Update to H1N1

November 3, 2009 at 10:12 pm (medicine, political)


***January 21, 2011, the FDA and the CDC released a press release stating they are investigating a rise in febrile seizures (seizure related to fever) related to the fluzone vaccine used in children 6 to 23 months old.  No, these vaccines are safe, trust us***

There is more news regarding the H1N1 vaccine and it’s not good.  Here, from guest blogger Mary E., are the details.

A week or so ago, it was announced that there was an “unexpected” shortage of the vaccine for H1N1 and that it would be weeks before any additional vaccine would be available for anyone.  Suddenly, this week, shipments of the vaccine are being received, well ahead of the previously announced lack of availability.  I am not surprised.  Last week I learned, from trusted medical personnel awaiting shipments of the vaccine, that in order to make more vaccine available sooner, the makers of the vaccine are diluting it with additional amounts of thimerosal (mercury).

For those of you who don’t already know, thimerosal (mercury) is a deadly poison and a major cause of Autism.  The pharmaceutical industry has acknowledged placing this “preservative” in all flu vaccines (seasonal as well as the H1N1) because so many people are now aware that this is being done.  Note: you can get a seasonal flu vaccine minus the thimerosal (mercury) if you ask for it but I don’t know if this applies to the H1N1.

People in general have become concerned and anxious about the lack of available H1N1 vaccine and news of people dying after becoming ill with this flu, many of them children, hasn’t helped.  You get the idea that many without thinking will rush to get whatever is available as soon as it shows up and may wonder if the shortage was artificial to that end.  We’ve also been informed that children should be getting not one but two vaccinations!  Now back comes the H1N1 vaccine albeit in a more deadly form than the original.  No matter whether children or adults get one or two vaccines, they will be getting a lot more thimerosal (mercury).

As a parent and as an individual contemplating these vaccinations, you may want to carefully consider what’s going on here.  Fortunately, there appears to be an option.  The nasal spray version of the H1N1 apparently has no preservative, including thimerosal (mercury), in it.  Whether or not there will be enough of that to go around, I do not know.  In any case, pharmaceutical companies are required to list all of the ingredients of their products on the package label and you, as a patient and/or parent, have the right to check labels of all medications you receive.  If you are refused this right, beware.

Note: As far as children and others who are becoming very ill with the H1N1, we also need to learn how they are being treated.  Since the H1N1 is known to attack the lungs, the question is, are these patients being treated with Penicillin, the drug of choice for pneumonia.  I know about this first hand since my husband has had several bouts of pneumonia over the years.


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