Vaccines are safe, trust us.

January 23, 2011 at 5:20 pm (environmental, medicine, parenting, political, Science)

Before you read this article, check this out, this was published today 1/26, and it backs up exactly what I say in this article

So anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see has seen that the original scientist who discovered the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, is being summarily eviscerated, slandered and blackballed all over God’s green earth right now.  I do not know what he really did, I know better than to trust the words of anyone I do not know, and i know especially not to trust the words of corporate media who’s owners have a vested interest in not only the news and what people think, but pharmaceutical companies who stand to lose billions of dollors if people start being more choosy and educated about what they inject their children with.  Indeed they even have a hold on Wikipedia.  I tried to go in there and edit the page on Andrew Wakefield, the author of the original study showing a link, as the entry was quite obviously written by the same people who are slandering them,  and within minutes was told my edit was deconstructive and biased, and it was summarily removed, and I can’t do a damn thing about it.  It was not by a Wikipedia monitor either, but rather another user who could not be traced and wiki won’t get involved.

The corruption of the medical system in this country and in the world is as vast as it is disturbing.  The fact that the corporations have a hold on not only the news media, but websites that are supposed to be open to anyone to edit is infuriating.  Just so you all know, don’t trust wikipedia, the corporatists got to them too.  As a person who comes from a family of scientists and a grandfather who was a doctor, and I went to school to be a doctor of oriental medicine, it is beyond disturbing to me to see that the majority of doctors go along with this, when they have to know what it is doing.  This is the legacy of corporate healthcare.  They know about the vaccines, they know about cures for AIDS and Cancer, they know the causes, as in pollution, toxic food additves and pesticides and manufactered epidemics, but rather than do what the hippocratic oath would require, they keep silent, for it is not profitable to cure.

Well, to hell with them.  Literally.  Lets just say I have inside information that tells me the truth can not be hidden, no matter what they try.  The more they try, the more they condemn themselves, for then people learn not to trust them for anything, and in their sinful choice of suppressing the truth they are destroying any influence they might have been able to retain if they had just told the truth.  Even now I can hear their death throes, I hear it in their increasing desperate attempts to bury the truth.  But you can’t bury the Truth, it all comes out in the end, and Justice will be served, and there will be no where the manipulated dead who caused this suffering can hide.  Keep trying to thwart the tide, your increasing desperate attempts to hide this are music to my ears, for I am winning aren’t I?

The truth?  The truth is that the symptoms of mercury poisoning are identical to autism, below is a link to the national autism association, with a table showing a correlation.  You will find plenty of truth to back up my statements here on their site.  Everything, correlates exactly.  Indeed if their were not a link, why did major pharmaceutical companies quietly move to remove thimerisol, the mercury based preservative responsible for this, a few years ago?  Indeed follow the link below for there are also plenty of studies on the site backing up the claim that autism is being caused by this preservative.  So was Wakefield right about the MMR vaccine causing Autism, yes.  He just didn’t know it was a component of the vaccine, not the vaccine itself.  But they have taken him out and crucified him nonetheless.  Stripped him of his medical license, accused him of heinous acts etc.  The same bologna they pulled on Julian Assange and anyone else who dares to speak out.  They even did it to me, sent a worm into my email that sent out links to sex pills to everyone in my contact list.  You dummies, you only showed my friends conclusively that I was indeed saying something sensitive and truthful, as you felt the need to even do that.  Do I fear you?  No because you are so stupid and blinded by your greed, that you will consistently make mistakes through your faulty perception.  You are literally blind. Everything you see or do is colored by the demon within you.

The sick part is that governments are doing this.  The FDA and CDC are supposed to have our best interest in mind, but yet they are towing the pharmaceutical line on everything, suppressing the lawsuits people are trying to file, all because they are worried that these lawsuits would encourage people to not get their children vaccinated.  Well y’all are accomplishing that well enough on your own, because the more you suppress this, the more distrustful people become, and then they won’t listen to you even when you are speaking the truth.  The only conclusion I am left with is that you are trying to kill us, either through making our kids retarded, poisoning our food with toxic pesticides and the like that slowly make us fat and give us cancer, by allowing polluters to do whatever, passing laws that supposedly are addressing problems, but in reality have so many loopholes that what BP did in the gulf is legal, and only serve to make these corporate assholes even richer, as you figured out a way to make even the very act of polluting profitable with carbon credits.  Anything except addressing the problem.

There was just a little story on CNN in the back corner off their site where no one would see it about how the nasal spray flu vaccine for children under 23mos was causing febrile seizures.  I do not know why they even bother anymore, you all aren’t interested in reporting the truth so why even put that on there.  You actions are those of someone who is clinically insane, or more to the point, those of a sociopath.  You actions are leading to the death, or more to the point, the living death, of millions of children yet you do not show any care or remorse.  You all are in the same ranks as Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer.  Congratulations.

