Rock Lake Pyramids

November 21, 2010 at 1:48 am (Goddess, magic, metaphysics, Mythology, paganism, prophecy, religion, shamanism, spirituality, Uncategorized)

Yesterday, I stumbled across a book in the library that has fundamentally altered my perception of where I live and my place in it.  I am as stunned as I am excited, and for lack of a better outlet I will share it with you, my cyber audience.

The short version of the story is this.  There are many effigy mounds, and rock “pyramids” under the surface of a lake about 20 miles west of Madison.  How they got there is a mystery, and research is scant and difficult.  The book I picked up, and devoured in less than 24 hours, is Frank Joseph’s “the Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake”.  The theories proposed in that book I might not pay much heed to if it were not for a lifetime of research into mythology and legend, and my life-long experience as a seer and shaman.

Those who know me and/or frequent my blog will know that I am a dream-walker.  I go places in my sleep and see things that otherwise I would have no way of knowing.  I also practice deep meditation and trances, astral journeying if you will, and again I return with knowledge, that is wholly accurate even if the means by which I obtain it is unbelievable to the ignorant.  There have been a few things I have seen over the years that I tucked away in the back of my mind, that I did not know what to do with at the time, but were worthy of remembrance nontheless.

The first is a vision I had while I was sick with a fever.  I found myself in a cave with a gigantic snake.  By gigantic I mean it was 20 to 3o feet tall.  It would dwarf an anaconda.  This entity spoke to me, but I do not remember the message.  It has been lost either to the fever, or to time.

The second vision came to me when I was in perfectly good health.  I was in an extraordinarily deep trance and it was shown to me that the Mississippi River and this area were just like the Nile and Egypt, only an inverted mirror image, and held the same significance as the Magical land of the Pyramids.  Again the specifics of the vision are vague to me now, as this was shown to me a few years ago.

The third was a ritual I did over three years ago, on Rib Mountain invoking the Goddess Maat, the Egyptian principle of Truth, Balance and Justice.  You would think invoking a 4000 to 6000 year old, no longer worshipped Egyptian diety, on the other side of the world from her homeland would be a fruitless exercise, but I beg to differ.  Subsonic waves, powerful enough to crush me (and I almost did collapse under their weight), decended from the heavens and my life has been changed ever since.  As it was that night I have no recollection of the three hours I spent on that mountain.  The memories I do have, are snippets of fantastic images, a haze of Divine visions and madness.

The fourth was a dream I had where Quetzalcoatl appeared to me.  He was a huge stone serpent upon and arid cliff, and his tail went all the way down, disapearing into the water below.  It was during this visit he spoke to me of “for all that you take, you must give something in return”, a message I do not think has relevance to this subject, but I have mentioned previously on my blog.  So was the beginning of the path I am currently walking, learning of the native spiritual energies and history of this land.  I remember thinking to myself, why would a Mesoamerican God be visiting me in Northern Wisconsin?

Even more puzzling is the final piece relevant to yesterdays revelation.  I had a dream where Xiuhtecuhtli and Grandmother appeared to me.  Grandmother didnt have much to say, aside from being a comforting and strengthening presence in the face of the rageful essence of void that Xiuhtecuhtli is.  Never before in all of my life have I ever encountered this Diety in any of my reading, experience or whathaveyou.  He was completely foriegn to me.  He told me his name, and then proceeded to inform me that he was the God to whom the human sacrifices were made, but it was not what he wanted.  He was turned into a demon by it, and believe me, he scared the shit out of me by his countenance alone.   I have spent my entire life seeing freaky otherworldly beings, including the Lady of Death herself, I do not scare easily.  When I awoke I looked him up and sure enough, he was the god of life after death, and the infamous human sacrifices of the Aztec were in his honor.

So enter the Rock Lake pyramids.  The long version of the story will elucidate why my visions are relevant to this tale.  According to the author of the book, the pyramids are a necropolis of a race that the Native Americans referred to as powerful foreign shamanic chiefs, who came from the sea when their homeland flooded.  According to the research the author did, and he did a hell of a job, the origin of these foreign shamans was the Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa, the legendary Isle of the Fortunate Ones, the remnants of the mythical Atlantis.  These master seafarers rode the current that stretches across the Atlantic Ocean and ends in Central America and from there, made their way to the Rock Lake area and further north to the copper deposits in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  They mined the copper and shipped it back across the Ocean, with the settlements at Rock Lake being a centralized staging area before the metal’s tranoceanic voyage.

