half of the year. Even though the sun is still strong, the pendulum has begun swinging the other direction, from light to dark, from wax to wane.  It is a time to begin contemplating the coming cold, to start the harvest and storing of the crops for winter.  It is a time to offer the first fruits to the Gods and Spirits, to thank Them and to join together with each other in solidarity to survive the coming cold.  It is a time to recognize a fundamental shift has occurred, we are no longer in the expansive spring and early summer months, we are entering the realm of the Underworld, the place of darkness that is the font of introspection, of gestation and the mysteries of rebirth.  As always at this time of year, we are in the month of Leo, the sign of the Lion, king of all beasts.  It is a sign of fire, a sign of kingship, it is a sign of the sun at it’s zenith, perhaps a little past, like the light of the afternoon sun; warm, strong, beneficent.  This year the moon is the sign of Virgo, the sign of the virgin, a sign that is attentive to detail, feminine and dry.  It is also a strong sign as it is of the unshakable earthen foundation on which we stand today. 

The constellation Virgo is associated with the Egyptian God and Goddess, Osiris and Isis. Their greatest story and mystery is in keeping with the spirit of this sabbat, so it seems only fitting that we should honor them today.  Osiris and Isis were the product of an intrigue between the Earth God Geb, and the sky goddess Nut.  When the Sun God Ra perceived that his wife Nut had been unfaithful to him, he declared with a curse that she should be delivered of the child in no month and no year. He sent the great god of the pillars of light and the father of Geb and Nut, Shu, to separate them.  He commanded them to part, which they did, and in doing so was the first act of creation.  But the goddess Nut had another lover, the Moon God Thoth, or Tahuti, and he playing Checkers with the Moon won from her a seventy-second part of every day, and having compounded five whole days out of these parts he added them to the Egyptian year of three hundred and sixty days.  This was the mythical origin of the five supplemental days which the Egyptians annually inserted at the end of every year in order to establish a harmony between lunar and solar time.  On these five days, regarded as outside the year of twelve months, the curse of the sun god did not apply, and accordingly Osiris was born on the first of them.  At his nativity a voice rang out proclaiming that the lord of all had come into the world.  But Osiris was not the only child of his mother.  On the second of the supplementary days she gave birth to the elder Horus, on the third to the God Set, on the fourth to Isis, and on the fifth to the goddess Nephthys.  Afterwards Set married his sister Nephthys, and Osiris married Isis. 


Orginally Osiris was a God of nature who symbolized the cycles of vegetation.  In time however he became God of the Dead. Reigning as a king on earth, Osiris reclaimed the Egyptians from savagery, gave them laws, and taught them to worship the Gods. He oversaw the building of the first temples and statues to the gods. Before his time the Egyptians had been cannibals.  But Isis discovered wheat and barley growing wild, and Osiris introduced the cultivation of these grains amongst his people.    He is also said to have taught them how to grow corn.  Moreover Osiris is said to have been the first to gather fruit from trees, to train the vine to poles, and to tread the grapes.  He taught them to make bread and wine.  Eager to communicate these beneficent discoveries to all mankind, he committed the whole government of Egypt to his wife Isis, who ruled wisely in his stead, and traveled over the world, diffusing the blessings of civilization and agriculture wherever he went.  In countries where harsh climate or poor soil forbade the cultivaton of the vine, he taught the inhabitants to console themselves for the want of wine by brewing beer from barley.  Loaded with the wealth that had been showered upon him by grateful nations, he returned to Egypt, and on account of the benefits he had conferred on mankind he was unanimously hailed and worshipped as a diety.  Osiris  symbolizes the regenerative powers of the natural world, as well as the threat posed by severe weather conditions to the well being of humanity.


Isis was the most famous of Egyptian goddesses.  She was supreme in magical power, which was taught to her by Tahuti/Thoth, Lord of the measures, god of science and knowledge, patron god of scribes and of medicine.  Although she was born as flesh, her powers rivaled those of the gods of spirit.  She personified feminine creative power, and although she was worshipped as the beneficent mother of mankind she was worshipped as a virgin for “no mortal man had ever her unveiled”  She was the faithful and loving wife of Osiris. Nephthys was her sister and athough she was the wife of Set, she always remained faithful to Isis.  In fact it could be argued that they were different aspects of the same goddess, much as Innana and Ereshkigal in Sumeria and Kali and Parvati of India.  She was oftened pictured with a throne upon her head and her name means stone seat.  She is the throne of kingship, the archetypal land that grants dominion.  Her lap is the throne of Egypt.  And she is the mother of Egypt.  She is depicted with huge sheltering wings.  She helped Osiris civilize Egypt, in addition to discovering wild wheat and barley, she taught women how to grind corn as well as how to spin and weave.  She also taught people how to cure illness and instituted the rite of marriage.  She became so popular that in time she absorbed qualities of almost all the other goddesses.  She was a great mother goddess, a bird goddess, a goddess of the underworld who brought life to the dead and a goddess of the primeval waters.  Her following spread beyond Egypt to Greece and throughout the roman empire.  She was worshipped for more than 3,000 years, from before 3000 B.C. to well into the Christian times.  Her cult and many of her images, passed directly on to the figure of the Virgin Mary.