Not only are all these vaccinations causing autism, but you the reader should also know that they level of ambient mercury in air and water also exceeds safe limits, and even if they were under the safe limit as prescribed by regulatory agencies, I would wonder about that to, as it is obvious to me they are way to lenient on everything else, why in the hell would they actually establish a safe limit on something like that.  That would be irrational.  Also know that mercury is coming from those supposedly bettter compact CFL lightbulbs.  You break one, technically you should don a hazmat suit before cleaning it up.  you throw one out in the regular trash and congratulations you just contributed to the already mercury contaiminated groundwater.  The radioactive glow of those things after you shut them off, you guessed it, that’s not good either.

Just so you my valued reader also know, excessive vaccination has also been linked with sudden infant death syndrome as well, but if you go on the CDC website they’ll swear up and down that there is no credible link proving that, just like their no proof mercury in vaccinations caused autism.  The amount of required vaccinations has tripled if not more in the last 30 years.  When I was a child I think I recieved about 3 vaccines, the biggies, MMR, DPT, Polio, and I agree that these vaccines are worth something, but it must also be argued that modern sanitation practices had more to do with the decline of these diseases than the vaccines did.  Go to the other link, vaccine liberation, to see for yourself.  The vaccines they are trying to push these days are for diseases that aren’t even life threatening.  I know because I made the nurses go through every single disease and associated vaccine package insert on the vaccine schedule they threaten people into complying with.

These vaccines and other drugs are shoved through so fast there is no way proper testing can be done.  Really, an H1N1 vaccine that was developed in less than a year, when the original vaccine that was developed in the 70’s for the original swine flu outbreak caused Guillian-Barre, and that was back in the days when the FDA actually did their job somewhat?  Look, the modern medical system is obscenely corrupt, as are regulatory agencies such as the FDA, the CDC and the EPA.  They have been taking over by the fascist global corporatists.  They care about you about as much as the Nazi’s cared for the Jews.

Here is some advice you should take.  Only get your children vaccinated with the big three mentioned earlier, look at the package insert before agreeing to have your child vaccinated and if it has thimerisol in it, do not get no matter what they tell you.  Watch out for  formaldehyde as well.  If your child does have autism, chelate them.  And i would not trust the drugs.  A combination of cilantro, chlorella algae and garlic(fresh, garlic products you buy in the store have been altered) will chelate just as well, but it takes more time.  Get empty capsules, any pharmacist should be able to order some for you.  1 pill chlorella, 2 pills cilantro and 1 small clove of garlic over a period of at least a week should be enough to do the job.  You can continue it longer but just pay attention, anything in excess can be damaging.   Headache, grumpiness and even a quick cold are signs of healing reactions.  If these appear dont worry, it means the stuff is working, make sure this treatment is accompianied by plenty of water, as the kidneys will need to elimanate the toxic metals that come out.

If you haven’t already, start growing your own food.  Make sure you are getting non-GMO seeds, either heirloom or organic and more often than not if it says it’s been “improved” dont eat it.  Do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers.  Compost and manure are better fertilizers than any chemical, and numerous natural remedies exist for pests, not the least of which is pay attention and removing dead leaves and getting them away from the plants.  Buy a water filter (that actually does the job, Brita doesn’t), and an air filter, and for Gods sake avoid CFL use if you can.  Buy local organic foods if you cannot grow them.  Know where you food comes from, cause take it from someone who knows, you do not want to know where that mcdonalds hamburger or walmart meat came from, and what was done to it.

If you have a child with autism, I cannot guarantee 100% reversal.  The damage has already been done, and chelating only removes the mercury, with the exception of the chlorella all it does is get the mercury out so it can’t do anymore damage.  After chelating is complete, add to your child’s diet flaxseed meal, borage/evening primrose, mushrooms, continue the algae (spirulina should be considered as well) nettle and schizandra berries.  These herbs (make sure the borage/evening primrose and flax are coldpressed and coldprocessed) will provide the body and brain with the nutrients to heal itself.

It is sick that this is even an issue.  But the truth shall set you free.  The more people who pass this information on, the more the truth will be known and we will undermine the people perpetrating this atrocity.  Do not listen to the news, they aren’t reporting anything meaningful anymore and they are owned by the corporatists, do not trust the doctors of western corporate medicine.  Do not trust anyone who has a vested monetary interest in what they tell you.  The situation is very dire, but as I said before I know people like me are winning, for they feel the need to undermine and slander us.  Keep telling the truth no matter what they threaten you with.

Nation autism association

Vaccine Liberation


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