  Modern Archeology has two questions they have never been able to answer, one being where did the copper that fueled the Bronze Age in the Old World come from, and the other is where did the 500,ooo tons of copper mined from the U.P. go?  Seems pretty obvious to me.  There are rock piles resembling inverted ice cream cones that have been found from Rock Lake all the way into the U.P., many of them being destroyed by the whites who came here after Columbus supposedly “found” the Americas, that are found nowhere else in the world except on the Canary Islands.  The name the Natives had for the Necropolis, which was wholly known to them through oral tradition passed down through the generations before the modern discovery of these pyramids, Tyranena, a name they say was what the foreign shamans called it, not a word of their own vernacular is almost identical to a place on the Canary Islands, Tirajana.  The fortune the seafarers would have amassed from being the sole supplier of copper to all of antiquity would certainly earn their little cluster of islands the title “the isle of the fortunate”

On top of all this there is the question of the prehistoric settlement 3 miles east of Rock Lake, Aztalan.  Having two serpent mounds, as well as decapitated men mounds, and actual grave containing ritually decaptated victims, a custom part of ancient heirosgamos rites in the Old World, Greek, Sumerian and so on.  The author also includes the myth of Cadmus, an ancient Phoenician who founded a kingdom by slaying the last of a giant serpent race, who guarded a sacred spring.  At the end of the myth Cadmus and his wife turn into serpents themselves and swim away across a large body of water.  Rock Lake is reported to be possessed by a serpent guardian, lurking in the water, a giant 30 foot snake, seen by more than one person on more than one occasion.  Whether it is a real monster of the abyss, or merely an astral being conjured to mess with the minds of those who might desecrate the graves of the ancient shamans, it is well documented.

In the final days of Aztalan, ritual cannibalism sprung up.  Some native tribes practiced this death cult and the theory goes that in the final years of the settlement the foriegners intermarried with some of these tribes and the death cult arose within the sacred walls of this ancient complex.  Aztalan and the copper mines were abruptly abandoned around 1300 AD, and the settlement was deliberately burned to the ground, no doubt to purge the spiritual abominations lingering from the death cult.  It is highly likely, that these peoples migrated south and became the Aztec.  Copper Axe monies found in the U.P. mines were still being used when Columbus landed in Central America and Cuba.

So enter my visions.  The snake God is the serpent guardian.  The vision of the Mississippi river (the Rock river dumps into the Miss.) and surrounding area being of as great of import (pun intended) as ancient Egypt, Quetzalcoatl appearing to me here in Wisconsin, a giant serpent with his tail disapearing below the water, almost like a root going into the earth, like his roots were in the water, in this case in more than one way, and  Xiuhtecuhtli telling me of human sacrifice done in his honor, but against his wishes.  Finally the Invocation of Ma’at.  Now that is not quite as obvious until you realize that Ma’at was equivalent to Metis of the Greeks, and Anath of Libyans, Libya being at one point subjugated by the peoples of the Isle of the Fortunate, meaning the high probablity of her cult being transported here as the copper was transported back.  Indeed both at Tyranena and Aztalan, there are temple mounds to the goddess of the moon, and by marriage, Ma’at was associated with the moon, as her husband Tehuti/Thoth was the Egyptian Moon God.  So it would seem She indeed has been here before, a fact I was ignorant of 3 years ago on the mountain.

The implications of this to our notion of history and who discovered america are obvious, just as it should be obvious to anyone reading this, the implications to anyone living in the enigmatic Northwoods.   I know the spirits stuck that little book under my nose for a reason.  As I start drafting my Reforestation proposal for the Northwoods, it seems there is something else I need to know about this enchanted forest. 

So allow me to leave you with another one of my visions in closing.  Rib Mountian is a sacred site as well, a mountain made of quartzite, a mineral that magnifies magical energies a 1000 fold, and long before it became a part of the state park, I have been practicing at the quarry on the west side of the mountain.  For all that you take, you must give something in return, and from the West side of this mountain much has been taken, leaving a scarred unnatural horseshoe shaped cliff that opens to the north.  It has occured to me that such a place would be a perfect location for a temple, carved into the rock, much like Ramses II built Abu Simbel into the side of the cliffs over looking the Nile.  Perhaps in light of the revelations of the last 24 hours, and their relevance to years of visions on my part it is time to share this vision with you.  This land is sacred, the forest, the falls, the mountain.  Perhaps such a project should be considered, to immortalize energies, and a history that should not be forgotten, and will be relevant in the age to come.



  1. etheria888 said,

    A minor update to this story. I looked up the legend of the wendigo last night. It is a winter famine demon, that incites people to Cannibalism. This monster can possess people and once that happens these people have an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Their hearts turn to ice, and the only way to destroy this being once it has found a host is to burn it. Could it be that Aztalan feel into a severe famine one winter and cannibalism sprung up as a result, and the place was burned to destroy the spirit of the Wendigo that had infested the place? That maybe the soon to be Aztecs fled, carrying their death cult with them, and the natives (Wendigo is an algonquin myth) burned the place to the ground. I say this because I think the author may have been wrong about who fell into to cannibalism.