-Murder of Osiris

All five children of Nut were of the flesh.  They could be killed by violent means, even though they were immortal.  Osiris’ brother Set was jealous of his popularity, so he plotted against Osiris with seventy two co-cospiritors.  Having taken the measure of his good brother’s body by stealth, the bad brother Set fashioned and highly decorated a coffer of the same size, and once when they were all drinking and making merry he brought in the coffer and jestingly promised to give it to the one whom it should fit exactly.  Well, they all tried one after the other, but it fitted none of them. Last of all Osiris stepped into it and lay down.  On that the conspirators ran and slammed the lid down on him, nailed it fast, soldered it with molten lead, and flung the coffer into the Nile.  This happened on the seventeenth day of Athyr, when the sun is in the sign of the scorpion, and in the eighth and twentieth year of the reign or life of Osiris.  When Isis heard of it she sheared off a lock of her hair, put on mourning attire, and wandered disconsolately up and down, seeking the body.  The coffer containing the body of Osiris had floated down the river and away out to sea, till at last it drifted ashore in Byblos.  Here a tamarisk tree, also known as salt cedar grew up around the coffin, enclosing it in it’s trunk.  The king of the country, admiring the growth of the tree, had it cut down and made into a pillar of his house; but he did not know that the coffer with the dead Osiris was in it.  Word of this came to Isis and she journeyed to Byblos, and sat down by their well, in humble guise, her face wet with tears.  To none would she speak till the kings handmaidens came, and them she greeted kindly, and braided their hair, and breathed on them from her own divine body a wondrous perfume.  But when the queen beheld the braids of her handmaidens hair and smelt the sweet smell that emanated from them, she sent for the stranger woman and took her into her house and made her the nurse of her child.  But Isis gave the babe her finger instead of her breast to suck, and at night she began to burn all that was mortal of him away, while she herself in the likeness of a swallow fluttered round the pillar that contained her dead brother, twittering mournfully.  But the queen spied what she was doing and shrieked out when she saw her child in flames, and thereby she hindered him from becoming immortal.  Then the Goddess revealed herself and begged for the pillar of the roof, and they gave it to her, and she cut the coffer out of it, and fell upon it and embraced it and lamented so loud that the younger of the king’s children died of fright on the spot. But the trunk of the tree she wrapped in fine linen, and poured ointment on it, and gave it to the king and queen, and the wood stands in a temple of Isis and is worshipped by the people of Byblos to this day.  And Isis put the coffer in a boat and took the eldest of the kings children with her and sailed away.  As soon as they were alone, she opened the chest, and laying her face on the face of her brother she kissed him and wept.  But the child came behind her softly and saw what she was about, and she turned and looked at him in anger, and the child could not bear her look and died.    Isis hid the coffin in a swamp.  Set however found the coffer, and knowing Isis had the power to resurrect the dead, he rent Osiris’ body into fifteen pieces and scattered them abroad.  But Isis, with the help of her sister and Set’s wife Nephthys, sailed up and down the marshes and would not rest until they found all of Osiris’ body.  She earned great respect from the people of Egypt when they saw just how devoted and faithful she was to him.  They did recover all of him, except his male member which had been eaten by the fishes.  Isis fashioned a replacement of wood and with the help Anubis, mummified Osiris.  Isis was mistress of magic in Egyptian lore, the secrets being taught to her by Thoth.  She made love to Osiris, and using her knowledge of magic revived him through sexual alchemy.  At this point Osiris was so disillusioned with his brother than he chose to quit life and became Lord of the Underworld.  For these reasons he is depicted as a mummy, green in color and bearded, holding the crook and flail of kingship.

He and Isis conceived a child though through this act of resurrection, Horus, who would later go on to destroy Set and avenge his father. 

The murder of Osiris is a story that has a lot in common with tales from other cultures.  The part about Isis in the court of the king of Byblos is almost identical to a part in the story of Demeter and Persephone, and I think it is safe to say that like all ancient wisdom it serves as an allegory to the fundamental truths that form the basis of our world.  The story of Isis and Osiris serves to remind us of the cycle of life to which we all must submit, most specifically the rhythms of agriculture, of sowing, of growth, of harvest and of regeneration.  Osiris was a God of vegetation and his most central story is almost the same as the cycle of farming.  He grew to be a magnificent charismatic man, he spread blessings throughout the world, but he was cut down in his prime and if it were not for Isis saving the pieces of him, and literally taking within herself his seed, there would have been no next generation, no Horus to continue the cycle of life.  Their story is the story that we honor today, of harvest, of cutting down the vegetation in it’s prime to survive the winter, and the storing of seeds that must occur if life is to continue the next year.


