Clothianidin, honey bees and recent mass die-offs

January 21, 2011 at 8:54 pm (Climate Change, environmental, mass die-offs, medicine, political, Science, Uncategorized)

So I have stumbled upon another piece of the puzzle of late.  It started with the discovery of a EPA document that was leaked by wikileaks, clearly stating that the EPA approved the use of a neonicotinoid pesticide called Clothianidin, they knew was toxic to not only bees, but birds and aquatic life as well.  This pesticide is produced by Bayer and Valent, who maintain it is safe in spite of the obvious flaws of their study “proving” this erroneous claim.  Among other things it is listed as a possible carcinogen to humans.  It is not very often that I feel rage, but I do at this.  You who have allowed this, including the newsmedia which are as corrupt as they are impotent, as they know damn well about this but agree to cover it up, the lily-livered bureaucrat at the EPA who allowed this, and the fascist scientists at Bayer, deserve nothing less than a nice steaming cup of Clothianidin to drink. 

This pesticide is widely used in corn, canola and soybean crops.  Local uses of clothianidin are, as recommended by the University of Wisconsin Extension, for rootworm in corn, bean leaf beetle (under the name Belay), soybean aphid (again Belay), stinkbugs(belay), listed as fungicide ipconozole/metalaxyl for control of Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Phytophthora, and Phomopsis in Soybean crop in addition to control of wireworm, white grub, seedcorn maggot, and again bean leaf beetle.  It also lists a commercial name of Poncho for it’s use in seed treatment.  It is also sometimes applied to potatos.

The problems with this family of chemicals first started with release of the first neonicotiniod pesticide Imidacloprid in 1994 under the name Gaucho.   Neonicotinoid pesticides work by disrupting the central nervous system of target pests, resulting in disorientation and death.  However the commn practice is to coat seeds with this pesticide, so as the seed germinates, the pesticide stays in the plant, being released in the pollen.  Bees come along, collect the pollen, bring it back to the hive and it compounds over time, eventually destroying the hive.   After it’s introduction into France bee populations rapidly declined, so it was banned.

Clothianidin, was released in 2003, and it is one of the most toxic of the class neonicotinoid.  EPA scientists expressed concern clearly stating it was toxic to both bees and aquatic life, but Bayer was allowed conditional registration for the substance, provided they conducted a study on it’s toxic effects by 2004.  The study was not done until 2007, and was fatally flawed as the control group was located only a few hundred yards away from the test group, and it was tested on Canola Crops, not Corn, which is the major producer of pollen that bees would be exposed to.  Indeed bee die-offs seemed to follow corn plantings, and testing on dead bees resulted in 99% of them having clothianidin buildup.  Indeed as Italy banned neonicontinoids, they showed zero bee mortality in areas with none of this toxic substance present.  It is now banned in Germany and Slovenia as well.

The original 2003 document expresses concerns over birds and mammals eating seeds as they forage through fields planting with seeds treated with clothianidin, as even only 1 or 2 corn seeds could result in developmental and reproductive harm.  Also the signs of ingestion of this compound are among other things, labored breathing.  In the town of Stockton near where I live, 200 cattle just suddenly died as a result of acute interstitial pneumonia, a disease characterized by labored breathing where the creature eventually goes into shock and dies.  Corn, is the common feed of cattle.  I have to wonder, what corn where these cattle fed? 

 Also it is clearly stated in several of these studies that Clothianidin is toxic to aquatic animals as well.  In the last two years there have been 2 major dieoffs of fish in the Big Eau Pleine Resevoir near where I live as well.  One of the major sources of the problem has been cited as ag runoff resulting in choking algae blooms that suck all the oxygen out of the water.  They just installed an aerator, but last month was the second mass die-off.  With the local UW extension office listing this as a pesticide to use for the afore mentioned reasons, is it so far a stretch to say that perhaps what is killing this fish is not necessarily lack of oxygen, but rather asphyxiation occuring due to the presence of Clothianidin in the ag run off in the water?

Put this into the bigger picture and we have a very probably if not likely explaination for the mass fish and bird die-offs since winter set in.  Are these animals all being exposed to Clothianidin treated seed and run-off?  Has anyone done toxicology tests for this chemical?  Indeed beekeepers have stated that the time when bee deaths occur is in winter, when the colonies are under the greatest amount of stress.  Could it be that low level exposure to this chemical is taking it’s toll as the harsh cold sets in, testing the limits of these wild creatures strength.  Indeed most of the die-offs are occuring in countries that allow Clothianidin use.  So either these animals are dying from directly consuming laced seed and/or contaiminated water, or they are suffering secondary immune system effects that leave them weakened from exposure to this chemical, and so they die either from cold more easily, or from other disease that normally they would be able to fight off.  As a witness of the bird deaths in California stated, the birds were flying into semis, “like they were committing suicide”.  It has already been stated that this chemical affects the central nervous system which would result in disorientation.