  2. karl said,

    I just finished writing a book about these things(not past the editing stage) you might be interested in my face book page “Aurora Mors” in my book I involve aztalan quetzalcoatl and windigo. aztecs and atlantis.

    • etheria888 said,

      I tried to find you on facebook. i dont have account and i cant find you. I would be interested in knowing more, can you give me the direct link?

  3. karl said,

    I find it hard to believe that these connections are mere coincidence, that my book ties in these same mysterious creatures and places. I did a little bit of research while writing my book but I did not believe anyone else connected these mysteries together. I just thought I was writing an interesting piece of fiction. my book is called “Aurora Mors” .

  4. karl said,

    one more thing, I just noticed you were from wausau. I live in Ashland wisconsin. And I frequent wausau often for my wife’s brothers live there.

  5. karl said,

    • etheria888 said,

      Still cant view it, sorry. I really am interested, but I shut down my account due to privacy and spyware issues. Is there somewhere else I could see your stuff?

      • karl said,

        I do not have any info anywhere else. but if I and when I do, I will let u know on here.

  6. karl said,

    oh, I forgot I put up some photos of the chapter illustrations on search “Aurora Mors”.

    • etheria888 said,

      Pretty good stuff. I have to ask, you said that you were unaware that anyone else had covered the subject, how did you come to it then? I ask because is there more archealogical evidence, did you have similar visions? I’m just curious, and know from experience that when something is important it has ways of popping up in the collective concious in the most fantastic ways.

  7. karl said,

    When I began writing my story again, my wife(girlfriend at the time) said if your going to have it take place in ironwood area, you have to talk about the missing copper. I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about so I looked into, which led me to Aztalan and rock lake, then the Aztecs, then Quetzalcoatl, which then led to the serpent in rock lake and then the flooding of rock lake and the disappearance of the Aztalan community, Then I connected the Aztalan and copper to the building of the copper wall around Atlantis. I also connected the lore of the Windigo to fit my story. As I put these all together and wrote it felt as a Flurry of ideas came out of now where and fit, and as I wrote it felt as I was in a trance. (I got D’s in English in high school). And to find some one else in the area who connected these same things, Amazes me.

    • etheria888 said,

      And that was exactly what I was talking about with things spontaneously arising from the collective unconcious:) Definately a big deal.

  8. karl said,

    I agree, my wife calls it the bell theory. some where someone rings a (metaphoric)bell and if it is the right frequency it rings farther out and then some where else and so on. If this is the case I wish I could publish NOW. It seems to be the right time for it. For some reason this message, this history, needs to be brought forth to the public. Be it for the sake of Wisconsin history and preservation or the on going search for Atlantis.

  9. karl said,

    I’ve come across a few more coincidences about rock lake and my book that I felt compelled to share. I found a podcast on Darkness radio about the subject and found out from there that original (native american) name of the lake was “Temple of the moon” in my book I tell of a temple built out of Iron before the lake flooded. I called it the temple of the moon. The temple replaced one made of copper called the temple of the sun. I also learned from the pod cast that rock lake was a necropolis or cemetery for the natives over many many years and over time the lake rose in level covering up each shoreline cemetery in turn, in my book the lake is sort of a mecca for spirits of the dead or spirits of unrest within us who are still alive. These spirits are released by the lake and take the form of Auroras. I found out in Native American culture Auroras are believed to be spirits that have passed.
    Going back to where this may all be coming from I have a (maybe far fetched) theory that where I live (a major highway intersection with nothing more than a bar and some trailer houses) could have been a native american village. Because aren’t all highways in general where they are because they had once been trails or paths many years hence? just a thought.

    • etheria888 said,

      yeah actually I did know that cause it’s covered in the book I mentioned in the post, but it’s interesting that you kind of intuitively sensed those things. As I said I am a shaman and I have seen all sorts of stuff in regards to this, ghosts, spirits with messages the whole nine yards. Definately something that needs to be told again. Where did you say you lived again?

  10. karl said,

    10 miles east of ashland wi.

  11. karl said,

    10 miles west of Ashland wi

  12. Jennifer said,

    I just recently came across the rock lake pyramid ledgend and I was very enlighted by your story. Very very interesting just wanted to thank you for sharing. Ive heard a couple stories of a supposed lake monster, that looks like the classic loch ness, then reading of your story about the serpent and cant help but feel maybe these sightings are of this sacred snake thats still protecting the waters. It gave me closure with my questions and curiosity with this alledged lake monster! There was a story where this creature hissed at a man on shore and swam into the deep. Was this hissing as in a snake hiss possibly? I think so thank you again for sharing your story for it really brought some peace to my case!

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