Born on the Fourth of July

July 3, 2011 at 3:12 pm (Central Wisconsin, medication, parenting, political, Wausau)

Well happy Independence Day everyone.  I just read a very good article about how we are celebrating this holiday of freedom from tyranny from British rule, yet our government today more and more resembles the very heavy-handed regime our fore-fathers fought to free us from.  You can check out the article here

A little known fun fact about me, I am born on the Fourth of July, and no joke I have an Uncle Sam, he lives in Texas, he’s a lawyer.  Maybe it has been an unconcious thing in me since day one, but I have always had a defiant personality.  I have never accepted the authority of those who do not deserve it, who intimidate others into submission not by a position of right and truth, but by greed and vanity.  It was a long road for me through out school and my early adulthood.  You see I was defiant even to my own mother, who due to good reason at the time lied to me, but for it I was labelled a troubled kid, put on meds and barely made it out of the whole experience alive.  I love my mum, and God forgive for the hell I put her through, but you see we are all made the way we are for a reason.  As much as I traumatized my mother with my willfulness, that same spirit of defiance in the face of abuse of power, when put to the proper ends is very much an asset, especially in times like these.

Nikola Tesla was born during an electrical storm, and he went on to be the father of electricity.  I was born on Independence Day, with enough fight in me to get me in plenty of trouble with the powers that be:)  We are all born into the circumstances we were for a reason, and the more I walk the path it would seem has been laid out for me, the more I realize it is my life purpose to fight the battles the founding fathers of this country fought for us so we might be free.

So as I sit facing the charges so graciously depositing on me by WPD and social services, know that I hope they realize the battle they just started.  By law what I did in spanking my child was not illegal, but yet I was arrested and thrown in jail none the less, on felony charges.  I am not alone, and I know it.  Social Services and the police do target single mothers, because well as far as I can see, they think that they wont fight back, and they can force us into the system, to justify their jobs, to force medication down the throats of babies, to prevent anyone from raising a moral human being who might have the fiber to stand up and be different as an adult.  They want weaklings with no concious, because guess what, they grow up to be dependent on the system then too, or at the very least part of the herd, and as a result no threat to the establishment.  Breed sheeple, not independent thinkers.  Thats the reason school funding gets cut, and private contractor are hired to educate and test kids, because they the corporations rewrite history to their advantage, they can brainwash the kids early.  Dont believe me, oil and gas companies are already working with textbook publishers.

Hell one of the first things they teach kids in Kindergarten is not only about drugs (through the farsical DARE program), but to rat out their own parents for spanking.  They are evil when they will encourage a child to betray his own family.  If it were abuse then fine, but not when it is spanking a child who did more than enough to deserve it.  No that is just subverting parental authority, and putting the system as a child’s primary role model, as opposed to the parent.  Before all this happened I was cornered by my child’s teacher, trying to make me medicate my son at 6.  This after they continued to feed my child sugar against my wishes.  Not only does that make him hyper, but they are bribing him with sweets, and make me look like the bad guy when I take it away.  I must hand it to them, they are very good at what they do, but then again, so am I. It’s not wise to anger a witch.  You dont mess with mama and her baby, and well by taking him away, I have nothing left to lose.   There is nothing more dangerous than a woman with nothing left to lose.  I would say I hope you all thought about that before you picked this fight, but that would preclude the fact you actually think, which I already know to be false.

It also has to do with money, as Social Services is funded based on the work they do.  The more clients they serve, forcibly or not, the more money they get.  Social services was founded during the industrial revolution in Britian, to in essence to keep the populus from revolting due to the squalid and dangerous conditions that were the inevitable by products of treating humans like numbers, as opposed to people.  Look, I dont want food stamps, I dont want government healthcare, forcing me to be dependent on the medical system that is the problem.  I dont want my fourth amendment rights violated by social workers showing up at my house unannounced and being given the right to search it by who?  Not a warrant, no somewhere, somehow it became acceptable to strip so-called child abusers of their constitutional rights.  And that is just it, the definition of child abuse in this state is great bodily harm, but yet they file chips orders on anyone who dares to discipline their children or refuse dangerous ADHD medication.

I know I have been brought to this for a reason.  I won the war for the environment in this town, the yuppie scum may have taken away my own movement from me, but as long as they continue to carry the torch, I can walk away content.  But there is plenty of work left to do, and well this is where the Universe is leading me now.   I welcome social services to force me into their system, for I will meld with them like a husband melds to his wife, and the intergrity of this heart will prevail, because unlike them, I know why I am here, I know I am right, I have strength no one can break, and I say that not bragging, I say that cause it’s the truth, and I have been tested time and time again, and I am the one still left standing.  People who have never been tested, who are just doing their job, are no match for someone whose heart is on fire with the light of Truth.  I smile to myself as I talk with these women who have big rocks on their fingers, and drive nice cars, and who are members of the herd.  They cant think for themselves, they are no match for me.  These self-appointed saviors of children, who will rip a child from his mother for little or no reason, probably never stopped to think how many African children died in the diamond mines to bring them that rock that sits on their finger, or how many children’s lungs are stunted from all the exhaust of their pretty little cars.  Hypocritical liars, every last one of them.  And I do not take back those words until I am proven wrong.

We’ll see who really cares about children, we’ll see who is left standing when all the smoke has cleared.  This humble heart doesnt presume it will be me, and for that very reason, it is all the more likely it will be me.  I am not the self-righteous, and I am not the vain.  I am born on the fourth of July, I have watched the fireworks on my birthday since my mother held me in her arms overlooking the harbor in New Jersey the day I was born.  And I get what those explosions celebrate, it isnt about pretty colors and BBQ, its about the sacrifice and violence this country was founded in, a battle fought so that people might govern themselves.  And as I watch the fireworks this year, I swear to you, as I swear to myself I will fight to the death for those principles.


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