Updated complete list of mass die-offs

January 8, 2011 at 10:23 pm (environmental, mass die-offs)

Here is an updated complete list as far as I know.  If you the reader know of others not covered here, please leave comments informing me of the omitted information/corrections.  As of 1/27 the culprits for these massacres are A: USDA program allowing farmers to poison pest birds, B: Corexit from the Gulf Oil Spill, and finally C: Gas/oil fracking leading toxic releases of gases and crust instability.  Also please note that some of the locations are not exact, with the high volume of information I am processing, I can’t track down exact locations, but rather am citing the location of the news agency reporting it.  I have been adding dieoffs to the bottom, but as of today 1/20 will be adding them at the top for greater reading ease.   Also whereas many of the bird species are grackels and red-wing blackbirds, many of them are not, pelicans and bigger birds are falling from the sky as well.  You will note that major news agencies have stopped reporting on this, as well as the other events listed below.  They aren’t reporting real news anymore, they’re tabloids.

36 tons fish dead in Dong Nai river in Vietnam, pollution is blamed, 2/22

107 pilot whales beach and die in New Zealand, 2/21

100 dead cattle believed to be poisoning in Malaysia, 2/21

unknown number of fish dead in turkey, black sea area, again polluted water, 2/21

Mass dieoff of ducks and geese in Toledo OH, by lake Erie and Maumee River.  Disease a culprit? 2/19

Oil tanker ran aground in Norway 2/18

10,000’s sharks swarming off Florida coast 2/10

another wierd bizarre thing, during a flight from Tamps to Milwaukee, several people suddenly fell ill with blue lips and flu like symptoms.  2/10

100’s dead striper in outer banks north carolina, 2/6, officials are trying to pin the deaths on fishermen, over their bag limit throwing out the fish.  The problem in that explanation is that striper have been limited since the 80’s, so why all of a sudden now are so many showing up dead?

100′ dead man o war, Ft. Lauderdale FL, 2/6 worst dyoff they’ve ever seen.

more dead drum fish in Arkansas, 2/6

100 dead peacocks and other birds in India 2/1

Rare Shark attack in Cancun Mexico 2/1

Huge Jellyfish swarms in Northern Australia again 1/31

250 dead fish, Ft. Collins CO, suspect is low oxygen levels in water 1/30

Botulism infested waters near Auckland Australia, unknown number of birds and other wildlife affected 1/27

Gas leak at Chemfab Akalis LTD chemical factory, India, 60 people hospitalized 1/27

water leak at Pennsylvania nuclear power facility, “Susquehanna 1” 1/25

100’s dead herring in british columbia canada 1/25

Bromine leak at chem facility in Adrian Mich. 1/25

300 fish poisoned in Malaysia 1/25

300 starlings in Yankton South Dakota, USDA admit to poisoning birds, with a compound called, DRC 1339.  So here’s the reason, their being poisoned.   Official is quoted as saying, “usually they die sooner, and dont fly away to be found by residents” Yeah, they’ve been poisoning wolves and mountain lions as well if you didn’t know, see post “letter to the president” 1/24

Oil spill in Alaska due to severely corroded pipeline, again BP, again they knew in October that the pipeline had a grade of “F” 1/15

Mysterious chemical leak in Ontario at a Catholic School, several people hospitalized. 1/22

24 pilot whales found dead in New Zealand 1/22

Tritium found leaking from a Nuclear Power facility in Vermont, but no worry, it poses to hazard to human health (sarcasm people, sarcasm) 1/22

Another weird pile of crap, literally. In Synder New York, weird yellow or green goo fell out of the skies.  WTF???? 1/21

1000’s fish Detroit river, Windsor Ontario 1/21

oil spill Maharashtra India 1/21

1000’s fish Azerbaijan 1/21

55 buffalo (domesticated) Cayuga Co. New York 1/20

100’s dead seals in Newfoundland1/20

1000’s of dead fish, birds etc in Reedy Lake Victoria, Austrailia, due to recent flooding, turning water black.1/20

