Update to Mining/Rib Mountain

January 17, 2009 at 9:16 pm (environmental, metaphysics, political, Science)



There’s one little tidbit of information that I stumbled across of late, and true to the form of the U.S. government, I have not been able to find any  corroborating evidence.  But I know that it is true because several people have confirmed it for me.  Apparently Rib Mountain used to be host to a uranium mine.  It’s been closed for many years now, but apparently the entrance lies close to the Queen’s chair in the state park section of it.  I know of the quarries on the mountain, but I did not know of this. 

All I have to say is more attention needs to be paid to the stuff that is done to the mountain.  It’s bad enough it’s got a gigantic radio transmitter on top of it, but apparently it’s been violated for the sake of the abomination that is the nuclear program of this country.  And for all you stupid zealots out there that are actually arrogant enough to think that nuclear weapons are a good thing I have only this to say, why don’t you round yourselves up and find out what is like to be blown up in nuclear fire first hand?  You’d be doing the rest of us a big favor.

Rib Mountain is made of Quartzite, a mineral that magnifies any energy put into it.  What has been done to the mountain is magnified by a 1000.  I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but what we are doing is being reflected back on us, we’re only poisoning ourselves.  I go up to the quarry on Rib Mountain and just look at what was done.  It’s nuts.  I have the idea of carving the rocks into something, likes Rameses’ Abu Simbel, something to atone for what was taken out of that mountain.  Come on people, can’t we think about something greater than ourselves or money for once?  I can only hope.


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