The never-given Wausau Speech

October 28, 2009 at 3:53 pm (environmental, magic, metaphysics, philosophy, political, shamanism)


All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.


There is justice, even though there may be conflict.

Nature is balance. Its as much about expansive heat, it is also about contracting cold. For as much as you wake up everyday you must also sleep. If you take something, you must give something in return-This is the spirit of Halloween, in ancient Celtic lore it was the one night of the year where the veils between the world of the living and the dead were the thinnest, and the unwary could find themselves taken to an early grave by a disgruntled spirit, The witching hour, midnight on October 31st. You can hear it in the howl of the wind. Some may call it coincidence, but in the next week listen to the wind and the noises of Wausau at night as it gets closer to Halloween, without knowing what those noises are. Tell me that you don’t hear something sinister in them. As sure at it is you will hear the ghosts in the wind, it is also not that long ago that we where at the height summer after another long hard winter had passed. So even though as the world around us comes to absolute stillness, In a few months we will be rejoicing at the coming of spring. As Nature slows down for the mind clarifying cold, it also holds the promise of rebirth.

This concept of Nature as balance between the forces of action and receptivity is too often over looked when it applies to the body and internal organs. The physical form is a delicate equilibrium as well and it’s easier to go with the flow of nature than against it. This is why I provided the sheets on seasonal attunement and I recommend the book listed therein quite highly.

If the body affects the mind then it follows that what affects the body will also affect the mind. Not repecting the concepts of heat/cold as two separate opposite distinct things, equal in power and worth, manifests in the mind. The road goes two ways though, one also can manifest what the mind thinks in the material and that it what Buddha spoke of. By our thoughts we create the world. The fact that we literally are what we eat, has to be paid attention to, because if we consume animals that never really lived, more so that creature had a living death, that suffering will meld with our mind. It will affect our perception for the worst, and that in turn will affect the rest of the universe.

I have noticed over the years that many people literally have to have something making noise at all times, a TV, radio, phone what have you, never absolute silence. I wonder if this is due to most people’s internal monologes being out of control. Random thoughts that just pop in unbidden and are unwelcome. I challenge those of you with whom these words may hit the mark with, to start listening to what is said in silence. For this is the introspection and meditation appropriate for this time of year. People are so consumed with getting ahead that they do not listen to and take care of themselves, and their world around them suffers. There is a way to be able to survive without having to work ourselves into an early grave. It may involve the sacrifice of that extra car or tv, but frankly those things aren’t really doing anybody any good anyway. It is to the peace of love and family we should cling, and do only what is necessary to support that.

If we as a town were to do that, and instead focus on what is real, justice as opposed to conflict, temperance instead of gluttony, action instead of grief, live a life hopefully not too removed from the land, what effect would that have on the rest of the world? Make the changes necessary to clean up the river, stop the land grab that’s going on in the northwoods, and then what could we do?

But the key to all this whole picture is local. There is conflict in Wausau, and anybody who has an ear to the ground can hear it. Why is this conflict? Because people’s sense of justice has been impinged upon. If justice were being served, there would be peace. I applaude the actions of the council in setting aside money for homeowners to fix up their house a little. There needs to be money put towards making Wausau and central Wisconsin more independent, self sufficient and sustainable as well. I truly feel our survival depends upon it. I do not know what will happen in the future but looking at the threads of it forming now, I can see both humanity finally getting it’s act together, but also everything falling apart. I can see the same threads in Wausau as well.

We are all connected, and it is very possible for an individual to effect the rest of humanity, if not likely. Given the person is solid enough, and solid means not only strength, but lack of faults, the greater the integrity the more the effect. If an individual has the power of Truth behind them they are unstoppable. This doesn’t even begin to cover what happens when people come togther as a group. People united in purpose, if only for a minute, can do miraculous things. Never believe it is too far gone or too difficult. The odds are too insurmountable. There may be 99% chance something might happen, but there still the 1% chance that it won’t So strive to be the person you want to be, instead of the person you think you have to be. Because odds are when you do that, you will change the world.

Today their will be approximately 4000 other events, in 170 countries, and their purpose is to send a clear message to President Obama about the environment and the rate at which our air is being polluted. President Obama meets with other members of the United Nations in Copenhagen Denmark this year, and there is a major climate treaty on the table. As it is currently it is pretty weak, and the purpose of these rallies to day is to tell world leaders it is 350 ppm CO2 that is the upper limit of what the climate can take. I frankly think that number should be even less, and that a fundamental shift needs to occur, not one as superficial as a number, however it is a very definite step in the right direction, and an inertial shift from the policies of the last administration. Today is a most definitely an auspicious day, globally people all around the world are coming together to send a clear unified message. When was the last time that happened?

I tell you truly though continue to live in peace and share. When we turn away from the needs of others, we refuse to acknowledge our own. When we turn away the downtrodden, later on down the line we may find our selves in the same position. There but for the grace of God go I.

Pay attention to how you feel, both physically and emotionally for these primal urges and voices are there for a reason, so that the mind can do something about it when the body is slowly being poisoned. If it is not food you either grew yourself, bought from a farmer’s market, bought at a local store tied to a farm, you probably shouldn’t eat it. If your water hasn’t been filtered either by natural means (springs) or artificial no chlorine, sodium or flouride, you are still polluting yourself, If you find yourself driving all over kingdom come to get everything you need, you probably think you need to much. Not only are you poisoning yourself, but your poisoning all the other inhabitants who dwell here in this area and on the planet. There is a very simple way to live, and it involved centering your life around love and bliss, and making everything else take second.

Above all respect the Earth, whether you recognize it or not, you are one with her. Be in tune with the land, she will survive. If you honor her and live according to the laws of nature, you will find that you survive as well. Grow a garden, Love. Nature will teach you and provide you with everything you need




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