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So the next post in my magical series is the beginning of the second part, intermediate spellwork/knowledge.  So that being said it’s time to introduce you to chakras.  A lot of the information I am about to give to you comes from a book “Working with your Chakras”, by Ruth White.  It was a little dollar book I picked up at Barnes & Noble years ago, and I have since found to be and indespensible reference tool.  I must give credit where credit is due.

So to start out with there are seven chakras, as diagrammed in the photo above.  They are all connected by a  central column that is also visible in the picture.  The central column is pretty much the spine, but the energy of the spine, not the actual cord or bone.  Chakras deal with energy, not matter directly.  However matter is a reflection of the energy put into it, hence the importance of chakras.  They like acupuncture meridians, are the energy vortexs that combined create the body.  Its like iron filaments and a magnet under a piece of paper.  You can’t see the magnet, but you know its there because the iron filaments follow.  One practice is to clear the central column.  You meditate from the top down, going through each chakra on the way down, clearing any blocks you might encounter on the way down, until your at the base/root chakra, and which point you ascend back up the way you came so to speak, sealing each chakra with a cross of light on the way back up to seal it and protect it.  You want to meditate on the color of each chakra as you go, because the color you percieve is indicative of the health of the chakra, and if it needs healing you need to deliberately infuse it with the proper color, to recharge it.

The first chakra is the base/root.  It opens to the perineum (the area between your plumbing and derierre).  It deals with the concepts of rootedness, incarnation, acceptance, self-preservation, concept.  The age in which it develops is between 0 and 3/5 depending, so parents if you have a child this age, they’re learning about these concepts and so positive reinforcement in this area is a must.  The colors associated with the root are red, brown and mauve.  It associated with the element of earth and the sense of smell and it’s body is physical.  By that I mean we are layers of many different bodies or auric fields and the one associated with this chakra is the physical.  There are extenal ways in which you can seek to balance chakras, fragrances that are stimulating to the root are musk, lavendar, and hyacinth and quietening ones are cedarwood and patchouli.  You can also use crystals for this purpose and those that affect the base are smoky quartz, garnet, alexandrite, ruby, agate, bloodstone, onyx, tiger eye, rose quartz.  The root chakra is also linked to the gonads, so if you have a problems related to these, it could stem from your root chakra.

The next chakra is the Sacral, opens to about two inches below the navel.  It deals with concepts of security, sense of others, sexuality, creativity, empowerment, co-creativity and sincerity.   The developmental age for the sacral is  between 3/5 and 8.  Again parents with children this age, should note that on the unconcious level, the afore mentioned concepts are what your child is dealing with at this time.  The colors associated with this chakra are orange, amber and gold.  It is associated with the element of water, the sense it is related to is taste and the body it generates is the etheric.  Quietening fragrances for this chakra are Musk and Amber, while stimulating ones are Rosemary and Rose Geranium.  Stones that affect the sacral are Amber, Citrine, Topaz, Aventurine, Moonstone and Jasper.  It is also associated with the Lymphatics, so if you have immune system problems, they very well may be the result of an inbalanced sacral chakra.

The third chakra is the Solar Plexus.  This one opens just below the sternum.  Concepts associated with this chakra are Logic, Reason, Opinion, Assimilation, Psychic Intuition.  The Solar Plexus develops between the ages of 8 and 12.  The colors associated with it are Yellow, Gold, and Rose.  It is associated with the element of fire, it is linked to the sense of sight, and the body is the astral.  Quietening fragrances are vetivert and rose, while stimulating ones are bergamot and ylang ylang.  Crystals that affect the solar plexus are Yellow Citrine, Apatite, Calcite, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Iron Pyrites, Topaz, and Malachite.  It is associated with the adrenals.

The next chakra is the Heart Chakra.  It is located on the same level as the physical heart, only it is centered as the physical heart is actually locted to one side.  It has to do with concepts such Compassion, Feeling, Tenderness, Love of God, Love of others and Detachment.  It develops between the ages of 12 and 15, hence many of the emotional outbursts of young teenagers.   The heart’s colors are  Spring Green, Rose and Rose Amethyst.  It is associated with the element of air, the sense of touch and the body is the feeling.  Quietening fragrances are Sandalwood and Rose, stimulating are Pine and Honeysuckle.  Gemstones that affect the heart are Emerald, Green Calcite, Amber, Azurite, Chrysoberyl, Jade, Rose and Watermelon Tourmalines.  The Glands are connected with this chaakra are the the Thymus.

The fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra.  It opens in the neck, pretty much at the adam’s apple.  It has to do with Expression, Responsibility, Communication and Universal Truth.  It develops between the ages of 15 and 21.  The colors associated with the Throat are Blue, Silver and Turquoise.  It is associated with the element of Ether/Akasha, it is the sense of hearing and the body is the mental.  Quietening fragrances are Lavendar and Hyacinth, while stimulating are Patchouli and White Musk.  Crystals that affect the Throat are Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Sodalite, Turquoise and Sapphire.  The glands associated with this chakra are the thyroids and parathyroids.

The last two main chakras have no developmental age and in most people, they never open if you will.  The two higher chakras separate the poets, artists and philosophers, as well as religious minds, from the rest of the population.  The first of these two is the Brow Chakra, not to be confused with the Third Eye, as this is something entirely different.  It is located in nearly the same place, but it is a little lower, with the Brow chakra being between the eyebrows.  It deals with the concepts of Spirit, Completedness, Inspiration, Insight, Insight, and Command.  The colors associated with it are Indigo, Turquoise, Mauve.  It is associated with the element of Radium which is best described as radiant heat, the essence of the Primal Male, and it is associated with the Higher Mental body.  Quieting Fragrances are White Musk and Hyacinth.  Stimulating fragrances are Violet and Rose Geranium.  Gemstones associated with it are Amethyst, Purple Apatite, Azurite, Calcite, Pearl, Sapphire, Blue and White Fluortie.  Glandularly it is connected to the Pineal.

Finally there is the Crown Chakra.  It opens to the top of the head and it’s associated concepts are Soul, Surrender, Release and Incoming Will.  It’s colors are Violet, White and Gold.  The element related to the Crown is Magnetum, which is best described as the magnetic force of Gravity and black holes, it is the essence of the Primal Female.  The body is the Soul, Ketheric or Causal.  Karma may be a better way of putting it.  Quieting Fragrances are Rosemary and Bergamot, stimulating being Violet and Amber.  Crystals associated with the Crown are Diamond, White Tourmaline, White Jade, Snowy Quartz and Celestite.  It is associated with the Pituitary Gland.

So there is your crash course in chakras.  I realize I’ve thrown a lot of information at you, and no your not going ot absorb it all in one sitting, but meditate on all of the concepts I have presented and eventually the mystery of it all with begin to unravel itself and you will see people and the world arround in a new light.  It should also be noted that if you learn or know how to read auras, you are looking at the balance of a persons chakras.  What colors you see, relate directly back to the concepts and bodily connections of each chakra.  This is the basis of Reiki, which I must note is very effective.  In Reiki, the practioner reads your aura and supplies energy of what color and nature you need, from the energy of the Earth.  It is also no coincidence that when you look into a prism, the colors break down precisely the same way as chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and the purple.  It is also no coincidence that they form white light, theres a deeper mystery thee which I leave for you all to ponder.  Either way, there you go, Happy Self-Exploration.


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