Odious Debt, and the reprogramming of a Nation

July 23, 2011 at 2:00 pm (medication, political, psychiatry, Science, Uncategorized)

A person like me, who is constantly doing research, very often gets a case of TMI, too much information.  Furthermore, sometimes I simply cannot, or do not want to believe what I am shown.  But if there is another lesson the events of the last four months, a further extrapolation on my epiphany about judgement and my belief in myself, it is that yes it really is as bad as I see it, as much as I fall into the ostrich approach and wanting bury my head in the sand in the hopes it all goes away.  It doesnt, if anything it just gets worse, because then you have refused to see the situation for what it is, and are hanicapping yourself to be able to do anything about it by your lack of clear perception on the subject.  Call it innocence (athough I doubt you could accuse me of that at this point), call it naivete, but I simply have not wanted to believe what I see, and well big surprise, while my head was in the sand, I was bit in the arse by it.

My most recent case of TMI came when i was in the garden with my partner, and he was telling about how warfare has evolved to the point of where to a great extent troops are no longer needed.  It has turned into a video game, where someone sits in their home half a world away, while unmanned drones bomb people in Afghanistan back to the stone age.   I already knew about the drones, I’ve known that for a while, just like I know about robotic insects for surviellance and project Echelon computing the threat of this missive, along with every other digital missive and conversation on the planet, in massive super computers and satellites.

What was so disturbing to me was that for the people doing the killing with these drones, it is literally just a video game.  Furthermore, in a society were human numbers no longer win the world, but rather remote technology, masses of people serve no more function to those whose interests are greed and plutocracy.  How these people can live with themselves is beyond me, but it lead me down a line of thought that about a day later crystalized into something really profound and serious.  See it is soon after I made the comment that i really wish I knew how the Nazis were able to rise the way they were.  As someone who is 1/2 German, and 1/4 Jewish, the atrocities of the third reich are very much a part of my conciousness, as that to great extent is what people think when you mention your German, whether its concious or not.  The winds of change must have heard my question posed in earnest because it wasnt too much later that a very well done show was on television, about the rise of the third reich, the ten years before Hitler invaded anyone.

As I watched it because clear to me how it could have happpened.  Ten years before WWII, Hitler had in place eugenics programs.  They encouraged Aryan women to have as many children as possible, and forcibly sterilized non-Aryan women.  Furthermore young boys were in the Hitler Youth program, and it was one of those things that it was the cool thing to do.  It was a lot like boy scouts, but unlike boy scouts, they would allow the boys kind of fight clubs.  They encouraged the natural aggression of males, and would preside over violence deliberately calculated to change the social conditioning of boys, so that violence and atrocity were acceptable.  Children would rebel against their parents to be in this, and Hitler Youth brainwashed fanatical loyalty to the Fuhrer.  So ten years before stuff ever went down, they were already breeding the future soldiers, fanatical soldiers who would do anything in the name of Hitler.

Fast forward 50 years.  Violent video games are everywhere, and despite the protests of mothers everywhere, it is still not to hard for a young boy to get Duke Nukem or Resident Evil or Splinter Cell, or whatever the newest combat orientated video game is.  When i was a kid (hold on while I date myself here:) ) I had intellivision, and not only could you shoot aliens, but you also had puzzle games, dungeons and dragons, pitfall, games where violence was not the center attraction, but rather problem-solving.  I still think wistfully of the “good ole days” of video gaming, because with the exception of games like guitar hero and the myriad fitness games on Wii, violence and combat are the emphasis for the games these days.  I mean really how many first person shooters can one society stand?  Apparently a lot.

For years I have lamented the failure to lauch of men my own age.  Finding a real man in this town was very difficult.  I got lucky and finally did, but I spent years competing with video games, with multiple ex’s.  I mean its really bad when I cant even go for a walk because my other half refuses to shut of Splinter Cell, and is so into it half the time he doesnt even hear me.  And I am apparently an attractive women, yet I still had this problem for years.  Indeed it is my generation who goes to office jobs which resemble daycare more than they do places of work, I’ve even heard stories about parents getting progress reports on their children’s, their adult children’s, work performance.

Sit there and think about it for a second.  I’ve railed for years about how TV is subversive to parental authority, holding up toys and crap and subconciously telling kids that if their parents wont buy it for them, well maybe they shouldnt listen to their parents, and really then society wonders why a teenager can kill his parents, stuff them in a closet and then have a house party like nothing happened.  How do you think it happens, by kids getting subliminal messages constantly about how the commercialist society is all that is cool, putting the thought in their heads that anyone who stands in the way of them getting their newest toy, is a threat to their social standing, and then byy inference their well-being and very identity.  Really.

