The Oil Spill in the Gulf from the perspective of a Shamaness

July 20, 2010 at 2:04 am (environmental, Goddess, magic, medicine, metaphysics, Mythology, paganism, political, prophecy, religion, shamanism, spirituality)

The horror in the Gulf continues.  And as some allow themselves to be numbed to it, or sell their own power short and swallow the double talk of BP instead of having to live as spiritual adults and the responsibilities that come with it, but it continues.  And it will continue.  Welcome to the end of the world as we know it people.  I dare you to have the courage to look the monster in the eye, as the Earth’s blood spills into not only the gulf but Nigeria as well.  As demand grows, so will the spills, as we are forced to dig deeper and in more dangerous places.  The death that has resulted from our addiction to oil is enough to condemn the whole human race to Hell.  And here it is being broadcast as over the news as a sporting event.  Keep score and keep watching, never mind the growing inferno around you…

God damn it I will not roll over and die.  I swore my life to stop the greedy.  I swore to the Goddess of Hell…

But make no mistake I am not evil, I am the Woman of the Wild, the power in a wolf’s eyes as she watches silently from the shadows, she of the many names, unspeakably beautiful, but no mortal man may unveil.  Life and death in perfect balance, and in that balance lies a third way, a third choice.   Come back to nature, heed the call that our Mother has be calling some time now.  If you have read this far, you are meant to, so learn the balance.  “For all that you take, you must give in return” so sayeth Quetzalcoatl.  2012 is the return of Quetzalcoatl, and it is a rebirth for those who heed the call, not the drivel they also broadcast over the boob tube, about total annihilation.  It is the culmination of both a 5000 year cycle and a 40,000 year astrological cycle.  It is the death of the old to make way for the birth of the new.  Hail the age of Aquarius.  The water bearer, the sacred hermaphrodite, the Balance.

Annihilation and Creation exist simultaneously.  The Hindu’s call it the dance of Shiva.  If total destruction exists, than so does magnificient creation.   So as we stand and look at the disaster in the Gulf, keep two things in mind.  One that the spill is an archetypal key.  It unlocked the door of destruction, that is inherent in our use of fossil fuels, and it “bleeds” until we finally take responsibility for the damage we have caused and make the necessary changes no matter how painful… 

It also is a lesson in power though.  Creation and destruction exist simultaneously, and so we look at our doom, realize there is always a choice and the odds come down to what you believe and what you are willing to work for.  I work for the the Old Enchanted Forests of my ancestors to once again rise, like the Virgin Pines of the Northwoods.  I work to hear the voice of the Gods in the rushing water over Bull Falls.  I work so that my three sons may have a world that not only is habitable, but beautiful and untamed.  To long has the feminine been stunted, we are wild, we are the embodiements of the Earth.  I work for Balance, I work for Truth.  And the Truth is that both Creation and Destruction exist in everyone for a reason.  Do not fear the Dark Lady, for there is something priceless to be learned from Her.  If you are willing to die, than you are willing to fight.  If you are willing to kill for luxury and sport, as driving for those reasons at this point is, that the Dark Lady demands you have the honor to give yourself in payment for your debt.  If you face Her, She may just let you live, if you flee, She will devour you.


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