The Glimmer of Integrity Reborn

November 13, 2010 at 2:47 pm (magic, medicine, metaphysics, philosophy, Uncategorized)

A lot of things have happened in the last few weeks for me.  I’ve run the full gambit from having what I have been working for for 3 years in essence handed to me, confronting harrassment I have endured for that same amount of time and as a result of my environmental work, and on the other end of the spectrum, publicly embarrassed myself, through no fault of my own because a worm got in my computer and sent out emails to everyone in my contacts, including councilmen, that had links to illegal prescription sex pills.  It’s funny how that all works, my dreams come true, balanced by what I can only term as a nightmare coming true.  I must state for the record, the coincidental nature of it all.  Two days after coming back to my public position on the Commission, this happens.  In light of the harrassment I have recieved, it is just too damn coincidental.  But it was a worm, it was not something sent my way by a human to screw me up, and I messed it up more than anything by panicking the way that I did.  Let it be stated for the record, I’m human too, I screw up from time to time as well.  My apologies.

But back to that coincidence thing.  I believe all things happen for a reason.  I walk the path of a Shaman, and anyone with those gifts will tell you it is a fine line to walk indeed.  I have spent my whole life having really messed up inexplicable stuff happen to me, and it is a result of what I am.  Some metals have to be tested in hotter fires.  I have been judged by many, but I tell you truly, those who judge are the one’s with the sickness, and it is a rampant sickness indeed.

The events of the last year have marked a new course in my life.  I have come out of the shadows, not because I want to, believe me I do a lot of things because I have to, not because I want to.  I would love to have my little slice of heaven out in the woods, but again, it’s that fine line again, I was brutally dragged back by the Fates if you will repeatedly.  I have to stay here, where I do not want to be, until I do whatever it is that is being asked of me.  Hence the coming out of the shadows and attempting to change the laws, change the policies, to lift the yoke of oppression that has settled in around the neck of this country.  But that is a whole other story isn’t it, my council run?

See, I have been sitting here for a while with a bunch of puzzle pieces in my hand and for the life of me, I haven’t been able to get them to fit together.  What happened when I ran for council was one of those pieces.  What caused me to quit at the time, and still takes up headspace is the conflict and character assasination that I as a podunk city council candidate endured.  Dont get me wrong, I know I am controversial.  An ex-dancer, environmentalist, social activist and unconfirmed anarchist, I know I piss a lot of people off.  Not deliberately, let me make that perfectly clear.  I do what I do because I am asked to do so, and you can say I am nuts claiming to be led by a higher power, but I say truly a person is nuts not to believe.  Even if you term it only the universe, there is a conciousness behind all the chaos, and it speaks to each and everyone of us, everyday. 

I listen, and the message I am presented with through the events of the last few weeks and my council run last winter, is that I missed something.  That worm was completely random, and completely devastating to my personal rep in this town.  Why would that happen unless there were not a message in it?  I do not believe in coincidence.  I have seen far to much to think there is such a thing as a truly random event.  Everything, is connected.  So what is the message?

For one thing I have been caught up in the “us against them” mentaility that is all too prevalent in politics today.  It wasn’t the exact people I was talking to on my council blog, although they might have been mildly fustrating.  See for my entire adult life I have been whittling away against the “system”.  Although that concept needs no defining, allow you my take on it.  The multinational corporate system, that has taken over our government and oppresses people.  That there are an elite group of people somewhere, call them the Illuminati, the Bildeburgers or Rockefeller doctrine, that is doing everything in their enormous swaths of power to enslave everyone else.  Do I still believe that?  Somewhat.  What I have learned is that in corporations it is just the nature of the beast.  Corporations are much like governments where people choose to work towards a common end, for good or ill, but for profit, and so corporations’ very nature is greed, but it is an interred form of greed, not an overt grab-all.  It is a bunch of people bound by financial need, that work for this entity because it’s a good paycheck, but by their service allow the monster all the power it needs.  Is that an elite group of people controlling things?  No, it is an elite group of people profiting (but very much dependent) because few have the courage to ever look any direction other than straight ahead and where they are told to go.

The other message I missed is that no man may rule another.  It is what the Native Americans believed,  many of the ancient  European Pagan/Shamanistic cultures believed, and what I believe.  Very contradictory for someone like that to seek a position of power, but only if one misunderstands the intended and achieved effect.  I think the sickness we suffer from as a country, that my town is the microcosm of, is that we no longer want to give anyone power anymore, but we still feel that we have to.  I was so shocked that with all of my GOOD ideas, things went the way they did with my council run.  Nobody believes anyone is incorruptable and they are right when what’s being handed out,  they have no business handing to anyone other than themselves.   All this chaos, could be put to rest tomarrow, if people would just take back their power, believe in and work for the life they want, as opposed to what they feel they have to.  No bloodshed, no conflict, just peace. 

Could it be that what I desire most in life is actually coming true?   People are starting to acknowledge their personal power, and are refusing to give it away anymore?  Will people also learn to chill the hell out and stop running around in circles and learn to live their life as a walking prayer?  I can only dream, and believe me I do that quite regularly.


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