Marshfield Clinic

May 24, 2011 at 12:38 pm (Central Wisconsin, environmental, medication, medicine, political, psychiatry, psychology, Wausau, Wisconsin)

Well, Im still here.  Nobody arrested me last night, but who knows, today is a new day.

After sitting and reflecting on things it seems there is a new dimension to what is going on.  See Social Services has my son seeing a therapist at Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a very low opinion of the medical conglomerates around here.  Until now Marshfield Clinic and Aspirus were in a dead heat for the dubious distinction of being my least favorite.  For some reason, I do not have so much rancor for Ministry healthcare, maybe it’s the whole respecting my fellow members of the cloth, even if they do erroneously view me as satanic.  But Marshfield Clinic has been making an all out effort to claim the title for their own and well they really outdid themselves this time.

I really starting not liking them when they bought out the city pages.  Yeah, you heard me, they bought them out by taking over their front page with a banner ad on the bottom when at least the City Pages up until then had the dignity to keep the ads relegated to the back section.  Since then the City Pages has watered down its coverage of everything till now they are barely distinguishable from that fine bastion of Hearst-backed investigative journalism, the Daily Herald.   I dont like Marshfield Clinic cause they make themselves out to be peoples best friend, wasting what has to be millions of dollars on advertising when maybe that money would be better spent providing care to the patients they claim to care so deeply about.

My opinion of them lowered even further when they tried to hop on the bandwagon slandering Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the doc who discovered the MMR vaccine and Autism link.  And before you say “Oh well he was discredited”, pull your head out of your behind and realize that the studies supposedly discrediting his work were done by drug companies.  Know that the former head of research at the CDC charged with researching the vaccine/autism link was recently indicted on 13 counts of fraud and 9 counts of I believe money laundering because he took money from, you guessed it, the drug companies.

Dr. Wakefield and I now have something in common, we are both being accused of shoving something up a child’s rear end.  And given I know I did nothing of the sort I am going to go out on a limb and say the good doctor didn’t either.  But Marshfield Clinic ran a story in the Daily Herald saying in essence those who continued to refuse vaccinations were in essence uneducated ignorant boobs.  Really?  Actually its the most educated in our country who are refusing them.  Vaccination rates among them are plummeting, and overall vaccination rates are down 4% from last year.  Looks like its a bad day for business, better come up with more mud to sling.

Yes those who actually do take the time to educate themselves on the issue know that thimerasol, the presevative still being used in some vaccines is mercury.  Yes, quicksilver, the reason for the phrase “mad as a hatter” (cause the poor saps used mercury in hatmaking), the same substance that they are warning you not to eat the fish out of the rivers around here because of, the reason that before the advent of digital thermometers, they replaced the oldschool mercury filled ones with some sort of red dye, because the mercury ones were exploding and causing serious harm.  Indeed the neurological symptoms of mercury poisoning are identical to Autism.

I made the mistake of commenting online about the article and mentioning that maybe the reason people are getting cancer and the like around here is because of THE TWO MILLION POUNDS OF POLLUTION GOING INTO THE AIR LOCALLY.  Well thats just silly, surely chemicals identical to the ones that make up Corexit, used in the gluf oil spill are harmless to human health.  And now you know why I really hate the local medical conglomerates.  I hate them for putting children on dangerous drugs for a farsical disorder that really every kid could classify under, but my most severe distaste for them stems from the fact that they know about the the carcinogens and mutagens going into the air, they know about the mercury, the Chromium and the Pentachloraphenol in the water, they know it is the real reason people are getting sick, and they do NOTHING.  Why?  Because well how would that affect their bottom line if people were no longer getting sick?

So yes Marshfield Clinic does have me in their sights, for that reason and the fact i wrote a letter to the school district when they tried to force me to get the chicken pox vaccine where I flat out said vaccinations were Nazi science, and I do not feel pumping an infant full of impure substances, based of research done on the concentration camps victims is the choice a loving mother would make.

Oh yeah, and they are also the main reason the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana act didnt pass this time around.  IMMLY asked for an open records request with Julie Lassa’s office and Marshfield Clinic’c office of government relations was all over that, like flies on sh**.


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