Nuclear Power

April 13, 2011 at 6:00 pm (environmental, political, prophecy, Science, Wisconsin)

As much as it may be a little belated, I feel the need to weigh in on the subject of nuclear power.  As with all big corporate interests in this country, a lot of money is dumped into making this power source seem an effective and viable alternative to coal.  But the truth is that no matter how much effort is made by PR firms to make this very dangerous and dirty means of power seem the opposite, the events in Japan clearly illustrate the reality.

Most people are probably aware of the issue in Japan right now.  The cooling system has been damaged in two of the reactors, and to my knowledge they still have not gotten the thing under control.  What you may not be aware of is that today there was a malfunction in a reactor in South Korea, just as in the last few months there have been at least two incidents in the US, one in Pennsylvania at the reactor “Susquehanna 1”, and in Vermont, where there was a radioactive leak into the river from the cooling unit there.  People know about 3 Mile Island and Chernobyl, but what they may not know is that the area around Chernobyl is still so radioactively hot no one can get in there.  What is even more grisly is that one of those reactors is still online, as no one could get in there to shut it off.  This was years ago, so maybe something finally was done, but the point remains, as does the radioactivity.

The spent fuel rods of nuclear reactors have a half-life of thousands of years.  Meaning containment has to be provided for that long, because the rods can melt down, and cause massive radioactive containmination of the groundwater.  As if the mercury and chromium wasnt enough.  These things can be stored right in your backyard or on public lands.  Imagine that, spent fuel rods in our national forests.  Locally most people do not know that not only was there a uranium mine on Rib Mountain, but that Wisconsin Public Service is now a subsidiary of Integrys Energy,a company out of Illinois, who has a at least one nuclear facility in Door County.  With what they did forcing Weston 4 on the people around here, can you imagine what would happen if they got a wild hair up their behind to build a nuclear facility???

The true issue here is the same one as it always has been with the issue of energy, entitlement.  People think they are entitled to have every single light on in there home, TV’s on every floor, a blackberry and a computer.  There is no thought as to what goes in to manufacture these technologies, what price is paid to power them, as well as the health hazards of being immersed in a bath of electromagnetic radiation constantly.  These new shiny things are held up as the proverbial carrot on the stick to get people to buy into the farsical American Dream, and spend their lives a slave to the corporate system.  I am reminded of the Hopi Prophecy, the nine signs of white feather.  One of the signs of the end of this age, is ash raining from the heavens like snow.  It is widely believed this should be interpreted as nuclear winter.

I pray for those in Japan, who have already seen the hell caused by the atomic bomb.  May the world learn, before it is too late.


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