Fukishima, the Gulf Oil Spill, and the US Chamber of Commerce

September 3, 2011 at 1:51 pm (environmental, magic, mass die-offs, metaphysics, paganism, political, prophecy, religion, shamanism, spirituality, Wausau, Wisconsin)

Well, of late, I have been trying to get back to my wild roots and unplug for a while. I feel like I am suffocating a lot of the time, it breaks my heart to see my beloved land trashed.  Frankly the pain is so bad I’d rather die with it, than watch it be destroyed.  But that wouldn’t accomplish anything now would it?  When one is willing to die, it is better to go down fighting, than out with a whimper.  I would like to the thank the Wausau Daily Herald for the the front page sunday edition they ran a few weeks ago, picking up my torch when I needed it the most, and blowing the lid off of the environmental contaimination in this area.  You all gave me the reinforcements I desperately needed in this fight, and I will never forget it.  Thank you.


I certainly have a fight on my hands, as anyone who has been keeping up with me for the last few months knows.  I still stand by my original summation of what i am facing legally, it is an attempt to permanently shut up the truth I speak, and who is behind it?  I put my money on the Wausau Chamber of Commerce.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Take as exhibit C  Cory Tomsyck (and I hope I misspelled your name, dillweed), the owner of IROW and 3rd vice chair of the Republican Party in Marathon County, taking the time to email me a nice “fuck off” went I sent out an email encouraging people to recall governor Walker.  Yeah I tick off the conservatives in this town, and I am proud of it.  I’d say these people should have the decency to not involve my son in this fight but that would preclude that these are decent people.  They arent, as much as they would masquerade as such, no these people care only about money, why do you think they are republicans?

Yes the infernal obsession with money not only has messed with my life (although I may be down, I am certainly not out), but is destroying the world as we know it.  I waited awhile to cover Fukishima and the Gulf Oil Spill, in the vain hopes that maybe the greedy in power might realize that by they’re greed not only are they destroying the planet but destroying themselves.  You’d think that considering they only think of themselves, they’d care about that, but apparently not.  I guess it fits that when you catch that disease, it twists you completely where you cant even sense when your own wellbeing is in danger.

Well in lieu of the media coverage that should be there, I guess it falls to me to get the truth out there.  Fukishima didnt just go away, neither did the gulf oil spill.  To begin with Fukishima did indeed have three reactors completely meltdown.  Chernobyl, which until Fukishima was the worst ever nuclear disaster, only had one reactor meltdown.  At least with Chernobyl the Russians had the sense to build a concrete sarcophagus around the thing to sheild the rest of the world from radiation in the wind.  No apparently TEPCO,  the Japanese company responsible for the Fuikishima plant, have been pumping water in, thereby contaiminating it with radiation, and then pumping it back out, still contaiminated into the ocean.  The reactors are still out in the open, meaning the radiation is blowing in the wind, in addition to contaiminating the water.  Everything in the water and in the air, is contaiminated as well.  Already there has been a 30% hike in infant mortality on the west coast.  Also, the poor people living around this thing have not been properly evacuated.  A 20 mile radius is not enough, not when mountaintops all over the US are registering higher than normal radiation levels.  Indeed in Tokyo, the soil is contaiminated, and Tokyo is about 200 miles south of Fukishima.

I hate to have to face this reality, but it is the truth, and I tell the truth no matter how painful it is.  But it only gets worse I am  afraid.  New oil has been found around the sunken deepwater horizon platform in the gulf.  It is new oil, and it is identical to the oil from the well the deepwater sat over.  It IS BP’s oil, and it has not been degraded at all, which it would be if it were oil left over from last year.  More than likely in all the desperate attempts to plug the abomination, using high pressure, they cracked open fissures in the sea floor, and the oil is leaking out of there.  And according to the experts, there is no way to plug a leak like that.

So between Fukishima and the Gulf, 1/2 of our worlds oceans are now screwed.  For the record, the die offs from last winter still continue, there are regularly radiation leaks from any of the myriad nuclear reactors around the world on a weekly/monthly basis.  We are still using depleted uranium  weapons, and dont be fooled by the fluke earthquake in  DC a week or so ago.  I’ve told you all about HAARP before, doesn’t it seem a little strange there is a weird earthquake and then a few days later a massive hurricane that takes out most of the East Coast?  Just like Fukishima, this was not a natural disaster, it was manmade, and whether it was our government, or someone else has this technology, make no mistake we are in the middle of a war, where the very weather is being used as a weapon.

On the bright side, September 3rd is the beginning of the 9th step in the Mayan calendar, and like an alarm clock going off to make us sit up and take notice to this event, a new supernova appeared in the last week.  It may seem a little strange bringing up what is supposedly a doomsday prophecy, but it is only because the same dweebs who brought you these horrible disasters, are spreading misinformation about this and everything else all over the boob tube.  No, 2012 should be a date to look forward to, and today is the beginning of the final cycle leading up to rebirth on Yule 2012.  It is the awakening of universal conciousness, and for you naysayers sitting there going what the heck is universal conciousness, it is where we become aware of our true position in the universe as a whole.  Where we realize this whole existence truly is a hologram generated by our minds, that what we see and what is actually out there are two different things. Where we realize the possibilities open to us are infinate, that all things are not only interconnected, but different pieces of the same fabric.

Yeah go ahead Wausau Chamber, Tea Partiers, and Republicans.  Try to paint me as some lunatic, obviously the tongue in cheek humor that titles my blog is lost on you.  I am far more profound and strong than you could ever imagine, for my roots are like Yggdrasil’s, and I draw my strength from the very foundation of the universe.  And I look forward to the day your kind are washed away to the hell you created for yourselves.  It can not come soon enough.






“Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” (President Woodrow Wilson)


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