Letter to the President

November 24, 2009 at 1:51 am (environmental, medicine, political, Science)

November 23, 2009

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing you today at the behest of 350.org, but also because I personally feel there are many things that need to be said. I could expound upon Climate change, and emphasize the fact that 350 parts per million is the upper limit of carbon emissions that our planet can handle, but I would only be repeating the probably thousands of other emails and letters you have received. The issue of the disparaging state of our planet is an issue that is many faceted, and like the Earth it is an interconnected web, a fundamental unity behind seeming separateness. Even if the best happens at Copenhagen this year, and a meaningful treaty is agreed to, there still needs to be a fundamental reorganization of how we live and do business. We need to understand the many dimensions of this problem, and like a cancer destroy it at the root; otherwise it will continue to reappear. So allow me to share my personal knowledge, perspective and suggestions in regards to the environment.

Looking at the problem of the Climate as indeed a cancer does raise the question, of what really is the fundamental problem. The answer lies in the most basic facet of being human, food and water. The truth is that our world is the way it is because of what we do to our bodies, as by our thoughts and emotions we create our world. If we heal ourselves, we will heal the Earth. The common western diet that is rich in meat and refined grains, in addition to the ridiculous amounts of overly powerful and unnecessary prescriptions, completely ignores the concept of balance between yang warming food and yin cooling food, and as such this imbalance is reflected in the natural world. Such consumption of primarily warming foods, and the chemicals/additives present in most of it, serves to overheat people’s livers, the same organ system that in Oriental Medicine is the root of anger, of arrogance and an egocentric personality. It directly leads to the greedy and materially obsessed mindset shown by many in this country that is killing our planet. By this common overheated personality our world reflects the same imbalance, becoming warmer by the day. There is no question in my mind that the rampages and absurd self-serving mentalities we are seeing these days are a direct result of people being fundamentally debased by the twisted food they are eating. These people are sick, in the most basic physical way.

The place to begin to solve this problem is to remove the ridiculous subsidies that are in place in our agricultural system now. Instead of commodity crops, we need to support bio-diversity. Instead of large corporations like Cargill and Monsanto, we need to support the local organic farmer. As the system is set up right now, we are wasting tremendous amounts of bio-mass and energy. Not only are we poisoning the earth with run off from factory farms and oil based fertilizers, but we are poisoning ourselves with food that is so processed and defiled, it scarcely resembles the plant from which it was derived. I ask you to subsidize local food production, as in small and community based organic agriculture, not greed and environmental destruction. Local food production also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as food is no longer being shipped over hundreds of miles. That is in addition to the fact that in organic farming there is no more runoff. Manure from grass-fed, free range livestock then serves as fertilizer, in addition to compost. Petroleum based fertilizer and the machines required for the current large scale agricultural operations are no longer needed. Approximately 20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from commercial food production. This is an extremely simple change that would have incalculable positive ramifications for our society and the planet.

Gandhi was once quoted as saying “the greatness of a nation, and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way in which it’s animals are treated”. The living death that most commercial livestock are consigned to desperately needs to change. Raising animals that never see the light of day, are genetically altered to promote faster (unsustainable) growth, and live covered in their own filth and tripping over their own dead because they are packed in pens like sardines is a fundamental corruption of who we are as individuals and as a society. It applies to mega dairy farms as well. What we are doing to the animals of this country is downright evil. There is no need for this industrialized death, there were more bison naturally produced on the Great Plains than all the beef farms in the area now. It is imperative that you start subsidizing free-range, grass fed livestock, and implement programs that boost the habitat and numbers of natural game animals, respecting the natural order of things (stop poisoning predators with Compound 1080 and Sodium Cyanide) so people may hunt for their own food, thereby honoring the creatures we eat for food with at least a fighting chance.

All of this suffering and death manifests, and this is the truth of why people are getting so sick. Agricultural and nutritional reform is the true healthcare reform. The perversion that is our modern food supply, whether it is plant or animal manifests in the mind, and interferes with clarity of thought and physical health. Educate people that by an unadulterated whole food diet and less-stressful lifestyle they need to go to the doctor fewer times, for less severe problems. Put the proverbial sock in Big Pharma’s and Big Ag’s mouth and get out the truth by whatever means necessary that there is a very simple solution to peoples health problems, what they are eating. Decentralize the system. Encourage small agricultural operations and businesses, tip the scales in favor of small restaurants that serve healthy wholesome meals by monetary incentives, and throw the book at fast food.

The other most fundamental aspect of human incarnation, and as a result the climate issue, is water. You can not drink the water in any river in this country and as a result most are forced to drink tap water that among other things has chlorine in it, a substance that breaks up Vitamin E and as a result leads to diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s which are caused by Vitamin E deficiency. Choking our already polluted waterways with dams is inhibiting the water cycle from naturally rinsing CO2 out of the atmosphere. So not only do dams prevent waterways from naturally cleansing themselves through aeration, preventing the choking algae blooms that locally killed off half the fish where I live this past year, but also in allowing the Earth a greater chance of cleaning up the mess we are making of Her.