Add to this the techniques in parental discipline espoused these days.  First there is the reward system that teaches children to do things not because it is right or that they should just be doing, but rather because they are going to get something out of it.  If one really stops to think what this is teaching children, it is not good behavior although it masquerades as that, but rather to do things for a material reward.  It is actually morally corrupting to a child.  And anyone who has tried to wean their child off the reward system knows in the long run it back-fires, cause then the kids really wont do anything.  Plain and simple, the reward system is bribery, morally rotting bribery.

One of the other popular techniques is medicating problem children.  Now you all know, if you have read any of my blog, that I am vehemently opposed to the psychiatric drugging of children, for ADHD or anything else for that mattter, but here’s one more nail in the coffin for you.  In behavior modification experiments done by the military, in MKULTRA, drugs are used simultaneously with mental programming such as through a TV or even a video game, because the supposed “high” is associated with whatever visual stimulation is provided, resulting in Pavlovian conditioning that when put to nefarious purposes can give people a high from killing their fellow man.  It is all in the conditioning.

So for the last thirty years, we have sat our children in front of the TV, while some of them are medicated, with powerful psychotropic drugs, all the while the commercials are doing their subliminal message magic as they advertise the lastest “cool” violent video games.  These kids seek out these games because its been put in their head that it is what is cool, and so they sit in front of that, still while on their mind-altering drugs, for hours at a crack.  When they start misbehaving you cant physically discipline them, but rather are encouraged by state automatons who couldn’t think for themselves and connect the dots to save themselves, instead you are suppposed to bribe their good behavior, further morally corrupting them past the point of where they already were with the drugs, the violence and the subliminal messages.

Enter the defense department, 50% of the federal budget, the future of warfare and I dont know about you but I am starting to see this is what they want.  They want kids to grow up and have no scruples about killing people on a video game, because they is how they plan to have total hegemonic dominion and the Bilderbergers get their one world government.  Hell these children have been raised to respond to material rewards as a means to compliance so it no longer becomes a question of finding people willing to commit murder like its a game, but rather how much to pay them to get them on board.  Hitler Youth anyone?

Fifty percent of our budget, our budget that is about to default or worse has gone to the pentagon, for wars and for sick research projects such as MKULTRA, or genetic tampering creating things like the Mauntauk monster on Plum Island.  Hell our tax money is funding the use of depleted uranium weapons in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq.  Children over there are now being orn with serious neurological defects, and by that I mean being born with out a brain, or without eyes.  Yet we still have people believeing our war is justified.  As we bankrupt the nation, poison the world, commit atrocities that at the very least are as bad as what the Nazi’s did, this morally bankrupt society of ours cant put two and two together.  When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

Debts incurred in the manner in which our national debt has grown are something called odious debt.  A debt contract between two entities, be they sovreign countries or people, where one entity went in knowingly, under false pretenses and mislead the other, the debtor for the purpose of totalitarianism or other predatory causes, is a debt that does not have to be repaid.  It is a legal term, wtih legal precidents to boot.  Sound familiar.  We as a people were lied to about Sept 11, we were lied to about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we were put into debt intentionally by malicious corporate entities who sought to profit from death.   The tragedy of Sept 11 was used as  a ruse to dupe us into accepting our freedoms being taken away by the treasonous Patriot Act (and you should take it as a wake up call that they voted to extend it).  This whole time we have been lied to, lied to and our money stolen and used to commit henioous acts in our name. Legally, if someone takes me up on the Odious debt case, we the people do not owe that money, no Halliburton, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, the Oil companies Bush and Co, they owe the money, for they were the ones who went into the debt agreement knowingly misleading us.  Take that for your legal precedent US Department of Justice.  That would be something worthwhile, as opposed to the other crap you pass off as law and use to allow the president to do whatever.

I should be fair though.  It is not the previous administration who began the road we are well on our way on, these plans have been in place for years. 50 years to be exact, ever since we gave Nazis asylum in exchange for their scientific knowledge.  Just like the vaccines, “science” discovered by incalculable atrocity done to the jews.  Such knowledge is cursed because of what was done to attain it.  Is it any wonder we are where we are now?


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