1000’s fish Jervis Bay Austrailia 1/20

over 900 turkey vultures and broad winged hawks in Dade and Monroe Co Florida, reported as drowned (note these counties are on the west side of FL, the side of the Oil Spill) 11/17/10

100,000 fish western Arkansas 1/1

1000’s birds Beebe Arkansas 1/1

100’s birds Point Coupee Parish Louisiana 1/3

500 birds Falkoping Sweden 1/3

1200 birds Pawnee Co Oklahoma 1/4

100 tons fish in Brazil 1/5

2 million fish Chesapeake Bay area 1/5

1000’s fish Volusia Co. Florida 1/6

40,000 dead crabs England 1/5

100’s fish New Zealand 1/5

200 birds Lake o’ the Pines TX  1/6

100’s birds Kentucky 1/6

100’s fish Haiti 1/7

1000’s fish Folly Beach South Carolina 1/10

150 tons fish Vietnam 1/8

1000’s birds Faenza Italy 1/8

10,000 birds Manitoba Canada 1/8

1000 birds Aransas co Texas 1/9

100 birds Austin TX 1/10

100 birds Sonoma co. California 1/10

80 birds Quebec 1/12

100’s birds Baton Rouge 1/8

1000’s fish Barangay Phillipines 1/12

24 birds (H5n1 flu) Japan 1/12

300 birds Alabama 1/13

100’s fish peterborough England 1/15

100’s fish liverpool England1/15

70 bats Tuscon AZ (please note white nose fungus is decimating bat populations everywhere in US, including here in WI) 1/15

dozens fish San Antonio TX 1/15

several manatees Orlando Florida 1/15

dozens of birds Illinois 1/15

1000’s fish Cocoa Village Florida 1/15

unknown amount of fish in Washington Park Indiana 1/15

unknown amount of penguins in New Zealand 1/15

100 pelicans Carolina coast 1/15

10 tons fish New Zealand 1/15

100’s fish Toronto 1/15

1000’s fish Rockhampton Australia 1/15

100’s fish Blackwater Australia 1/15

100’s Starfish and Jellyfish Charleston SC 1/15

1000’s fish Yamuna River, India 1/15

100’s birds in Sacramento California-eyewitness reports that these birds in her words “looked like they were committing suicide”, by flying into a big rig.  1/15

1000’s (?) fish in Chicago- this fish kill has been attributed to low oxygen levels in the water, which is interesting because my area has now had two die-offs in the last two years due to ag runoff leading to algae blooms that choke off the water, one being 2 years ago now, and the other being last week.  With all the dams in our country we are inhibiting the natural aeration process of our rivers, and by slowing the water down (which by the way blocking the flow of a stream of running water was considered a sin in ancient Egypt, see post “42 laws of Ma’at”), we have inhibited the water cycle as well as this natural oxygenation of the water. 1/15

20000 fish lake meredith TX 1/15

30 birds Vandalur India 1/17

500 fish Manchester England 1/17

more snapper in New Zealand 1/17

200 dead cows in stockton WI, very close to where I live. 1/17-local news is reporting it is a case of Acute Interstital Pnuemonia, however a quick google searh reveals this is not a virus or bacteria, but rather a disease, and suddenly 200 cows developed it all at once.

unknown number of dead fish in northeastern Iran 1/17

100 dead fish Wales 1/17

In a really weird turn of events, it is common knowledge that north of the arctic circle, it constant day or night depending on the time of year.  In iceland, after their extended period of night the sun always rises Jan 13.  It rose two days early this year.

It should also be noted that according to the US geological survey data, dieoffs such as these are not normal.  Yes die-offs do occur due to disease quite frequently, but not in as large of numbers, not all at the same time, and not  due to undeterminable circumstances or “trauma”.  I repeat these die-offs are NOT NORMAL based on historical data.


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