Local Fish dyoff

May 6, 2011 at 12:49 pm (Central Wisconsin, environmental, mass die-offs, Wausau, Wisconsin)

Well, they say no good deed goes unpunished.  In my last post I had said recent events have devastated me, and well, the long and short of it is that the powers that be in the Wausau area have decided I know too much, they know I will not be quiet about it and that I cannot be bought (they tried, with a gift certificate for dinner in exchange for watering down the EPA grant which they attempted to edit from 8 pages down to 3), and so they found any excuse they could to arrest me.  One hour after delivering a speech at the Golden Kiwanis, where I covered water quality, agriculture and mining, I was arrested and thrown in jail on trumped up charges of child abuse.  This is after 4 years of my car being rifled through, my house broken into, me being followed, my voter registration being messed with, being harrassed by local police with parking tickets, and by social services with vague complaints about neglect, and now apparently some one is indeed trying to kill me.

I terminated my involvement with the Commission for a Greener Tomorrow after it was brought home to me in ways I could no longer ignore that I was not welcome.  Why?  Because I actually really wanted to do something about the environmental problems around here.  See the Commission was created by people from WPS, the mayor, as a way to make themselves look environmentally friendly when they are not.  They want to do fun happy little projects that have little or nothing to do with truly cleaning up pollution.  And by the way, Im pretty sure I was arrested because not only was I pushing the Commission to really do something, but I stood up to big Pharma, and the fact that schools get money for every child they diagnose as ADHD and drug, and I refused to let them drug my son.

Well turns out there is another massive die-off, this time in Lake Du Bay.  The link to my source is http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/woalert_read.php?cid=30623.

Thousands of crappie have died off, with fungus on their fins, and their eyeballs popped out, but no we dont have any water quality issues in our area, dont you read the waterworks newsletter?  And the sick part is so far it hasnt even been covered in the local news.  All I have to say is fuck you city of Wausau and your gestapo police.  Go ahead, try to shut me up, try to kill me, I’ve looked down the barrel of a gun many a time, and Im the one still left standing.  There are brass balls in these panties, and even if you do succeed in shutting me up, killing a servant of God is messy business.  I dare you, because as I sit in Elysium, I will smile as the angel of death hunts you down and shows you no mercy.  Let the crucible begin.



  1. etheria888 said,

    Update, the daily herald now has picked up the story, so far nothing with the TV stations though.

  2. etheria888 said,

    Ok, now channel 7 has, the story is catching on, maybe the TV stations got a newstip from someone, I wonder who that could be? ;D

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