May 27, 2011 at 1:02 pm (Central Wisconsin, environmental, love, magic, philosophy, political, prophecy, religion, shamanism, spirituality, Wausau, Wisconsin)

Well, its been a few days and still I am here.  No one has arrested me, no more charges.  I hestitate to say that for fear I might jinx myself, but it looks like whatever that phonecall was, it was little more than harrassment and an attempt to scare me.  In fact this whole legal mess I am facing seems like just a way of intimidating me.  I really would like to believe otherwise but I can come to no other logical conclusion.  And besides, if there is one thing I have learned in my time on the planet, it is to always trust your judgement, no matter what they say or try to do to you.  Believe in yourself, cause no one else will do it for you.  People who would infect you with that kind of doubt invariably have alterior motives, and it usually has to do with stripping you of your power, so they can claim it for their own.

What these people whom would strip me of my power have failed to account for, is that I am a woman of my word, and I swore to serve God and my fellow human beings.  I swore before God to protect the earth, and I laid down my life and any pretensions of ego in exchange for the downfall of the greedy.  Let me repeat that, I sacrificed my life, before the Divine, fully expecting to be taken at any moment, in exchange to stop the raping and pillaging of the earth, and the oppression of entire nations.  Its not something I wear on my sleeve, but I bring it out now because those who would do this to me have grossly underestimated how committed I am to this.  I do not fear death, I do not fear incarceration, I do not fear pain, I do not fear being alone, I do not fear slander or libel.  There is nothing they can do to intimidate me into silence.  I know they are reading this, and I want to make it very clear you all picked on the wrong girl.

You all thought I was just some gutter tramp off the street.  You thought I was just poor and insane, and guess what, I wanted you to think that.  Unlike most i do not care what people think of me, for I know that there are for more important things to worry about than public opinion, and the more you underestimate me, the more it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks when the truth finally does come out.  And thats just it, the Truth.  You know I speak the truth, everything I say is the truth, I dont lie.  I might let you think whatever it is you want to think, but I do not lie when asked a question, and I certainly wouldnt be making the stink about the environment and the pharmacuetical industry unless I was telling the truth and had the evidence to back it up.

But really, the truth is that I have already won.  The veneer put forth on the television is just that, a veneer.  Peel it back and you will see a handful of people desperately clinging to their power, broadcasting their lies and the charade in the hopes of fooling people that the plutocrats power is absolute and it is pointless to resist.  But the truth is that there are plenty of good people and independent news sites that paint a much different picture than what is on the telly.  The regime wants you to believe you are powerless, because if you believe that, then you are.  They know the power you have and are trying to fool you into giving it up.

I’d like to believe that I am being singled out, but I am part of a much greater pattern and I know it.  Environmentalists are now being classified as low level terrorists by the Federal Boob Inspectors, people like me are being arrested left and right on whatever charges the state can get them on.  And I should say, do not underestimate the opponent here.  They have our tax dollars funding them, and they have used it to prepare for this eventuality, with everything from putting mood stabilizers in the water to make people complacent to buying prison rail cars in the 100’s of thousands to round up the protestors and put them in the fema camps with HR645.

But as oathbound minister I can tell you there is one thing these people haven’t accounted for, and that is God.  Notice the storms lately?  Notice the earthquakes?  Notice the radiation floating our way from Fukishima?  On top of that there is the fact that anyone who would do such a thing to their fellow man is sick.  On the most basic physical level.  Add to that sickness more destabilizing drugs and toxic food and you start to realize that between natural disasters, and their own unhealthiness, these people’s days are numbered.  What is going on isnt necessarily tyranny so much as it is death throes.  The death throes of an empire.

So all that being said, do not resort to violence.  For one thing, pray.  Pray to God to deliver you, He/She will hear, and is working on it as we speak. Do not give up your constitutional rights.  They’ll try to intimidate you into it, but it is the constitution officers of the law are oath bound to uphold.  They are the wrong doers if they waiver from that.  And the eyes of truth are always watching, their name is Karma.  Do not think they got off with whatever offense they committed, it’ll catch up with them, sooner rather than later.  And finally, in all of my reflection upon what I am facing, the strongest act of defiance I can commit, is to not let them change me one bit.  Persist in your way of life and what you know is right.  The dragon may be roaring all around you, the fires may lick at your feet, but what is in you heart, is what matters most.  It is your integrity, and the peace and tranquility of a centered heart is the very force that creates the universe.  You keep to the peace that can be found within you, the dragons and the fires will fall away.  They are just illusions, your heart is what abides


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