Invocation/Hymns to Isis and Osiris

I have banished the Unbalanced and Negative, From forth the Veil of Eternity, I call Isis and Osiris


Hymn to Isis

O goddess of mystery and Magic

Of secret and arcane knowledge

Of resurrection

Great mother of All

Thee I call.

O goddess who civilized us from beasts

Who is forever faithful

Yours is the throne of kingship

Thou that bear the cross of light and life

Thee I call

Possessor of the wisdom of the serpents

The font of immortality

The rite of sexual alchemy

The true meaning behind the Caduceaus wand

Goddess of healing and of love

Thee I call

Bridge between this world and the next

Eternal virgin

The uncatchable, unknowable woman

That no mortal man may ever unveil

The solid earthen foundation from which we all spring

And to which we must all return

Thee I call

Come though forth I say, come though forth

Be with us on this Lugnassadh Day

Bear witness to our proceedings

And bless and honor us

As we strive to honor you

Help us to a deeper understanding

Of the great mysteries and lessons of this life

And help us on our way, for this I pray

So mote it be


Hymn to Osiris

O God of Agriculture and civilization

Of grain mysteries,

And of sacrifice

Eternal Lord of all

Thee I call

O God who civilized us from beasts

Whose divine seed is the source of all life

Yours are the fields of heaven

Thou that bear the cross of light and life

Thee I call

Ruler of the seasons,

And of the might of the storm,

That both bestows the life giving rain

And the winds of detruction

God of vegetation and the vine

Thee I call

Martyred king

Ruler of the dead

The ultimate sacrifice

Whose blood fertilizes the corn

Whose death creates the new

And guardian to the mysteries of life from decay

Thee I call

Come thou forth I say, come thou forth

Be with us on this Lugnassadh Day

Bear witness to our proceedings

And bless and honor us

As we strive to honor you

Help us to a deeper understanding

Of the great mysteries  and lessons of this life

And help us on our way, for this I pray

So mote it be


-Communal Cauldron, Ting tripod

-communal offerings(whoever has anything to offer)

-herbs for the occasion, add to cauldron 


We live in very troubled times, everyday there is mention of the desruction and desecration of the Earth; the violent storms, the crop failures, global warming. There’s the mutilated and mutated animals that are raised for food.  Our government is beyond evil for the things it has done.  We are so frightened and confused as a race that there re those who cannot trust anymore, their fellow man or even themselves.  We live in a time where medicine has become poison and justice has become oppression.  Very troubled times indeed. But within even the darkest times there is always a small seed of light. Hope, Faith, Courage, Belief, Love. To these principles we must hold fast, if we let go of them, we are obliterated.  Our standing here this evening is a testament to these virtues, not only that unity and belief do still exist, but also by our willing of the wheel to turn, our observance of Lammas, or any other sabbat or esbat, we hold the world together. By our beliefs and actions, we create the world. To most it is unconscious, but to us it is very conscious, very deliberate. We hold the power to change anything.  And so, on this holy night of High Magick, let us put this power to use.  All the problems I mentioned, let us will them to change.  Put in your mind your heaven, visualize the world in harmony, in balance, in peace, ad will it to be.  Believe that anything is possible, nothing is fixed, nothing is fated.  As we begin harvesting the fruits of this year’s labor, let us be ever mindful of the world as it is and how it could be.  Let us be mindful of the fact that change happens first in the individual, the collective comes after and let each on of us shine with this revelation and be a beacon of Hope, of Faith, of Courage, of belief, of Love. And the world will be healed.

Osiris, God of Storms, forgive us our transgressions and protect us as the climate further destabilizes.  God of vegetation, bless us with an abundant harvets.  Isis, mother Goddess, protect our hearts from the pain and suffering that our world is rife with.  Heal us from the poisons we are infected and surrounded with.  Goddess of Magick, teach us and aid us in our intentions and workings today.

-“Forge of creation,

Elixir of life,

Wind of the Storm,

Rock of Foundation,

Come thou forth, I say Come thou forth.

Hear our hearts on this Lugnasadh Day

So that every spirit of the firmament,

And of the Ether,

Upon the Earth,

And under the Earth.

On dry land,

And in the water,

Of whirling Air,

And rushing Fire,

All thoughts and manifestations of the Lord and Lady,

Shall once again be in Harmony

As I will it so mote it be


-Meditation-Moment of Silence


-Thank Lord and Lady


-Thank Watchtowers


-Pronouce circle closed






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