Another fallacy that seems quite obvious to me as I read over the associated documents is that somehow, careful containment procedures will keep a chemical contained.  This substance is being put on corn out in the open, in fields that get plenty of rain every year.  So not only can anything in the environment come in there and either ingest treated seed, or carry off laced pollen, but any rain storm will result in the run off of this chemical into local streams, river, reserviors, and ground water, not only contaiminating wildlife, but human drinking water as well.  These people with all their college education could not get that simple ecological principle????

You farmers who use these pesticides and poisons, how could you think it could have any other effect?  It is a poison! It’s bad enough you perpetuate the modern industrial ag system which is why you continue to be poor, it’s bad enough that you buy genetically modified seed, which has a much greater failure rate as normal seed as it is genetically unstable, whose pollen screws up heirloom/organic crops, costing organic farmers like me dearly, for if they cross pollinate my stuff I have to wait 7 more years till I can be certified organic again.  GMO’s which only makes corporate monsters like Cargill and Monsanto richer, so they can go into countries like India, give the poor ignorant farmers over there their genetic abominations so they can bankrupt them and lead to the rise of suicides of rural Indian farmers because these corporations put them so far in debt they never will make it out and they know it.  It is a problem so bad that recently Prince Charles commented on it, another story that was summarily ignored by mainstream media.  It is bad enough you contribute to over 30% of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by using petroleum based fertilizers, in addition to tractors which belch CO2 out into the atmosphere at ridiculous rates, and that the run-off from the fertilizers you use is resulting a dead zone in the gulf of mexico you can see from space.  And then you’ll swalllow the lies of conservative pundits and politicians whose primary sponsors and campaign contributions are from the very corporations that caused this and profit from it.  And you wonder why you are poor? 

It would seem obvious to me that one of the major contributors to mass die-offs of not only bees, but fish and birds as well is this highly toxic chemical.  I cannot express my disgust at what I have learned today enough.  Bayer, a corporation having it’s roots in Nazi germany, manufactures and lies about a highly toxic chemical, the US government regulatory agency, the EPA, ignores the warnings of it’s own scientists, allows this chemical to be used, even when the conditions of it’s use were not met, ie a study within a year.  Just like even when the EPA ordered BP to stop spraying Corexit, another banned substance, but BP continued to spray anyway.  The EPA is either massively corrupt, or does not have the regulatory teeth to stop this flagrant flouting of the law.  The tests done to establish the toxicity of clothianidin, were done not only on rats, but on beagles, by Covance of Madison, who deliberately recruits college students from the UW for it’s human pharmacuetical trials.  How did they legally get to use beagles???  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that a chemical some ex-Nazis created is going to kill stuff.  Really you need to cause this kind of atrocity to figure that out?  How do you people sleep at night???!!   I do not know whether to cry or wretch.

Leaked EPA document

Original 2003 document expressing concerns about clothianidin

Study conducted by Covance in Madison showing “labored breathing” in test animals, symptom of acute interstitial pneumonia, what killed the 200 cows in stockton

Safety information clearly stating this product is lethal if ingested and toxic to both birds and fish



  1. Bobbie said,

    I can’t speak to tests done for this pesticide in bees, but I do know that there was a peer reviewed study done in the bee die offs that pointed to a coincidence of a certain fungal and viral infection as being responsible. Either one alone is fine, but the combination is deadly. It came out recently, so I’m sure you could find it if you googled.

    I think you mentioned that the drug in question attacks the central nervous system of birds? I’m sure it effects the bees slightly differently, but even so, I’m not sure that a compound that effects nerves would undermine the immune system to the extent that you propose (as true as that dynamic is in regards to other compounds and conditions).

    • etheria888 said,

      EPA scientists clearly stated a threat to bees from clothianidin, CLEARLY, and it was summarily ignored. The leaked document is the first link in the main article, you can read it for yourself. It also clearly states toxicity to birds and aquatic life as well. And yes, it would undermine the immune system. The immune system is run by the central nervous system. So I am not surprised to hear about fungal and or viral infections because chronically, that is exactly how it would afffect the hive (or birds or fish for that matter). Acute toxicity is the initial poisoning effects, disorientation/death, chronic toxicity is how a chemical would affect the hive over time.

  2. Honey Bee Dieoff Explained? – Clothianidin (pesticide) « Non Chosen News Blog said,

  3. The Commission for a Greener Tomorrow said,

  4. World Wide Wildlife Mass Die Offs « A Truth Soldier said,

    […] Clothianidin, honey bees and recent mass die-offs […]

  5. said,

    Where exactly did you acquire the ideas to create ““Clothianidin,
    honey bees and recent mass die-offs | the ravings of a
    complete lunatic”? Thanks for the post ,Jamal

    • etheria888 said,

      epa documents and rsoe edis, a disaster radio network out of hungary.

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