Wausau Water Permits and Effluent Limits

May 24, 2011 at 1:26 pm (Central Wisconsin, environmental, Science, Uncategorized, Wausau, Wisconsin)

Well when I said at my now infamous Golden Kiwanis speech that I had the city of Wausau water permits on my hard drive, within a few days, my computer crashed fatally.  Once again it was hacked.  And I bet you bastards thought that you took the water permits with my poor hard drive.  Wrong.  Here for all to see, because you assholes made such a stink in trying to shut me up is the truth of what is really in the water around here.

So I tried to fix the formatting problem and I fear I am a bit of an ignoramus when it comes to tech stuff (hello hippie).  I managed to upload the water permit at the bottom, but it is a link.  Click on it, the water permit should come up, if not will someone please comment and let me know.  As to the effluent limits, I will post a link to that too. With the water permit, it is not what was is in there that is questionable, it’s what isn’t.  No readings for mercury listed when the effluent limits clearly state that there is ten times the amount of mercury in the water than there should be.


Effluent Limits link

final Wausau Report

Water Permit Link



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