I love Anonymous

June 2, 2011 at 12:26 pm (environmental, medicine, oriental medicine, political, prophecy, psychology, Science, Uncategorized, vegetarianism)

So check this out.

I dont know if it was anonymous, the resourceful folks who hacked the Koch brothers, or someone else, but someone hacked into the news ticker at Fox news, the one that is on the side of the building readable to passerbys, and finally broadcasted some truth.  Little things like this brighten my day.  As much as there are folks in this town who want to make me feel isolated and alone, Im not.  There are thousands if not millions of “activists” out there, willing to risk life and limb to end tyranny and overthrow oppression.

I know that so many are afraid, but I tell you truly, do not be afriad.  In the words of FDR, the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.  I’ve said it before, the plutocrats in this country are the proverbial ‘man behind the curtian”, like the wizard of oz they use their subliminal message machines (the TV, oh yeah and watch out for radiation, it isnt just cell phones), and their mind control drugs to fool you into thinking they are more powerful than they really are.

The United States government is for the people, by the people, and the voice of the people, is the voice of God.  For all the influence corporations have in the government, the government is supposed to serve us.  For as powerful as both corporations and the feds may seem, they are fed by our money, they are dependent on us.  Regardless of how much technology, or planning they may have done, their strength is also their undoing, as this little clip about Fox news proves very eloquently.  Shake off the technology, earn less money so you no longer pay taxes, legally, stop shopping at the big box stores, and buy local.  Whatever it is that you do for a living, go into business for yourself.

Just a little aside about technology by the way.  It has come to light recently that cell phones can track your location at any moment, but did you know your car (even without Onstar) sends out a signal too?  Did you know that the converter boxes for the digital switchover can with little cameras and microphones in them?  Did you know that the CEO of comcast in 2008 came out and said that his company was working on software utilizing surveillence cameras in cable boxes to see who was watching, what they were watching and tailoring their ‘marketing experience” to the individuals taste.  You heard me, I’ve said it for years, your TV and cable box are looking back at you.  And you may wonder why I throw TV’s in there too, well it’s because the HDTV come equipped with the same technology.  And by the way, since when did ads become an “experience”, like your somehow supposed to enjoy them trying to sell you all sorts of junk?  Fahrenheit 451 anyone?  Or how about 1984?

Technology has its uses, case in point, you would not be reading my words without it, but when it becomes something we are dependent on, there is a problem.  All that we have built as a society, could be washed away in a second.  The recent storms and the tsunami that caused the worst nuclear incident in human history in Japan are proof of that.  We must understand that we are an infant race, and we truly are ignorant of the power of nuclear technology, seismic weaponry and the HAARP technology that controls the weather.  The greed, anger, hatred and egotism that is the real driving force behind the development of these weapons, which are a perversion of the power of God, do not have the faculties to realize that in the end, when everyone has weaponry like this, we will destroy the planet.  As we speak right now, we are all absorbing higher than normal radiation, as what they do not tell you is that the radiation from Fukishima has been blowing our way since the core melted down hours after the Tsunami, carried by the Gulf Stream, and raining down on us with every storm.

Mark my words in the next 20 years, if we even make it that long, cancer and sterility rates will go through the roof.  As a healer I am honor bound to tell you these things, just as I am honor bound to tell you that a strict diet of brown rice, kelp, wakame, and miso, in addition haikiido pumpkin is what saved the medical personnel that worked in the wake of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Also, I’ve said it many a time, but even more so now, stay the hell away from sugar and refined grain.  It destroys the blood, it destroys immunity, and your body is in for the fight of it’s life, dont make it work any harder than it has too by feeding it what is in essence a poison.

If you the reader are still afriad to stand up, all I have to say is this.  Death comes to us all eventually.  And when you look into the eyes of the ultimate horror, it does not matter how much money you made, what your social position was, or what house you lived in.  What matters is what you did with the time you were given alive.  We are not all born heroes, so not all are required to commit great acts of self-sacrifice, but when one only lives for themselves, they doom themselves.  It does not come from any external force, but rather from within.  Heaven and Hell are places within you, they are states of mind, heaven being when one has reconciled all parts and achieved union within, and hell is where all those parts that make up a human are in conflict.  Fear is a sign of lack of moral character, lack of moral character betrays a deep conflict within the psyche, and that disunion is hell itself.  So as you sit afriad, know that you have already brought the hell upon you.  Look around, what you fear to stand up against is rapidly tightening the noose around your neck anyway.  These people would kill you, so really was is there to fear in standing up for yourself?  We’re all dead men in the end anyway.


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