As revolutionary as the idea must seem I feel it is imperative to our survival that not only do we put extremely strict limits on pollutants in waterways, if not eradicate them entirely, but we open the dams in this country. It requires a lot of reorganization, but if we can use things like Eminent Domain to take away people’s land to build unnecessary high-voltage transmission lines, as American Transmission Company did in my area a few years ago, a corporation I might add that is investor owned, we can take the necessary steps to evacuate people out of the path of the draw down of these dams and do something that actually is in the spirit that Eminent Domain was conceived, an action for the greater good of society. This trend of choking and inhibiting water from cleansing itself needs to be reversed.

Part of what is polluting the waterways is paper mills. The large scale logging going on in this country needs to stop now. The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, or as it is more commonly referred to around here, the Northwoods, is the most heavily harvested forest in the country. It is logged at a rate of 116 million board feet per year, and at the current rate it will be gone in 45 years. This must stop. This priceless resource breathes the CO2 out of our air. A new way is not impossible, but it does require that we cease to support multinational corporations that exploit people and land. It requires that we take back possession of our local resources and stop logging for profit. With the removal of exploitation and corporate harvesting of non-renewable resources, this blight would cease. We need to stop the trend of deforestation, and an idea of the Civilian Conservation Corps should be revisited. People would be provided much needed jobs replanting trees and restoring the environment. I implore you to legalize hemp as well, as not only are there the medicinal, spiritual and anti-psychotic properties of this plant, but it serves a viable and renewable alternative to timber in the production of paper. I ask you to make all of this a reality.

With large scale industrial operations, comes the problem of how to power all this destruction. I obtained a copy of the World Health Organizations 1984 study on the effects of electrical fields on both humans and animals. There is a documented rise in cancer including leukemia, rise in stress triglycerides, interference in pineal gland functioning, the same gland that rules estrus and sleep cycles, and as a result there was a 20% increase in nocturnal activity around electrical fields. The implications of cancer are obvious even if they are being ignored, but rise in stress can be linked to people snapping as we have been seeing these days. An increase in nocturnal activity, i.e. insomnia and sleep disturbances can be linked to skyrocketing rates of depression, manic depression and schizophrenia. Look around us, we are immersed in a bath of electricity everywhere we go in this so-called Digital Age.

Large centralized power companies are horrifically inefficient, and it is they and large industries they serve that are the real polluters. So much emphasis is placed on the individual when really the problem lies with the corporate, centralized system. Over half of power generated at large power plants is lost right of the bat. That means that half of the mercury pollution from these plants is completely unnecessary. High-voltage transmission lines lose a great deal of the power they carry as well so that in the end, the power that actually gets used is a quarter of what is generated. This doesn’t even begin to cover the ionization that goes on as well, making more Ozone. CFL light bulbs not only are putting a band aid on a mortal wound, but they are made with vaporized mercury. We are already being poisoned by mercury in the fish, in the water, in our vaccines, but now we’re going to bring it directly into our homes and it won’t even be a choice anymore because incandescent will be illegal soon? How on earth is this preserving individual freedom and sound public policy?

The real solution is to stop electricity from being a corporate run utility and make it a locally run cooperative. There are several such models in Wisconsin alone. Provide more programs like NCAP to aid people in weatherizing and making their homes more energy efficient. Provide government subsidies for homeowners to purchase solar power. With a decentralized grid, there is far less waste, in addition to the fact that power outages would be much more isolated and smaller. TV and radio need to be taken out of corporate hands and decentralized as well. In addition electricity needs to be a choice, not a mandated requirement as it is in my town. When a person can’t even afford to feed their family, governments are going to demand people pay for profit corporations for a service that truth be told is not necessary to our survival but more over is actually a detriment to our health and well being?

The answer here is not more electricity as Big Coal and Big Oil would have us believe, but less. We are all going to die if we continue the trend we are on, and it isn’t so much from Climate Change as it is from so much radiation. We are the cat in the microwave at this point, to put it bluntly. Background radiation on the planet is rising. Nuclear power should be banned as well, as the waste is radioactive for centuries, more radiation with the possibility of another Chernobyl or Three Mile Island to boot. You need to educate people as to what all this technology really does. Use the demon for it’s own destruction. Put it all over the news, make sure every man woman and child knows, in terms they can understand the dangers of radiation from exposure to even household electrical fields.

You are the leader of the “free” world. By appearances you have the most power of all, but in that I am reminded of the game of chess, where the king has little more movement than his pawns. You must remember it is the Earth that grants you dominion. For the land provided the wealth that greased the wheels of your campaign. At Copenhagen this year, you need to do the right thing. You need to take the necessary steps to save the planet, no matter what. If other nations refuse to sign on or negotiate well then I encourage you to continue leading by example as you already have. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. If my suggestions seem unobtainable well then I challenge you to contemplate that phrase more deeply, for our lives are measured not in how much we make or our social position, but in what we did with the time we were given, and whether we chose to serve ourselves, or the rest of humanity and thereby God.


Debra Weiss

Wausau, WI



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