Waiting for my Doom

May 23, 2011 at 5:47 pm (Central Wisconsin, environmental, political, Wausau)

So I posted on Justin Loew blog this morning when the subject was that environmental problems really arent that bad.  Excuse me while I keep from coughing…

I just received a phone call from Social Services, stating that new information had come up in their case against me.  They are trying to say that I stuffed 11 pennies up my son’s rectum.  If I had any doubt I was being framed for my continued environmental work, I have none now.  I never did anything of the sort.  But it is one more step in them trying to make a monster out of me.

I now sit here, awaiting to be arrested for a crime I did not commit, and I can think of only one thing to do, write the truth to whomever may read this.  This is what our country has come to folks.  When a servant of God, and a teller of truth is turned into a despicable monster you can be assured that the government is completely corrupt.  I tried to work within the system, and well when they found out I could not be bribed this is what happened.  Im not paranoid, Im not nuts, 5 years of harrassment when i have given my life to protect the environment and my fellow human beings from the clutches of greed.

Am I afraid, not really.  More to the point I really dont like the idea of sitting in jail for another night, and that is assuming they don’t come up with some way of keeping me in there.  I may go to prison for something I did not do.  I could run, but where would I go?  And besides that would be me acting like I had something to hide.  I dont.  It is a great tragedy that I have the honor to stay, but those who are accusing me strike at me from the shadows, the cowards and evildoers that they are.

So I sit here, awaiting my doom.  All you can do in times like this is pray.  Pray for God to wipe people like that off the map.  I now go to my altar to calm my mind, and beg the Gods to intercede.  I know why the Gods have allowed this, because no matter how messed up it may be it is given me a chance to catch my tormentors in the act, and I will confront the corruption.  This would not be done to me if I were not strong enough to handle it.  It is one hell of a heavy load though.

Praise be to you Lord and Lady, for all that you have shown me.  For even through the hardship you have given me a life of meaning and purpose.  You have shown me beauty beyond compare, and I trust in your will as always.  I will thy will, and I know that you have not abandoned me.  Thatnk you for this opportunity and I pray for the strength wisdom and courage to walk the path you have set before me, and not lose myself in anger.


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