Score one for the Debmeister

July 11, 2011 at 2:26 pm (medication, medicine, natural medicine, oriental medicine, parenting, political, psychiatry, psychology, vegetarianism, Wausau, Wisconsin)

Well I don’t know who was eavesdropping on me where, maybe they read my previous post, maybe they overheard me in the courthouse asking my attorney about how to go about suing the school district, but it was announced that the Wausau School District will be offering more fruits and veggies next year in their school lunch program.  I could make some salty comment about how it should be all that’s offered, just like I could make a comment about the letter I got in response to the one I sent the head of food service, that tersely informed me that the honey buns I was complaining about were replaced with a snack ‘n waffle, whatever the hell that is, I’m sure it’s nutritious (*cough *cough).  Anyway, I would like to encourage the effort finally shown to at least begin addressing the problem made by the school district.  It is a drop in the bucket, but at least it is a start.  Too bad it came too late for me and my son, if you think this completely absolves you WSD, it doesnt.  It is unconsciable what you did to us, and what you have done to countless families when you should damn well know better.  Maybe if you spent less time watering down the curriculum so that everyone would pass, and more time actually being academics you might have known what you were doing to children’s behavior.  There was a VERY GOOD REASON my son was banned from sugar, and despite numerous complaints to my son’s teacher you fed it to him anyway.  And then she has the nerve to take me aside and ask me to medicate my son, when she is to one feeding him what is making him hyper.  And I was willing to work with you people.  For Christ’s sake I offered to consult, I was willing to sponsor the school garden, I even sent in chamomile tea to help my child behavior, but what happpened?  She stopped feeding him the chamomile, which did work, I was looked down on because I look different, because I have better things to do with my time than buy marked up clothes manufactured by children in sweatshops, and you people tried to turn me into a criminal.  Whose really the criminal here?  The person who for her owns child’s safety tried to force him to behave, as ADHD drugs HAVE been linked to stroke, and heart atttack, or the institution that continued to feed a substance to a child, knowing the scores of ill-health effects it had, and to add insult to injury tried to convince me to medicate him.  And true to form, somehow you get the authorities involved, so you can take away my parental rights and had him over to someone who will medicate him, all the while ignoring the truth I told.  How you live with yourselves is beyond me, and if you think a paltry peace offering such as “offering vegetables” will cool this lioness down you have another thing coming.  Veggies should be the staple, not the offering.  If you had taken me up on my offer to consult with the district you would have mostly vegetarian meals the kids would be fighting over to eat (hello ten years as a chef/cook), and your bottom line would be better.  You would be well on your way to having a sizable portion of those veggies produced on site for free.  But no, all you could see was something different, that had to be cut off and banished at all costs.  Did you not notice half the time I was the only parent who showed up for class fieldtrips?  Or that I would volunteer my time when no one else would?  You all truly are blind that you could not see what was standing right in front of you, and I am damn sick of people like you telling me I’m a bad mother or that I dont know what I am doing.  Who the hell are you to tell me you know my son better than I do?  I have news for you all, that apple doesnt fall too far from the tree, and he is playing all of you social workers like a fiddle, and you are too stupid to see it.  Some children have to be held to a higher standard, for their own good.  Not only did you people sabatoge me by what you fed him, you sabatoged me by openly treating me as an inferior.  As a result he didnt feel he had to listen to me.  There is only one way to calm my fury at this point, you get all of the bogus charges I am facing dropped, all of them, and you sit down with me, with the head of food service, with the title 1 committee, whoever is in charge over there, and we set in stone, not only what the school lunch program should be, but that teachers never advocate medication again, that it is never forced on parents, just as threatening letters are no longer sent to parents who for whatever reason do not have their child vaccinated.  Otherwise, my fury knows no bounds.  Going through the motions, and making hollow promises simply are not good enough.  You must truly have a change of heart, and if I so much as catch a whiff of condescencion among any of you, I will do everything in my power to make sure it is the last thing the offender in question ever says.  And while your at it, for Christs sake raise the bar and challenge these kids, instead of spending your entire time scheming as to how to keep funding by watering everything down so that a horse’s ass could pass.  The other problem my son was having, which believe it or not I was beginning to homeschool him for, was he was bored.  Intelligent kids need a challenge, otherwise they become deviant.  Your the “so-called” experts, you might want to act like it for once.

Im not anti-authoritarian out of a lack of respect, but because those in power have done nothing to earn it.


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